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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Last summer, THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Power Plant Mall to catch the last showing of THE AVENGERS - AGE OF ULTRON. Now normally we don't go out with the kids on a weekday but the Yubhub and I have perfectly acceptable reasons why we stayed out ultra late that Wednesday:

1)  There was no school.

2) It was THE AVENGERS - AGE OF ULTRON first day of showing.

3) It was THE AVENGERS. Period.

See?? We're not so bad parents!! Every Marvel geek would agree that you cannot make THE AVENGERS wait. I mean that would be an acceptable argument in all courts. He he he he he!

Anyway, before our movie we were decided where to eat. Usually we would go to our favorite KENNY ROGERS or PEPPER LUNCH but this is an AVENGERS night we're talking about. Something a bit more special should be in order.

And that's why we ended up in KULINARYA KITCHEN.

Yes. Seriously.

You dare to question the MIGHTY JAZMIN????



 I was running late from work but the little lords entertained themselves while waiting for me.

Dear Andrei tinkered with his new plane that he bought from the money he earned "working" at my Dad's office.

Mati passed the time by reading the menu.

That's my boy!!!!! YEP! That's what I would normally do too! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

 And finally the lone lady of our movie party arrived!!!

The Chinese Adonis and Master Mati!


Me and a very sleepy Andrei. He he he he he!











In the mood for some Kare Kare?

Is it just me or is that "selfie" really good for a "twofie"?

I saw from my friend MR. SNUFF'S Instagram account how he raved over KULINARYA KITCHEN's set meals. So me and the Yubhub ordered one to try it out.

The adobo set meal came with this cup of sinigang soup. It was still piping hot when delivered to the table.

Andrei gave it a sip and it was as fruity sour as he liked it!

I'm not really fond of bland Sinigang broth. I want it to be full of BITE!!!

Seeing that it was in the menu, Master Mati ordered a bowl of KULINARYA KITCHEN Prawn Bisque (P185.00).

It certainly gave us a strong whiff of prawn fat!!! Yummmm!

I was able to take a small sip of it and it was so creamy with a lot of rich seafood flavors.

I wanted to take a second spoonful of the hearty soup. Good thing there was more than enough for me to scrape off! 


When we're with the kiddies, it's always a safe bet to order pizza. We normally order all cheese but we wanted to get some vegetables into system so we just ordered the KULINARYA KITCHEN Margarita Pizza (P330.00).

It may not look as appetizing as the other pizzas in the market but I loved the subtle flavors of the cheese with the refreshing bites of the tomatoes and basil!

Remember the Adobo Set Meal I told you about? For only P249.00 you get a tub of  uber tender Adobo with egg, Soup, Garlic Rice, Vegetable Spring Roll, and Dessert.

Pretty great deal right?

For me (and me only! HA!) I got the KULINARYA KITCHEN Steak with Truffle Butter Plate (P520.00).

I am so addicted to truffle these days I know. Maybe I'm just so drawn to the smell of feet?

Enter the Chinese Adonis.


I ordered mine to be Medium but it was served to me a tad rarer than I expected. 

SO fine by me!!!!!



Nom... Nom.... Nom...

The steak was yum especially with the mushroom gravy and earthy truffle butter. It was just a bit tough though! But that didn't stop me from licking my plate clean because it's really, really very good. I'll forget about the "doneness" because it's priced cheaper compared to other steaks served this way. 

Daddy and Mati eating in a tree....



We just shared the dessert included in the adobo set meal and it was a cup of shaved ice with coconut jam and milk.

So light and satisfying!


 And afterwards, it's on to our movie!!!!

I know that there may be cheaper and more convenient options to watch our favorite films. But there is a different kind of family bonding to go out, have a delicious dinner together, and huddling up in a cold theatre with buttered popcorn. I'm sure that when the little lords grow up they will remember these special nights together the way I did with my family. It's something I always look back on with fondness that puts an instant smile to my kick-ass face.

Come to think of it, the reason why SUPERMAN 2 is so memorable to me is because it was my first movie with the whole family!!! Another reason why I love THAT big guy.

Eeep... Don't tell Mati that I'm actually a DC gal at heart. 

But still...


So. There.

Basement, Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Drive 
Corner Estrella Street Rockwell Center, Makati
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  1. KULINARYA!!! The Partner and I love it there, as well as its sister company KXP.

    -kami sa Century City Mall nanood niyang Avengers, pero two weeks after it opened, hehehe...
    -awwww... galing naman ni Andrei, kahit papaano naka-ipon ng pera sa kanyang "earnings" at nabili niya ang gusto niya without asking money from you guys
    -MATI KNOWS HIS PRIORITIES! Good job! hahaha...
    -eksakto lang para sa isang tao yung "selfie" nila, hahaha... #matakawkami
    -NGEHEHEHEKKKK!!! Na-extra pa ako sa blog post mo, hahahaha... baka sumikat na ako niyan #asapa
    -that prawn bisque looks really good! must order that next time we're there, kahit na allergic si TP sa crustaceans, hehehe...
    -kumain si Eric niyang pizza with veggies?
    -uy buti nagustuhan mo din yang adobo... or did you? hahaha...
    -katawa naman ang correlationg ng truffle smell and Eric's feet, hahahaha
    -ang liit niyang dessert na yan! Isang lagok ko lang ubos na agad, hahaha... #matakawtalagakami
    -EEEEEKKKK!!! Ang bill!!! Sobrang laki! Iba na talaga kapag Santibanez ang peg! hahahaha...
    -tama ka, iba talaga kapag sa cine pinanood ang movies. Ibang klase ang experience, hindi mapapantayan ng computer monitor, hehehe...
    -aha, DC ka pala! hahaha... ako I swing both ways, hahahaha...


    1. Huloooo Mr. Snuff! How's SUBIC??? Wala bang latest food shots???

      1) I haven't tried KXP. Yun ba yung sa Shang? Sosy ka kasi e!

      2) Naku kami kasi kapag AVENGERS or basta yung ganyang movies di pwede palipasin. Dapat talaga panoorin agad agad. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) Yes proud of Andrei and Mati on that too!

      4) Pareho kami!

      5) Parang nadadamihan ako. Naku mahina na kasi ako kumain pero naman tumataba pa din!

      6) Sikat ka na dati pa no!!!!!

      7) The prawn flavors were very strong. Kung type mo ang ganun. Si Mati nasarapan.

      8) Tinanggal lahat! Ngayon ko nga lang nakita na may all cheese pizza pala. Sabi ko why di yun inorder nyo. He he he he he he he!

      9) Medyo matamis siya kaya okay lang with me. Si Eric nagustuhan ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      10) Tee hee!

      11) OO NGA ang liitl!!!!

      12) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUS ano ba kayang kaya mo yan HELLOOOO!

      13) Di ba? It's so convenient to download and much cheaper too. Pero naman, if it's with the kids, maganda din ang konting ipon and effort for the whole outing experience.

      14) Dati loyal ako sa DC but with the movies now, swing bot ways na din ako. Heheheheh!

      HAVE A GREAT MONDAY MMMWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Sorry late comment! He he he he he he he!

    2. -KXP or Kulinarya Experience is the (medyo) more affordable sister company of Kulinarya. They have branches at Medical City (well, the building in front of it, Rockwell something yung pangalan nung bldg, hehehe...)
      -medyo petiks lang ako dito... paluto-luto, madalas nasa outlet, hahaha... tinatamad pa akong mag-post ng food shots ko kse nahihirapan ako sa mata ko. =)

    3. Ahhhh... Talagang you get around ah!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Ayan di ka na tuloy instagram king niyan e!


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