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Thursday, September 10, 2015


The Chinese Adonis and I love holidays because not only do we get to sleep in (hi hi hi) on what is supposed to be a work day, but we get to spend the whole day with our little lords at what we consider a "free pass" for the school year.

Last Monday, it was the same, we celebrated National Heroes Day by the only way we know how -- sleeping in and pigging out together as a family!! Very unheroic I know but still so fun because those two are our simple joys. Of course, we had to get up and break out from enjoying the bed weather so that we could start our day pronto.

We received an invite to have lunch in ACACIA HOTEL and we were excited to drive all the way to Alabang just for it. We had dinner in ACACIA HOTEL before and enjoyed their delicious buffet. But this time, we're going to be with the kiddies so even if we had fun with our friends before, we know that having lunch there with the little lords would be something truly memorable!

As what every  visit to ACACIA HOTEL assures!



We were welcomed by the very charming Ms. Erica Anciano, ACACIA HOTEL's Guest Experience Officer.  She made sure that we will be taken cared for in our brief stay there.

We will be having lunch at ACACIA HOTEL's A STEAKHOUSE located near the hotel lobby. 

When you step inside A STEAKHOUSE, it would seem as though you're transported into a posher "Alice in Wonderland" venue especially with the high chairs that give you a different sense of whimsical royalty. 

Mati snuggled right in on one of the chairs!

Colors were more of black, white, and gray, probably to signify the colors of a cow. But what do I know about interiors?

All I know is that I loved the overall look. It doesn't appear snobbish nor over the top for a fine-dining restaurant. We all found it stylish, casual, and even going on fun!

Our server in A STEAKHOUSE was dear Judy. She was cute, always smiling, and almost spoiled us. 

Hmmm... What should we get?


A STEAKHOUSE menu one...

A STEAKHOUSE menu two...

A STEAKHOUSE menu three!


And then we wait for our grub!

A few minutes later, A STEAKHOUSE gave us a complimentary serving of warm bread with tasty spread plus an Amuse Bouche of Crabsticks over pickled Rickon potato.

Mati and I especially loved the creamy crabsticks over the sour pickles. It was a very nice contrast between the two flavors. 

I think we also ate the servings for the Chinese Adonis and Andrei!

Mati and I also feasted on the liver pate and pureed salsa. It doesn't look much to be honest but believe me, these were sooooo good with the crusty bread! I think I even ate some more after the whole meal!

Yup! That good!

Shall we have another round Master Mati???

My 2 precious little lords! 

For drinks, Andrei ordered A STEAKHOUSE's Mango Shake. He was surprised that the drink was more like a dessert with its creaminess and overloaded mango flavors. My bunsoy drained his tall glass with mucho gusto!

As for me, I ordered the cheapest glass of red wine to go with my steak.

Usually I would get sodas or iced teas for my drink. This is actually my first time to get red wine.

Wow I feel so "grown-uppish!"

While waiting for our food, dear Mati made himself busy by reading his favorite comic book.

As for Andrei, well, he made himself busy by being Andrei!

I have mentioned many times how Mati loved seafood so he immediately got his eye on the A STEAKHOUSE Lobster Bisque (P250.00)!

Dear Mati was impressed with the mouth-watering manner they served the very thick soup. It immediately emitted the wonderful essence of the lobster meat.

Mati took a sip and he was really blown-away by the richness of the soup that he even exclaimed it was the best lobster bisque he had every tasted!

For our mains I ordered the USDA Prime Grilled T-Bone Steak (P2,950.00) with a side of baked potatoes and a choice of 2 sauces. 

I know that good quality meats do not really need any sort of "distraction" (read: gravy/sauces) but still it would be nice to try chunks of it in the Bearnaise, Horse Radish Cream, and Red Wine Grave, just to see how it would jive together. 

I requested mine to be cooked medium and A STEAKHOUSE grilled my order oh so perfectly!

I can't wait to dig in!

As for Mati, he will be sharing a USDA Prime Grilled  Rib-Eye Steak 350g with Mashed Potatoes (P2,010.00) with the Chinese Adonis. He requested to have the Wild Mushroom and Peppercorn Gravy.

My Mati specifically asked for a medium steak with lots of fat. He was so happy with the serving that he declared he could finish it all by himself!!

Sorry Yub! You would have to get something else.

You cannot blame Mati though because this looks AWESOME!

