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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


During our HYATT CITY OF DREAMS staycation, we were looking for a place to eat in the Boulevard, the mall that is connected to the hotel. There were too many choices for us actually that the Chinese Adonis and I got a bit confused.

Our solution? Let the little lords choose for us! He he he he he! 

That would have been a very good plan but even Mati and Andrei were not sporting a unified front that lunchtime. My little man was craving for Korean while the bunso wants some Filipino food.

I know that usually we go for the choice of picky eater Andrei. But for now, we thought that we should try being good parents and be fair.

We'll make a decision after their trial by combat! HA!

Oh I'm kidding. We just made them do jack en poy (aka rocks, scissors, paper). 

"Jack en poy, hale hale hoy! Sino matalo siyang unggoy!"
Mati won that day so we directly went to O KITCHEN that was located near the escalator.  It has been quite a while since we had Korean food so this was a good choice for us. 


This was actually a very late lunch as we swam our hearts out first in the Hyatt pool. So we did not let the empty tables cloud our judgement of the place.

Besides, there was a small family also having an early dinner at the far end of the room. He he he he!

Even if it was supposed to be "siyesta" time, the chefs on the counter were so ready to take in orders.

We were seated by the table by the window. The maitre d' was actually offering us a place further inside but I told them we could get a bit noisy so it would be better if they just place us at an area that was not so quiet.


The nudge that drew us to O KITCHEN was actually the very accommodating servers that welcomed us. Even if we were sort of undecided on the food and the place, they were very polite and answered all our questions with uber patience. 

Like the time Yub and I were undecided what to get for Andrei.

He he he he he he! 

That's Yub asking Andrei what he felt like eating. As usual, he gave us very vague answers and just repeated "leche flan" -- his craving for the day. 


O KITCHEN menu 1...

O KITCHEN menu 2...

O KITCHEN menu 3...

O KITCHEN menu 4... 

O KITCHEN menu 5... 

O KITCHEN menu 6... 

As soon as we sat down, we were given dainty servings of O KITCHEN banchan. This was refillable however that most definitely we asked for more.

Mati loved the kimchi and was able to eat it while holding onto a glass of water.

Ever since we passed by Korea for our US trip, Mati has been in love with Bibimbap. So naturally that was his order for that day!

The O KITCHEN Bibimbap (P450.00!).

I asked Mati if he could finish it because if not, I would share with him. Of course he pretended to not hear me at all and just proceeded to pour the chili sauce over it.

He he he he he! Kidding!

My loving son did give me a taste and this was so scrumptious at every bite! There was a lot of crunchy veggies and tender meats within the fluffy rice that it's impossible to just have one mouthful.

My son and his VERY happy meal!

Yub and Andrei shared a bowl of rice topped with chicken (P450.00) that was so similar to an Oyakudon.

With just one look, I knew my picky eater would love this because there was such an abundance of sweet sauce. 

As for me, I was craving for some lettuce wraps so I got the O KITCHEN Pork Belly (P500.00).

I was actually very surprised with the servings!! How could I finish this? The grilled pork was served on a hot skillet packed with kimchi, beansrpouts, and greens. ALSO my favorites!

Plus chomp all you can condiments on the side!

Hmmm... It's time to have another cheat day again!

One of the condiments that my O KITCHEN order came with is this bowl of pickled onions with sauce. It's like "achara" and I loved it with my wrap!

It certainly added an extra bite and texture to my heavenly mouthful of a creation! I think I asked for another serving of it.


Check out Andrei smiling in between helping himself from his bowl! Yey!


Let's eat..... with feelings! 

And as I predicted, Andrei loved his super saucy chicken with rice! He ate the full bowl that the Chinese Adonis gave him.

And burp! We're done!

Mati trying to act like a grown-up and had a toothpick dangling between his lips!

Our O KITCHEN bill!

