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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


It's the Chinese Adonis' 38th birthday and if you have been a follower of our silly little foodie blog, you would see that we usually have a week long celebration of it!

(If you're confused, yes, the Chinese Adonis is older than me by 8 years. I am after all, ahem, 30 years old! Tee hee!)

To tell you more about the Chinese Adonis, he is a very simple man who would rather laugh quietly at the sidelines. No need for flashy over the top celebrations for him. As long as we eat at his favorite restaurants and his family is happy, then he is happy. He is ALWAYS contented for some weird reason.

For the Chinese Adonis' birthday week however, it fell during the last quarter examination period of the little lords. I asked him if he wanted to still go out and celebrate his birthday after Mati and Andrei have finished studying. My ever devoted husband answered that he would rather stay home and help his sons study for the exams (since I always get home late).

With that I realized, the Chinese Adonis may be the one celebrating his birthday this week but it is the little lords and I who are constantly being gifted by his love and dedication as a husband and father (naks!).

(Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the dearest Chinese Adonis, Yub, Daddy, and Mark Anthony! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! 

"I'm simple, lovable, and PAPA-ble!"
The birthday celebrant (last March)!!!!

On the eve of his birthday, I got home to the Chinese Adonis tutoring Mati and Andrei. I asked him if he wanted to go out and celebrate after the kids have gone to bed. He said he's looking at pulling an all-nighter with the kiddies so it wouldn't be advisable for us to still go out.  

Another tradition that THE YAPPY BUNCH does for the birthday celebrant is to sing HAPPY BIRTRHDAY at the strike of 12am. Check out our birthday song (and blooper) for the Chinese Adonis last March of 2011. 

For THIS birthday however, I announced to the Yubhub that I wouldn't do anything for him because of how he organized my birthday surprise last February. Let's just say that for my birthday salubong, he used a veeery old cake complete with fungus that he found old and forgotten at the very far back of our freezer. Even Mati gave it his thumbs down and was disappointed at his Daddy's birthday boo boo for me. 

No birthday song for you YUB! Grrrr!

Of course, we were only kidding. While the Yubsker was  in the next room, Mati and I got the cake and candles ready. Yub was a bit sleepy but I told him to load some pictures in my Facebook to keep him awake. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

See? Double purpose!

It was officially a Friday and Andrei was already sleeping. Good thing that Mati was still wide awake at 12:00am and reading some of his books for the exams so he was able to join! 


OOPS! The electric fan blew the candle lights away! Grrrr!

Take two!!!!!

Happy 38th boithday Daddy!!!!

Make a wish!

And blow!!!!!!


My gift for the Chinese Adonis!

Hmmm... Has anyone noticed that he's wearing the exact same shirt from the birthday video above? He he he he he! Meant to be I guess!

Hi hi hi... Some tighty blackies!

Happy 38th birthday Yub!!!!

For that Friday, it's Andrei's last day of school. Mati still has exams on a Saturday (yep weird I know) that we are still staying in for Yub's actual birthday!

I was able to get home early and cook for him his favorite dinner!

Turbo Chicken with Mushroom Gravy!

Our new favorite BEST FRIEND'S Pancit Miki Bihon!

Creamy and garlicky mashed potatoes!

Buttered Corn!

Our simple feast for Yub!


The little Andrei snuck away to go out with his Lolo. It's okay since Yub and Mati will be studying again after eating.

My plate!!! My American style birthday plate!

Oops... With pansit on the side! He he he he he he!

I could still remember how SUPER KADUPER delicious this dinner was!

That Saturday was the last official day of school for the little lords. There was a raffle culminating the start of summer and Andrei was happy to attend with his friends Kenzie, best friend Zach, and Lance!

Mati was finally done with his exams and was hanging out with his best friend Josh!

After officially ending their school year, we will finally start Yub's birthday week with his favorite BUDDY'S!!!

Blog post soon to follow! 

Let's eat.... with feelings!

Oh Andrei!

THIS is what we came for here. 

BUDDY'S Pancit Lucban! 

Homer drools... wrkwrkwkrkwrkwrkkk!!!!

The very, very, happy Yubiski!

And his crazy family!

Har de har har!

For date night, we went to Powerplant Mall for his dinner of choice, YABU!!!!

Happy 38th Yub!

And yes, we were wearing the same clothes as this morning. We don't wash clothes often that's why! He he he he he!

We were actually there to avail his birthday Katsu which he got for free on his birth month!

The Chinese Adonis said since he was turning a year older, he will spoil himself and order a Green Mango shake. He he he he he!

I told you he was very simple!

As for me, I had some Superior Potato and Egg Salad plus the Chicken Salad. Would you believe that I ate rice with this? 

For Yub's birthday date night we watched CINDERELLA!

Have Courage. Be Kind.

By the way, this was the movie for the night because there was nothing macho to choose from. He he he he!

My Mom joined our movie since she has heard good reviews about CINDERELLA. We invited her and my Dad to join us for Yabu but they did not feel having a heavy dinner.

That Sunday, Yub treated my family for Sunday lunch!

Crispy Pata from Barrio Fiesta!

Kare Kare from Barrio Fiesta!

Barbecue from Alex 3rd!

Steamed Crabs from Daddy's suki!

Grilled Catfish from Daddy's favorite suki!

And of course our favorite BEST FRIEND'S Pancit!

Let's EAT!

Afterwards, Yub asked to play PS3 with his little lords!

Come night time met up with Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun for Yub's birthday dinner in SAMBOKOJIN!!!! 

In fer pareng Jun, ang pogi mo dito!
Yep! Among the BP Group, they are the only ones who were able to make it. Kaya I REALLY super over-the-top appreciate and love that they celebrated with us!!!! 

