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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Last June, our little Andrei wished long and hard on the Chinese Adonis and I to buy tickets for his favorite MONSTER JAM live in SM MOA Arena. Being the cutie, dainty, lady that I am (blech), I didn't know anything about this popular TV show that was a favorite to individuals with testosterone. When my husband mentioned that it was about big trucks, I thought it was just the usual car shows where the automobiles were on display and there were hottie models strutting about. Hmmm...... Andrei wanted to watch THAT??

Lo and behold, MONSTER JAM is more of colorful Monster Trucks doing breath-taking stunts, racing, jumps, and tumbles that will make you just roar in excitement. Now I understand my little lord's fascination with it: you'll have an explosion of action right before your very eyes. When I learned about this though, I gave out a little sigh of sentimentality. Now my little lord is wishing to watch a show on grizzly Monster Trucks when it was just like yesterday he was dragging me to a concert of HI-5.

Oh well. I guess I have to shove all sentimental feelings aside because one thing's for sure, there is NO room for drama in MONSTER JAM!

BUT, what about cutie, little, dainty ladies like me???

NAAAH..... There is no room for hallucinations either.

THIS is the real deal and it is as BIG as it GETS! So let the roaring good time BEGIN!


We bought our tickets about 2 months prior to the show and got a discount from VIVREFORT ENTERTAINMENT

Supposedly, Mati was going to join us because the Chinese Adonis and I really wanted to make this to be a family thing. But my first born strongly objected and even complained about us forcing him to do things that he didn't wanted to. So without further adieu we kicked him out of our MONSTER JAM party. Ha ha ha ha ha! P2,000 din yun no!

Kidding! He he he he he! We still wanted him to join us and Andrei missed his Kuya so much. My bunsoy even said that no matter what, his Kuya is joining us next year.

Venue for MONSTER JAM that day was in SM MOA ARENA!

Our MONSTER JAM show is for 2:00pm but we were there early since we brought extra tickets for P500 each to join their "Party In The Pits!"

There were many lines at the entrance of SM MOA ARENA but in no time, we were at the front.

And finally we're in!


MONSTER JAM's Party in the Pits!

There was a good crowd in the PARTY IN THE PITS of MONSTER JAM but good thing that SM MOA ARENA had monster airconditioning as well. It was quite cool all through out the afternoon!

Being the MONSTER JAM neanderthal that I am, I was clueless what these mounds of dirt were for. 

The Chinese Adonis said that these "mutant speed bumps" will be used by the MONSTER TRUCKS for their stunts.


I tried burying my heel onto the soft mound of dirt and the texture is not like that of sand or earth from our gardens. The special dirt was quite firm and almost had a nice spring to it that is similar to a play mat. 

Woah! I wonder where they got these?

Now, where shall we go first?

Andrei and I armed ourselves with the poster we got at the entrance. I asked him where he wanted to go.

The first one that Andrei asked for is MONSTER TRUCK SON-UVA DIGGER!

Like in theme parks, you have to join the queue and wait for your turn.



His cuteness is present. 

MONSTER TRUCK SON-UVA DIGGER is driven by Ryan Anderson! He is actually Andrei's favorite so he was so thrilled to see him up first.

Andrei got his autograph! Yay!

Of course, the Chinese Adonis and I had to join the Ryan Anderson pic!

Afterwards, Andrei wanted to check out MAX-D!

Go Andrei!

No need to see the specs but this is definitely one bad-ass MONSTER TRUCK!

I think MAX-D had one of the most longest lines there is!

MAX-D'S lines were so long that we almost had a picture with a tractor instead!

Still in line! I wonder if we'll be able to check out the other MONSTER TRUCKS?

One thing's for sure, my husband and little Andrei don't mind waiting.

My husband, the ever Auto guy, checked out what's underneath MAX-D!

He raved that MAX-D's engines were so powerful.

He also saw MAX-D'S differential. The Chinese Adonis said this enables the MONSTER TRUCK to do its strong advances. 

Que horror!

The tires are bigger than Andrei!

I wonder if it has "salbabida" inside? Ha ha ha ha ha!

And finally, Andrei is up close to MAX-D'S driver...

Mr. Neil Elliot!

Of course, I cannot just be photographer to this guy's presence. He he he he!

We only have about 30 minutes left for our PARTY IN THE PIT and there were still more MONSTER TRUCKS to check out!

Andrei was not really fond of ZOMBIE and initially only wanted a picture with its back.

Later on he went to the side...

The driver of ZOMBIE Bari Musawwir was there signing autographs. Since we will lose time lining up, we just got his stolen picture.

I can't blame Andrei not favoring to go in front of ZOMBIE, it looks absolutely hideous! 

Its arms are so long too!

And you know what they say.... Long arms mean long...

Ay wait. That' doesn't apply here. Tee hee! 

Later on, Andrei agreed to have a picture in front of ZOMBIE. He didn't seem to mind anymore that its mouth is opening up for a bite. He he he he he!

Andrei and I then noticed that the little boy beside us is the son of my office mate.

Hello there handsome boy!

Andrei walked over to MONSTER TRUCK Dragon and cannot believe how it towered over him. 

Again, there was a loooong line, so Andrei got a side of with driver Scott Liddycoat!