Andrei doesn't really like steaks (he's a lazy chewer) so he just ordered ACACIA HOTEL's kiddie meal of Chicken and Spaghetti (P350.00).

I am so used to other restaurants having mini-me servings for the kiddie meals that I was surprised when Andrei was a given a long plate with a big fillet of chicken and spaghetti drowning in ground beef!

I posted this on instagram and somebody remarked that the spaghetti was so full of ground beef that it's almost like Andrei ate a whole steak!

Yeah. I agree with that!

As for the Chinese Adonis, the Philly Cheese Angus Prime Steak Sandwich (P450.00) suddenly called out to save him from Mati's desertion.


Grilled strips of steak drenched in its own juices then toasted with loads of cheese!! 

This may have vegetables but the Yubhub didn't care. He will feast on this NOW!

Along with our A STEAKHOUSE entrees we also got these trimmings!

Grilled Asparagus (P150.00)

Buttered Corn (P150.00)

This was the Chinese Adonis' favorite. So sweet... crunchy... juicy... and uber buttery at every bite!

Rice Pilaf (P80.00)

Acacia's French Onion Soup (P150.00)!

Honestly, I'm not really a fan of this popular dish but I've read other blogs on A STEAKHOUSE and they raved so much about it. When I tried this, honestly, it is the only french onion soup that I liked! The crusty bread topped with gooey mozzarella cheese did the whole thing for me. I loved how at every sip the bread was still chewy and sopped up all that onion gravy. Even if I was already full, I found myself scraping the bottom of my empty bowl. Yummers!

A STEAKHOUSE's Baked Macaroni and Cheese (P180.00) is also a sight to behold. If you are with kids or kids at heart, I recommend you get this. 

It is such a big gooey mess that EVERYONE who loves cheese will love it!


Andrei's already starting though... Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei may have found the fried chicken good but he loved the spaghetti better and was able to finish it all.

Mati was ready to attack!

Same goes for me!

The Chinese Adonis is gearing things up...



Oops sorry!

I guess Mati is really hungry that he's oblivious to all "directions."

Now here's a more civilized picture of us!

Let's eat!

This is Mati's perfectly medium and fatty steak! 

Gobble gobble!

Andrei loaded his spaghetti with extra cheese for the win!

I also had mine cooked medium too!

After a dash of salt, this t-bone was ultra perfect!!!!

It was certainly tender, juicy, and buttery at every forkful!

My heavenly steak meal!!!!

Our glorious table filled with food!

The Chinese Adonis' messy Philly Sandwich.

The usually fussy eater Andrei was quietly helping himself to his cheesy spaghetti in the corner.

A very happy master Mati across the room!

Aaaah... Such bliss!

Initially I had doubts if Mati could indeed finish his steak. When I glanced at him, he was about to take in the second to the last slice of steak dangling from his fork!!

And he's done with his steak!

After such a heavy meal, it was time for my coffee.

A STEAKHOUSE's Cappuccino was ultra creamy!

For dessert, I had extra bread with the super tasty liver and tomato spread! Yep! This was so perfect in every way!



She showed us their function rooms that are so majestic and beautiful for any event!

The ALTO function room has a capacity of 100 pax (cocktails)!

Given the choice, the little lords would make THIS their play area! He he he he!

The SEQUOIA Ballroom could hold up to 300 guests (cocktails)!

Remember this place? This is where we celebrated my friend Jun's 50th birthday and I was the host!


ACACIA HOTEL's Samanea Garden could fit 200 (cocktails) of your guests!

The GRAND ACACIA Ballroom could serve us to 500 pax (cocktails)!!!

I really love the golden Acacia trees they use as ceiling decorations. It makes everything extra elegant and enchanting!

Great for conferences too!

The little lords had so much fun when we swam in ACACIA HOTEL's pool before!

Get all refreshed with ACACIA HOTEL's Spa!

Some Spa prices!

I'm sure a massage will be more than enough to freshen you up no matter how stressed you are!

I've heard many ooohs and aaahs about their foot spa services!!

Why squeeze yourself in Manila's crowded gyms when you could enroll in ACACIA hotel?

I think I'll do this......... someday. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And the tour is done!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for dear Erika of ACACIA HOTEL for making sure we had a grand time during this holiday lunch!

Super thank you to mareng Jane of SUGAR AND SPICE for setting this up! YOU are truly a cool kumare! The little lords were so happy all throughout!

Of course, thank you to ACACIA HOTEL Public Relations Office Ms. Nikki Tabberrah for having us! We really had an unforgettable time!