I will NEVER forget you know!

(Until after emceeing Jun's 50th birthday.... Kidding!!!!)

At may gift pa!!! WOHOO!

In SAMBOKOJIN, I pigged out to kingdom come again...

Here's my Takoyaki balls which were sooo good!

Some Salmon sashimi and tekka maki!

Some meats...

To be wrapped in lettuce with kimchi!

And may naligaw na Cebu Lechon! He he he he! I wonder where did THAT come from?

Thanks so muchos for coming out on a Sunday and saying Happy Birthday to the Chinese Adonis Camp Campo!!!!!

In the week that followed, it was a blur of having dinner at Yub's other favorite places and cravings!

We just LOOOOOVE their Beef Kebab....

... and ox brains! 

The best in the Metro for us!

We also had a weekday dinner in our favorite dimsum hub, CAUSEWAY!!!!

Shrimp Hakaw!

Yub's favorite Fried Spring Rolls!

Spare Ribs!


Chicken Feet!

Century Egg with Sesame Oil!

Happy Birthday Yubhub! Now let's EAT!

A table filled with food!

On Friday night, Yub just asked for a very simple dinner in Rob Magnolia food court.

Well actually we landed in the food court because Mati craved for some Pepper Lunch. He he he he he!

Told you when his family is happy, he's happy as well!

The last day of our week-long birthday celebration for the Chinese Adonis was during our unforgettable staycation in  THE BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL.

While we were having dinner, the jolly and friendly staff of the hotel suddenly came up!!!!

My husband was clueless and thought one of our companions was celebrating her birthday.

He was so shocked to discover that it was for him!!!!

The BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL staff was sooo accommodating with my request for a little birthday surprise for Yub. I was just expecting a slice of cake or a banner (like what some other hotels would do) but they really surprised us with a WHOLE cake! 


Thank you so much BAUAN PLAZA HOTEL!!!!

AND thus concludes the week-long birthday celebration of The Chinese Adonis!!!!!

Like I said, whenever it's somebody's birthday in our family, his wish is our command. As for the Chinese Adonis, even if he had the choice to have dinner at the swankiest restaurants or hotels, he chose the simplest ones  that has been giving us plenty of comfort and happy tummies through out the years. Perhaps he is just that simple because it only takes little to make him happy. OR, maybe he is just being considerate of my budget. But whatever and wherever it may be, the Chinese Adonis is already giving so much happiness to the THE YAPPY BUNCH by being the most loving Husband (yes kahit dedma) and super committed Daddy in history!!! He he he he he!

Believe me when I say that you will never meet a kinder, more caring man of his age who always believes in the good of everyone no matter how rotten that person is.


We love you Yub!!!! 


  1. Naku, pasensya na idol kung di ako naka-comment agad... my right eye is really bothering me, nahihirapan akong makakita from that eye... heniways...

    -sige na nga! Trenta na kung trenta! hahahaha... #pushmoyanteh!
    -siyemre contented siya: asawa ka niya, at may dalawa kayong adorable na anak! Ano pa hahanapin niya? #sipsip
    -ulirang ama talaga si Eric! Always putting other people ahead of himself.
    -niece ko din madalas may periodicals on Saturdays... weird nga!!!
    -ang sarap naman ng luto mo! At dapat ko na talaga matikman yang Best Friends pancit na yan.
    -anong klaseng raffle yang ginanap sa don bosco na yan? ano ang premyo? paano makakasali diyan? #kinarir
    -Buddy's! Yan ba yung branch sa Kalayaan, Makati? Madalas kasi kami ni TP diyan nung bago pa ang aming relationship, kse taga-Lucena din siya =)
    -Yummy pancit Lucban!
    -Yabu for Yub and Yu (you) hahaha...
    -Cinderella! Napanood ko yan sa plane on the way to subic, hehehe
    -sarap naman ng sunday lunch niyo! Makes me long for Filipino food right now...
    -Sina Mareng Gail lang ang nakapunta sa BGP group? (sadya na yang BGP, hahaha...)
    -di pa ako nakakaibn sa Sambokojin, pero mukhang masarap pala ano?
    -OMG!!! Uncle Moe's!!! Buti may ox brain... or nagpa-reserve ka ba ulit?
    -sigh, Chinese food... #longing
    -Bauan Hotel... sadly start na ng tag-ulan diyan
    -pareho pala kamini Eric... simpleng tao lang #bwahahahaha... #charaught


    1. ha ha ha ha ha! Dear Mr. Snuff maniwala ka sa hindi, kanina ko pa inaantay comment mo since this morning pa! I thought... huhuhu he forgot me na!! CHARAWWWWT!

      1) Yey! I love my supportive friends!!!!

      2) Oo nga... di bagay ang sipsip sa yo... Pero ang saya pakinggan he he he he he he!

      3) SUPER!!!!

      4) I wonder why they have to do that when they could just have it on Wednesday to Friday like everyone else.

      5) You should! super sarap and sulit sa BEST FRIENDS!!!!

      6) First prize I think it's P30,000 pero weird naman their raffle kapag wala ang winner nobody else could claim it. E alanganamang umattend and binentahan ko sa office di ba???

      7) O DI BA PAREHO TAYO!!!!

      8) I still like the original Disney version and Ever After more. Pero maganda naman siya.

      9) Kain ka na sa Filipino food diyan I'm sure madami!

      10) CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

      11) Super. It's the best cheap resto buffet for me. Sulit na sulit.

      12) Marami na sila ox brain this time. Yey!

      13) Dami dami diyan ano ba!

      14) Oo nga during Summer na lang para sure.


      You too instagram IDOL!


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