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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


If there's one thing that the Chinese Adonis and I have in common is that we love spending time with the little lords. I know it should be a given since they're our kids and all (duh) but we really, really love spending our every available day with them and even think of more ways to have wonderful memories with the little lords.

One most recent is our weekend with the BP Group in Seda Nuvali. We thought that besides the staycation, it would be fun if my Master Mati and little Andrei get to enjoy the outdoor activities that Nuvali had to offer, most specifically, fish feeding and the boat ride.

And yes, we were right!

Based on the squeals and hysterical laughter, the little lords had another awesome time with us and our friends. Now Nuvali's fish feeding and boat ride may be something very affordable but the memories that the little lords collected and posted (on FB... tee hee) were indeed priceless!

Come to think of it, the Chinese Adonis and I were the ones truly blessed with this day because seeing the sweet smiles and hearing the wee giggles from our boys will be something that we'll cherish when we're dried up  raisins.

Yes I'll be graphic.

When we're all wrinkly with false teeth dangling from our gummy mouths, we'll just look at each other and smile by remembering how the boys were during that day.


"God gave me you... To show me what's real...."

Oops sorry. #Aldubforever.

He he he he he!

THE YAPPY BUNCH strutting it in NUVALI!

We were in NUVALI early morning to get away from the traffic and to get an early start for our planned activities. 

We instantly went for the Evolving Center in NUVALI to feed the fishies.

The last time THE YAPPY BUNCH was in Nuvali was waaaaay back in 2011.

Awwww... Just look how cutie pies the little lords are and see how... thin.... me and the Chinese Adonis were! 

Haaaay. Those were the days.

That was certainly a fun day so we tried to recreate what we did 4 years ago. 

When we got to that park of NUVALI, we were surprised that the place was empty. 


No marching band to welcome us?

We sat in one of their covered areas to cool ourselves from the outstanding heat.

It is there that we saw their schedule and available services in NUVALI.

We also discovered that it was their lunch break!

I guess, it may be too late for us to wait but we'll check out what we could do tomorrow. 

For now we'll just go around and explore.

With the usual congestion of Manila, it's so rare to get a place all to ourselves.


It's like a scene from the Walking Dead, minus the zombies.

But there WAS an abundance of witches. 

We still stayed on even under the glaring heat because the colorful fishies were a curious sight for the little lords.

"Feed us kind family!"

The fishies were so used to the visitors that they swam towards any person they saw peering out of the dock. 

More so with this super cute little boy!

It doesn't take much to entertain my simple boys. Andrei saw a pair of ducks and followed them.

The ducks were frantically looking for somewhere to hide but this just made Andrei more curious at how they are. Don't worry, he didn't touch or tease them, my boy just followed the ducks!

It was hot but my Andrei was so intent on studying the pair of ducks that the Chinese Adonis and I just took shelter among the trees. 

We had a lovely spot actually because the cool breeze drifting from the man-made lake was quite relaxing.

While walking around, Andrei saw the NUVALI boats sailing about.

I saw him wave at the passengers with childish longing.

We certainly know what we're going to do tomorrow!

Finally, Andrei gave up on the ducks and joined us in the shade.

After we got our fill of fresh air, it was time to go for lunch and to check in at our hotel.

Egad. My forehead is at its peak here!!!!

We'll just be back tomorrow NUVALI!

The next day after our late lunch in GERRY'S GRILL, we rode out to SOLENAD for our fish feeding and boat!

There were free rides offered around NUVALI to pick up groups from certain points to take to SOLENAD at no charge!

When we got to SOLENAD in NUVALI, we immediately bought tickets for the boat ride and some fish feeds at P15.00 per pack to keep the kiddies entertained.

Awww... That smile from Andrei is something to write home about.

The same goes for that thumb.

How the fish swam towards Andrei for some food!

For the boat ride, it's P30.00 per person. The maximum number of passengers in a boat is 12 people so our group had to split up.

At the ticket counter, you'll be given a number to specify which dock to go to and your slot. There, you'll wait for your number to be called.

That Sunday, we had about 5 groups ahead of us so it was about a 30 minute wait till our ride.

And finally it was our turn.

Oops I have to go on this boat in the most demure way possible.


And we're on!


It was the perfect time to go boating as it was nearing sundown. We certainly enjoyed the cool soft breeze on our faces while going around.

Oh yes! We were certainly so noisy about it!

The whole boat ride may have only been about 5 minutes but we were all laughing and calling out to our other group. The boys both said that ride was AWESOME!

I wanted to tell the little lords that every moment with them is already awesome. But they might think of us as corny and too sentimental for our own good.

It's okay. I'm sure that when they have their own little lords and little ladies in the future, they'll know that being corny and sentimental is part of the parenthood territory.

And when they do, the Chinese Adonis and I will be banging our false teeth in joyful agreement.

So. There. 

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

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