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Monday, June 1, 2015


CHILI'S would always have a special place in my puny little heart because it is the venue where I first laid eyes on the Chinese Adonis via a blind date. 16 grueling years later, we are married with 2 smart and handsome boys and we still go to CHILI'S to reminisce or just celebrate something special.

It is very timely and appropriate though that when we gave  a surprise baby shower to Joan, the wife of THE FOOD ALPHABET, the venue was in CHILI'S Greenhills. Once more, something added up to the specialness of the "place where it all started". And this time, it is to celebrate friendship, food, and THE KTG!

CHILI'S, serving delicious heaping platters of food and the culprit to ERICJAZ FOODIES most unforgettable moments. This time, I'm sure it would be for KTG too!!!

From chili's website


The KTG were there up and early to surprise Joan with our simple, but glutton-worthy, baby shower.

We were lucky because we will get to taste the  SWEET, SMOKY, and HOT menu which was available for a limited time only in CHILI'S PHILIPPINES!!! Rush over to your nearest CHILI'S branch now because these gems will be available up to June 28, 2015 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!


CHILI'S SWEET, SMOKY, and HOT menu 2...

CHILI'S SWEET, SMOKY, and HOT menu 3!!!!

KTG roll call!

SUGAR, SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE with Bob of Wee Nam Kee and Osaka Ohsho!






And now time for the specials which will definitely get us groaning in happy food sweats later on!

CHILI'S PHILIPPINES Sweet, Smoky, and Hot menu!

We started with plates upon plates of this very interesting appetizer that already looked like a fiesta in my mouth. 

The CHILI'S Pulled Corn Cakes (P325.00)!

Take a huge bite of the grilled corn cakes topped with savory and tender pulled pork stewed in honey chipotle sauce. It all comes together with cumin sour cream and a special crunch from the pickled red onion. SOOOOO wow!!!!!

You may think that this is a measly serving for the price but believe me, this is certainly heavy, ergo, very filling!

Up next is the health buff's dream, the CHILI'S Ancho Rubbed Tilapia (P425.00)!!!

One look at this severely colorful dish and you would know that it's good for you! 

You get a fresh perfectly hot plate of Chili's rice with grilled fillet of tilapia rubbed with spicy Ancho chili paste and topped with corn succotash.  Give this a quick splurtz of your tangy lime and you certainly got a meal worthy for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

 Up next would have to be my favorite. One look and I just know it will be the start of a beautiful friendship...

Until of course, when I gobbled it all up.

 CHILI'S Smoked Garlic Sirloin (P845.00) was a showstopper for me. You cannot really blame me suddenly getting all dumbfounded because being served with a plate of this fat, juicy, steak, glistening with the chipotle sauce, and topped with roasted garlic will cause any foodie a heart attack.


It became the point of no return for me. I eagerly sliced up the buttery tender fatty meat and put chunk after chunk of its juicy goodness in my mouth. 

Add to that my favorite CHILI'S creamy mashed potatoes served with a healthy dollop of perfectly seasoned white gravy. I may have forgotten my ultimo favorite rice just this time as I wolfed down more than my fair share of this calorie worthy siding.

Damn that was good! 


Because I was too fixated on the CHILI'S sirloin, I did not give much due attention to the Sweet Mustard Seeds Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack P665.00 / Full Rack P965.00).

To be honest though, I'm not overly fond of ribs because most of the time they are gamey and too stringy for my taste.

However, I got one rib and it was fall off the bone tender that is worthy to be gnawed on by a hungry caveman. Now if only the sirloin hasn't stolen my heart already, I would have messed up my pretty little face with this one. 


 The Sweet, Smoky, and Hot menu of CHILI'S also included this fresh off the oven skillet of  Apple Berry Cobbler (P345.00).

The berries and chunks of apples were fresh and tart but each bite became so, so, luscious with the caramel and cinnamon crust morsels. Plus, the velvety vanilla ice cream topping gave a delightful hot and cold play in your already sweetened tongue. 

Oooh lala... I think I was the one who finished the whole serving we got on our side!!! This was so perfect with my 2 cups of coffee!

Of course, besides the CHILI'S Sweet, Smoky, and Hot specials, we were also served with their famous favorites...

The Bottomless Tostada Chips (P385.00) and with a cup of Queso (P175.00)!!

This comes with a small tub of salsa too! So perfect for all day munching and crunching!

BTW, Yub ordered THIS on our first date. At that time, I was acting all cutesie patootsie that I only took small nibbles of it.

Now when I eat nachos, I open my mouth so wide you'll see the ends of the earth. He he he he he he! 

CHILI'S Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers (P350.00)!!

 (I'm more of a Fried Chicken Crispers fan though.... He he he he he he!)

Plus an order of the CHILI'S Old Timer Burger (P375.00)!

Superbly meaty and overall scrumptious!! Take extra care that you won't get a lock jaw on this one.

And to match all that food, we also had some frozen margaritas!

I'm not really a drinker but the CHILI'S Margaritas were more refreshing than hard hitting. This was a welcome thirst quencher for that hot Saturday!

Of course, CHILI'S Margaritas could be the start of a party. But if you don't drink, just arm yourself with their bottomless iced tea and a crazy seatmate, and you're good to go!!!

Food as far as the eyes can see!

Now this is my right...

And this is my left. 

Now did I say carbo-loading?

Later on our celebrant arrives!

I guess based on this picture you could totally tell that she was expecting this... Tee Hee!

Surprise Joan!

I love it when the victim is really unaware that there is a surprise. He he he he he he!

THE FOOD ALPHABET and dear Joan besides the baby shower giveaways!