Is it just me or MONSTER TRUCK Dragon seem like its firing up its nostrils??

After Dragon, we went over to MONSTER TRUCK EL TORO LOCO!

Now this truck seems sooo wild!

I'm sure it is since since it has already won the 2004 MONSTER JAM Freestyle in the World Finals!

EL TORO LOCO is driven by this beauty, Ms. Cynthia Gauthier! Don't underestimate her blonde locks and pretty face, she is also like a bull with her MONSTER TRUCK!

The Chinese Adonis is such a pervert with trucks and loved looking what it has under.


Good thing the Chinese Adonis was so busy looking under EL TORO LOCO that he did not do anything embarrassing to meet the lovely driver. 

We only had a few minutes left till the start of the show so Andrei just took a quick stop at the others:


The driver of GRAVE DIGGER is probably the most recognizable of them all as he has been competing since 2005. 

Andrei may not have gotten a picture but it's okay. He's more excited to see him in action later on anyway.

Going around, Andrei met with MONSTER JAM's host that day.

And the motorcycle drivers!

Plus an ATV guy!

It was time for us to go since MONSTER JAM will be starting in a bit.

When Andrei saw this sign, he immediately wished to go to Las Vegas next year.

But for now, he is excited for the show to come.

We finally went outside and explored around.

There were many standees of MONSTER TRUCKS but Andrei only wanted to have a picture with GRAVE DIGGER.


Andrei asked me to take a picture of MAX-D though...

When we were inside, we didn't notice that MONSTER JAM offered free face painting. Since they were not able to attend to Andrei because time ran out, the guys from GROOVE PAINT PARTY NEEDS MANAGEMENT were very nice and made my guy their last customer.

I know GRAVE DIGGER is his favorite but for some reason Andrei asked to have MAX-D instead.

Thank you sooo much GROOVE PAINT PARTY NEEDS! You guys really know how to make your customers happy! 

Most particularly THIS boy!

Andrei took special care in his baths so that this won't remove even until the next day. Ha ha ha ha ha!

After getting his arm painted, we then went upstairs for some snacks before the show starts.

And we're in!

We got quite a great view of MONSTER JAM!

Hmmm.... The Chinese Adonis remarked that the pit seemed small compared to what they had in the US, but we'll see. I'm sure it will still turn out well. 

Andrei's "friend" went out and made announcements before the show.

And the countdown begins...


MONSTER JAM officially starts NOW!





SON-UVA DIGGER tumbling! He he he!


MAX-D tumbling too!

Even though I don't know a thing about cars let alone trucks, I did notice that the MONSTER JAM participants were holding back probably because of the size of the arena. They would certainly gas up and do a loud revolution only to step on the breaks before accelerating into anything. He he he he he he!

But it's okay. We had many OMAYGAD moments that made up for it!

Yup! We were all still howling with excitement!

Andrei's host friend went out again.

This was to announce that the driver of MAX-D was so happy and grateful to his Filipino fans that he was going to give a signed picture.

My usually quiet son really stood up and raised his arms.

He really wanted that picture!

Too bad that driver Neil Elliot chose from the ones seated at the ultra-VIP section. 

Drats! We should've gotten our seats there!

But really, when you watch MONSTER JAM at the SM ARENA next time, do get the seats at the UPPER BOX (where we were seated).

For one, even if we were already high up, we could smell some of the fumes from the MONSTER TRUCK's exhaust. Now imagine if you were seated in the closer rows?

Also the roar of the MONSTER TRUCK'S engines were SO loud! Yes! Even if we were high up already! I'm not sure if I'm just an old fuddy duddy or something but it really hurt my eardrums! I rolled up some balls of tissue and put it in my ears to lessen the pain. I did the same for Andrei even if he didn't think he needed to. 

Not one moment in the MONSTER JAM show did Andrei cover his ears or complain about the smell.

He just watched oh so intently and was really in awe over everything.

Awww.... My sweet Andrei!

In between the trucks, the motorcycle dudes went out!


That was indeed something!

My husband was yelling in excitement but my usually cool bunsoy was just staring at all the action.

A backflip mid-air!

At a "race" the motorcycle representing the Philippines, won!


Thunderous applause erupted once more!

We were all in suspense on what will happen next. 

Our curiosity got wild when they took out a crappy white car.


And the DRAGON was not yet done!

ZOMBIE went out again and made the crowd wild!


When the show was done, that's when Andrei covered his ears. Something tells me he would rather hear the roar of the engines rather than the screams of the crowd. He he he!


It was just waiting quietly there while the Filipinos clapped and "yahooed" in appreciation!

My boys didn't want to leave yet.

That was certainly fun!

The arena for MONSTER JAM may not be as big as we expected and the noise may be unbearable but THIS has truly been a hysterically enjoyable time with my boys!

This is something the whole family will love!

EVEN if you have cutie, little, dainty ladies like me!!!!!!

We really had fun with today's MONSTER JAM show and missed Mati terribly. Next year even if he doesn't want to join us and objects like the fans of Tyrion would if GAME OF THRONES kills him off, he will still go with us. 

Oh yes!

I just got confirmation that MONSTER JAM will be back next year! So always watch out from VIVREFORT ENTERTAINMENT's announcements on their return!



It WAS as BIG as they say it is!!!!


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