Cheers to you!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords will DEFINITELY be back!


5400 East Asia Drive Corner Commerce Ave.,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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  1. Kahit blind item lang ako as the commenter on Instagram eh OK na din. Pero di man lang kami na mention ni mareng Chel as host eh that's unforgivable...hahaha!

    1. He he he he he! Bap naisip ko na yon kaso nakakatamad cos I have to explain kung sino pa kayo. Mag pa Sushi Cake ka at extra mention kayo palagi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Hi! I discovered your blog when Mother Jane liked your photo in IG when you ate in Acacia. I love Acacia! That's where I had my wedding preps. And I love your blog! I read it from the start. And your Japan post! Haha i love Japan! Sayang I discover your blog nakabalik na kami from Japan. Nasabi ko din sana sayo try Ichiran. The best ramen for me. And i'll take note sa sushi place outside Universal Studios. Madami pala masarap na kainan don. Pagbalik uli namin kain kami don. TC!

    1. Hiya Erika!!! Yihii! Thanks so much! I'm happy that you discovered our craziness! Your comment really made my morning!!!

      We really enjoyed our time at Acacia! When my friend celebrated his birthday there, we were all impressed with the place and the food. Sarap! Naku I love Ramen and most defnitely, we will try ICHIRAN when we go back there. Ang saya sa Japan right? My sibs planning another visit asap.

      Thank you sooo much again! Hope to hear from you more and to meet you soon!!! God bless you and have a great weekend!

    2. Hi Ms. Jaz, naku you love Ramen pala! I'm sure magugustuhan mo sa Ichiran ang cool din kasi ng paandar nila hehe! Yes ang saya sa Japan! 2nd time na namin this August. We went there for honeymoon last Feb.

      I love your blog! Daily routine ko na to check your blog hehe. I hope to meet you soon! Happy weekend!

    3. Hi Erika!!! Sorry I wasn' able to respond agad. I don't usually blog during the weekend since we always go out with the boys. Hope you're not angry late ako magreply. ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      SUPER! As in I love noodles, I love rice... I love carbs! Kaya naku! I'm really trying to quit but I can't! Napunta tuloy lahat sa braso ko ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! WOOOOW ang sarap! You've already been to Japan twice! Inggit kami! I love travelling and we really had a great time in Japan! My sibs are saving up na again to make a return. I will tell them talaga that we should go to Ichiran.

      Naku please don't call me Ms...., Jaz or Jazmin na lang! Ngee! Hindi bagay sakin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And of course, any one who follows my blog is my automatic friend! Thanks soo much talaga! I hope to meet you soon also and looking forward to more of your comments : ! Have a great week!

    4. Hahaha! Jaz! Natawa naman ako sayo ako pa magagalit its my pleasure nga na sumagot ka eh. Kinikilig pa nga ko sa sagot mo hihi. Parang Aldub lang haha! You're working pala sa Eat Bulaga. Waaaah! Ang swerte!

    5. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Nye!!!! Ako din kinikilig when you make comments!!! Ano, DALINGAY na? Kidding!!! Yes! Been at TAPE Inc for 8 years now. I super love my job! Will make a blog soon on our Anniversary party :) Check out our my post in our Christmas Party. Ang saya grabe.

  3. I'm glad hindi ako napahiya sa pag-rekomenda sa yappy bunch, dear mare. Sorry I was MIA that day at alam mo na, naglipat kami. A mother's job is never done haha. Pareho tayo! Miss you & hope to see you soon. Mwah! :-*

    1. Ngeee! Sa expertise mo dear mareng Jane you would NEVER recommend something na hindi namin magugustuhan!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Oo I know!!!! Missed you that day pero I understand. I read your blog on what you did for your daughter grabe, dun palang napagod na ako! Ang hirap nga!!!!

      Miss you more dear Jane! Hope to see you and the Goppets soon!!!! Love you mwaaahness!!!!!

  4. Waaah! I cant wait for that post! I love eat bulaga! May maipagyayabang na ko na may kakilala ako nagwowork sa EB (haha feeling close!) Pakikiss nalang sakin si Bae Alden. Hahaha!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Basta ako I'm close to everyone who reads my blog! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks soooo much! For now read muna my post on our office Christmas party. Sobrang fun! Don't worry, ikikiss talaga kita kay Alden! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're so cute!!! Thanks again! Mmmwaaaah!


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