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THE YAPPY BUNCH and my family are in AKIHABARA, TOKYO and after going around the anime capital of Japan, we were all hungry!

Yes we're cute now, but you will not like us when we're hungry!

Good thing that my eldest brother, Kuya Jay was in the mood for 2 important things:

1) Yakiniku
2) Treating us

When we told him that we passed by a Yakiniku restaurant while shopping for some toys, he immediately declared that will be our venue for dinner tonight, and yes, he WILL be treating!

Oh the night CANNOT be more better!


Do you know the suffering I went through just to get the English name of this restaurant???

I was actually kicking myself for not asking the waitress (since most Japanese were not fluent in English anyway) and for some reason, I was not able to get the name off the English menu too. I thought it would be easy peasy to get the name of restaurant from the internet, but after searching long and hard, I was SO wrong!

For the other Japanese restaurant posts I would usually search Google image for, let's say, "Ramen restaurant in Kyoto Station,". From the results, I would match the image from what I have in my camera.

For THIS particular restaurant, it was so hard!

No matter what I search for in Google, nothing looks familiar from the results!

I tried everything!

"Yakiniku in Akihabara"
"Akihabara restaurants"
"Yakiniku in Tokyo"
"Yakiniku restaurant near Akihabara station"

and so on!!!

Looking for it in Google map was useless because there were so many restaurants in Akihabara!

Do you know how I was able to find it??

Will tell you in the end! He he he he he!

So my brother gave his smile of approval upon smelling the grilling meats in YAMATO AKIHABARATEN!



YAMATO AKIHABARATEN is not your usual restaurant in Japan where a vending machine greets you at the entrance. There were grillers, servers, and waiters who will do everything for you while you just sit and eat.

YAMATO actually has a big floor area that was so full of diners that night. Good thing that they also had an available private room for us.

We could hear the laughs and the chatter from the other function rooms but it was not loud to the point of being bothersome. The Japanese still know how to behave even during happy hour!

In the YAMATO AKIHABARATEN function rooms you are encouraged to leave your footwear in the special lockers provided.

 No charge for this! Just pick a vacant locker, get the wooden "key" and deposit your shoes in. 

Here we are!!!

Karen and Kuya Jay!

Little Andrei, ALDEN RICHARDS, and Kuya Jon...

YAYA DUB, Mati, Ate Jit, and Rocio!

And now time to order!


YAMATO menu!

YAMATO menu 2!

YAMATO drinks menu!

YAMATO drinks menu 2!

There was also a menu for pictures which would have been more useful to us if it's not blurred. 

Kidding. The photographer was "pasmado" I think.


Like I said, there were no vending  machines in YAMATO and a smiling waitress just got our orders. For this, they added an extra charge for service which is customary in our restaurants here anyways.

After ordering, YAMATO servers gave us hot towels to wipe our grimy hands on before eating.

YAMATO AKIHABARATEN served complimentary appetizers of braised inoki mushrooms with spring onions and grated radish. It was quite good actually and I ate most of the servings with rice!

Kuya Jay ordered 2 tall glasses of ice cold draft beer for him and his favorite nephew Andrei!


Oh I'm kidding! This is just for picture!

The beer was actually shared by the Chinese Adonis and my Kuya Jon! Tee hee!

When waiting for our food, we always know how to entertain ourselves!

Kuya Jay also ordered some hot sake for us to try.

He poured us all a shot!

Go Kuya Jon!

Go Yub!

Yeeesh! How big a gulp that is!

My turn!

This is just for Facebook and blog purposes though. I merely sniffed it and left some saliva for the next person.


I was not able to take a picture of Ate Jojit drinking her sake since she's not important anyway.


Serves you right for not reading my blog!!!

First on the table were plates of YAMATO AKIHABARATEN Saba Futo Maki (Y850.00)!

These were fresh Mackarel in Vinegar over hand-rolled sushi. 

We loved this appetizer because the Mackarel was fresh and tasted like the sea. The sweet rice perfectly complemented it too!

My brother then ordered plates of assorted Yakiniku's in YAMATO which I hope to be able to identify!

From left to right (I think) are Chicken Skin, Chicken Meat with Tailbone, and Chicken hearts!

I'm not sure about the ones in the middle which looked like waffle dogs, next to it are chicken livers, and chicken wings!


My brother also ordered YAMATO Chicken, Pork, and Fish Yakiniku!

The YAMATO Yakiniku was definitely hot off the grill and gave out this wonderful aroma that made us all drool like Khal Drogo would if he saw a unicorn.


I immediately got myself a pork barbecue and took a huge bite!

The meat was so tender and flavorful! It was savory and sweet with a delightful kick in the end!

So good!

I also got one of the "waffle dog" and after a ripping out the meat with my teeth, I discovered that it was more mushed tuna or salmon.

It was not my favorite among the dishes but it was okay.

The Chicken with tailbones were quite good too because I loved the crunch that came from the cartilages. Tee hee!

Everybody was nom-nom-ing except for Andrei who was taking his sweet time as usual.

The great thing about being my sisters and brothers is that I have "reinforcements". Check out my sister reminding Andrei to stop playing and keep on eating.

As usual it's the opposite for Mati!

He just kept on going...

And going!

Almost done!


And as Japanese subtitles would always say when characters want to say they're full...

"We're sated!"

Kuya Jay still felt the need to order more YAMATI Chicken Skin though.

Ha ha ha ha ha!


And we're done!

Check out Andrei really staring at his toy.

I told him he cannot open it until we get home because he always had the tendency to lose small toy parts. I admired his self-control afterwards because he really kept his train box closed until we got back to Manila!


What a delicious dinner at YAMATI AKIHABARATEN!

Thanks so muchos Kuya Jay!

As much as we enjoyed our dinner here, I don't recommend YAMATO for those with allergy and asthma. The restaurant was an all-smoking area and some tables had open grilling. It was okay for us but it might be too much for people with those conditions. 

It was a short walk going back to our station.

Kuya Jay's YAMATO bill!!!

Now, how was I able to find the name of this restaurant? 

I was about to give up after going online and studying this receipt for a long time. Then the number on the upper right side caught my eye. Without really expecting anything, I typed it on Google along with Yakiniku Akihabara Station, and POOF! I got it!


I wonder what those numbers are?

Well it might be nothing to you but it really meant so much to me. Because if I didn't get the name, I would be making something up in exchange for it.

Oh I'm kidding!

Tee hee!


JR underpass, 1-6-1, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0025

For directions and more information about YAMATO AKIHABARATEN,
click HERE!

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