SHORTS GOURMET MANILA gave out these too cute to tango SHORBS that are so perfect for dainty events like this! 

These adorable desserts are actually sugar-crusted orbs that encased shortbread cookies. To get to the treats though you have to work out a bit and muster the courage to crack open these pretty little things. Short bread cookies have these drool worthy flavors such as Dark Divine, Mocha Latte, and Choco Mist. This is so perfect for special occasions with your lady at only P795.00 per piece. 

If you want just the short bread cookies, which is still a good choice, then get a box of 12 at only P300.00, or the celebration box of 15pcs with all the flavors for P340.00. Believe me, whatever dessert craving you have, they could handle it.

Orders & Pick-up point. Makati: Anton’s (Bel Air) 09178844111 or 2158021
Available in ALL Rustan’s MarketPlace locations
 Instagram & Twitter: @ShortsGourmet

For our ultra sweetness centerpiece, we got a personalized cake from Patricia Erika Fortunado of BOHEMIA CAKES! Though we were not able to have a taste of this, we were more than satisfied at seeing the happy look from mareng Joan when she saw this bearing her soon to be unico hijo's name! Awwww!!!!

Now I want to celebrate something or even anything just to have my own cake like THIS!!!!!!!

 Patricia Erika Fortunado, Cake Artist
+63 (917) 843 0915
+632 807 1266
Twitter and IG: @bohemia_cakes

Check it out

And from the KTG....

A baby rocker!!!! 

Congratulations to THE FOOD ALPHABET and his very lovely lady Joan!!! We love you and we are so happy for your incoming gift! Remember how I told you last year that magdidilang anghel ako??? He he he he he he he!

We can't wait to meet Skyler Jace!!!!

Awwww... I want a baby too!!!! 

May I just take home Baby EN ROUTE??? :)

Another fun Saturday with the KTG! Weekends are certainly more Hot, Smoky, and SWEET with them!

Thank you so much Ms. Laine de Jesus-Villar of CHILI'S for taking care of us. You got us so full and happy beyond words. 



CHILI'S Missouri St, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Check these out:

For our picture with Joan and THE FOOD ALPHABET, I asked FOOD IN THE BAG to take it! And look what he did!!! I just saw this when I was reviewing the CHILI'S pics at home!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks so muchos Mr. Jeng! You certainly know how to make pictures livelier!


  1. Nyhahahahahahahahaha !!!! i think I need to tame my facial hair again nyhahahahahaha !!! It was fun chili 'ing with you guys... Hope to see you guys soon!!!! P.S. Ang cute ko talaga nyhahahahahahahaha

    1. Nya ha ha ha ha ha!!! Likewise!!! Miss you and lady Chen!!! Oo nga cute ka nga kaya love na love ka nun e!!! Take care!

  2. Mr. SnuffleupagusJune 2, 2015 at 7:20 AM

    First and foremost, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lim! What a blessing! God is indeed great and His faithfulness is forever.

    -uyyyyy... diyan pala pers deyt niyo ni CA! You must make kwento that to me when we make kita soon, hehehe...
    -Chili's!!! Madalas kami ni TP diyan, although we haven't been there recently because there are just too many new restos to try, hahaha... We go there for their amazing barjers! =)
    -naku, hanggang June 28 lang pala yang mga new items nila... hindi na ako aabot!
    -ang gwapo naman niyang jowa ni The Food Scout! hahaha... pero ang ganda din ni Food Scout! #confused
    -bakit nakaluhod si Mr. Jeng sa tabi ni Spanky? hehehe...
    -all the foods looks good!!!
    -ANG MAHAL NG STEAK!!! *faints*
    -ay di ka pala mahilig sa ribs? mamaya mag-ribs kami ni TP sa Rub, hehehe
    -I want that dessert!
    -I could just imagine you being all coy and demure during your first date with Eric, hehehe
    -ang cute pala ni Mr. Stonibert ano? hehehe... saw him once while we were eating at Le Petit Souffle =)
    -the shorbs and the cake are adorable!!!
    -hahahaha... nakakatawa naman ang collage ni Mr. Jeng! hehehe...

    HAVE A GREAT DAY IDOL! Hope you're back is feeling better.

    1. They are such wonderful people! Everybody in KTG absolutely loves them!

      1) YES!!! We were set up in a blind date at CHILI'S in Greenbelt. The first time I saw the Chinese Adonis sabi ko WOW POGI JACKPOT! The first time he saw me, akala niya drug addict ako cos I was so thin! He he he he he he!

      2) I know! The great thing about chilis is that food is still delish and service great after all these years.

      3) oo nga e! Sana iextend nila! Kumain ka na lang sa SUBIC! Hala aalis ka na di pa tayo nagkikita!

      4) AND he is very nice too! Nagprisinta na nga akong ninang sa kasal nila! Joke!!!!

      5) Ewan ko kay Mr. Jeng. PA CUTE!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) ASUS kayang kaya mo yan ano ba!

      7) I think RUB is the only one I like na ribs ha ha ha ha!

      8) SARAP NIYA! The others found it sour pero I ate it with the crust and caramel ice cream. Yum!

      9) Pacute! Actually bago ikasal, coy and demure ako. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      10) Yep! Pogi and very nice si Stoni!!!

      11) Hindi ko pa binubuksan shorbs ko. Sayang e ang ganda!

      12) Kulit niya! Nagulat talaga ako at home!

      THANKS SO MUCH! I'M FEELING MUCH MUCH MUCH better! I can't bend down pa din pero at least I could dress myself with ease na. Ha ha ha ha ha! Dati si Eric nagbibihis sa akin e. AHAHAAAY!


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