When in CITY OF DREAMS and craving for some Korean food, fear not because there is O KITCHEN. Servings are good for two and the food that we ordered were Omaygash good!! Prices may be a bit higher than the other Korean restaurants out there but this is worth a try when you're in CITY OF DREAMS. 

Jeez. I can't believe I ate the whole skillet of pork! I'm getting meat sweats just remembering it.


Tata For Now!

Upper Ground Floor, City of Dreams Manila, 
Aseana Boulevard Corner Macapagal Avenue, 
Tambo, Parañaque City
02 5033677


After our O KITCHEN lunch, we went to APU restaurant for little Andrei. He was really craving for some leche flan! And you know me, when it comes to food I always give in. It's food e!


Andrei ordered this very rich and creamy leche flan that was glistening with sugar syrup.

Look at that face! Such a happy little eater! Andrei would only crave for food once in a blue moon so for him to have a foodfie (food selfie) is cause for celebration.

We didn't order anything since we were still so full from O KITCHEN. This was really Andrei's stop anyway so we just watched him savor that leche flan.

At first I thought he was bored while eating the leche flan and I was about to tell him to take off his elbows from the table.

As it turned out, it was his human barricade against a drooling Daddy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I guess, nobody could get from his flan on his watch!

So. There.


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusJune 3, 2015 at 5:51 AM

    -bwahahahaha... akala ko Mortal Kombat talaga! Jack en Poy pala, hahahaha
    -O Kitchen? Any relation to O Rice in BGC?
    -the decor looks really nice and relaxing
    -I believe it's very important that a place has good service. Kahit feelingero masarap kuno ang food, kung palpak ang service, di ka pinapansin, suplado mga waiter, feeling mo utang na loob mo pa sa kanila na kumain ka dun kahit na isa't kalahating oras kang pinaghintay sa pagkain mo, eh hindi ka talaga babalikan ng mga tao at sisiraan ka pa nila (I'm looking at you f*ck**g
    LOCAVORE!!!) #mayhugot
    -Mati likes Kimchi? kakaiba talaga yang anak mo! =)
    -Bibimbap!Hindi pa tayo nakapag I Am Kim
    -mahilig pala sa matamis na ulam si Andrei? Hindi nagmana sa iyo?
    -WOW! That lettuce wrap is HUGE! P500 lang? super sulit!
    -I like Andrei's smile in your family pic. Dapat i-career na niya yan, hahaha
    -YEY! Buti madaming kinain si Andrei! Dapat pala magluto ka ng matatamis na ulam sa house niyo para kumain siya ng madami, hahaha
    -cute naman ni Mati with the toothpick =)
    -siyempre alam mo na sasabihin ko about the bill... EEEKKKK!!! ANG LAKI NG BILL! HINDI KO KINAYA! Ibang levelz talaga ang EJF! hahahahaha...
    -adik sa leche flan si Andrei! Hinarangan pati ama, hahaha

    Have a wonderful wednesday Idol!!!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha Mr. Snuff! I'm glad you appreciated the joke!!!!!

      1) With regards to O RICE, I don't think that they're somehow related. Mahilig lang talaga sila sa O!

      2) Yes it was. It's kinda upscale for a normal Korean restaurant but it was a welcome change for us.

      3) Mismo right? We were really having second doubts kasi we wanted to try something else. But Mati was so set on it and he won the jack en poy. We were all assured we made the right decision when the service was so accomodating and they really wanted us to be there even if siyesta time suposedly.


      4) YES!!! Kakaiba talaga his faves.

      5) Oo nga! Aalis ka na!

      6) Yes! He loves anything sweet. Pareho sila ni Eric. Kami ni Mati pareho kami ng taste.

      7) I agree!!! Sulit and it was more than enough for me.

      8) Masaya kasi siya sa food niya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And we promised him leche flan if he's able to finish it.

      9) He he he he! Mati was imitating the usual busog guy with toothpick. Ang kulit!


      11) Ako lang pinatikim niya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Thanks dearest Mr. Snuff!!!! Have a fun Wednesday too! MMMWAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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