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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


When the Chinese Adonis celebrated his week-long birthday celebration last March 2015, I knew that we CANNOT not include his favorite BUDDY'S in the agenda.

It's automatic now really!

You could say that BUDDY'S is somehow part of the ERICJAZ FOODIES history: We have been eating here when we were just going out then, and it is still a popular choice for THE YAPPY BUNCH now. It's one of our default restaurants obviously. Sometimes we get tired of it for awhile (like we do with some people) but then we go back to it so repentant and HUNGRY.



Now that happened to us exactly during the Chinese Adonis' birthday week. At first we thought, "BUDDY'S again?" But after one whiff of our favorite comfort food, we started ordering this one, another, plus this too, until we were too full to move.

Of course with BUDDY'S, we always expect gluttony and nothing less! He he he he!


BUDDY'S in Makati City!!!!

And YEP! They deliver!

In BUDDY'S, there's always a fiesta with their decors made of pahiyas!

The look of BUDDY'S in Manila is very much the same with what they have in Lucban, Quezon province, the place where it originated. 

Yep! They have it right down to the chairs with wooden sunflowers. 

Yub ordering up with Mati!

These days, I always ask one of the little lords to accompany the Chinese Adonis when he does something. They are in training to be his "assistants".

While Yub and Andrei were at the counter, guess what me and my bunsoy were doing?

Doing YELFIE's of course!!! He he he he he!

Grabbed from
BUDDY'S menu 1...

Grabbed from

BUDDY'S menu 2...

Grabbed from
BUDDY'S menu 3...

Grabbed from

BUDDY'S menu 4...

Our BUDDY'S bill!

It's semi-self service in BUDDY'S. After ordering, the cashier will give you a number for your food.

The cashier gave us the number 29 for our order. While waiting for our food, the boys and I decided to play a little Spin the "Number"!

Instead of kissing or getting a dare, the magical number points to the person who is the most smelly, most fat, most ugly -- depending on what the "spinner" wants to know.

When Andrei spinned the number and asked "Who farts the most?" Guess who it pointed to?

Next question please! 


The birthday boy and our little guy are hungry as always!

 We were so happy that the first on the table was our ever favorite BUDDY'S Pancit Lucban (P195.00)! Check out how saucy that is!

The Chinese Adonis loves pizza and his favorite would have to be BUDDY'S Bacon Pepperoni Supreme (P240.00) since it had that sweet tomato sauce. 

No Italian style for him. For Yub when it comes to pizza he likes it ala Pinoy all the way!

In BUDDY'S we always order their Pork Sisig (P145.00). My husband constantly craves this because it is wet and saucy like how they serve it at PALAISDAAN in Lucban, Quezon. He's not really fond with the crispy sisig like how they serve it in the popular Filipino restaurants in the Metro.

 Once its sizzling awesomeness lands on your table, give it an immediate mix so that you'll get small bites of soft egg with your sisig!

I guess I'm doing my job slowly because even Andrei joined in to make me go faster. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Or maybe, he's just really a little helpful kid! Awwww!

Our table filled with deeeelicious BUDDY'S food!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords celebrating Yub's birthday!!!!!

Oh wow... Look at how beautifully saucy that is!!!!

It even tempted picky Andrei to eat a lot! YAY!

During my "younger" days (ahem), Yub and I would finish this off with rice and sisig! Yep! Ain't that deliciously disgusting??? All that carbs and pork fat in our system!!! We had such an appetite back then!

Now, we can't even finish half of this by our lonesome!!

These days, Mati finishes all of the food for us. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our happy birthday boy!!!!

My plate!!! My fully-loaded-good-for-a-30-year-old-gal plate!!!!!!!!!

Yub helping himself to a second serving!

And we are done with the pizza!

Even with all that food, we still felt a bit hungry so we also ordered a sizzling plate of BUDDY'S Pork Chop.

The thick slab of pork chop is quite tender and so savory with the mushroom gravy!

This would be SO perfect with garlic rice (P30.00)!!!

Would you guys believe that picky Andrei wanted some more pizza so we got the smallest BUDDY'S regular (P110.00).

Yey! My little Andrei certainly ate a lot today!

Mati was already finished with his sisig plate and moved onto the BUDDY'S pork chop!

We always request for extra gravy for their pork chop since we also pour it over our rice. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The birthday boy concentrating....

My second plate of food!

Can't talk. Eating!

This is certainly one pig out Saturday!

And we're done.

Oh except for the pork fat that I see at my 10:00! I'm sure the Chinese Adonis wolfed it down after this picture.

BURP!!! What a super delicious birthday lunch for the Chinese Adonis!!! Everyone was certainly full and happy with extra heavy tummies!!! 

Now we're ready to face our crazy world once again! 

Tee hee...

So. There.

2727, Pililla Street, 
corner Kalayaan Avenue, 
Makati, 1200 Metro Manila

Check this out!


  1. They have one near hear and I was always amused about their facade! It's surprising to see that they continued the motif indoors!

    1. Yep Bap2! It's always a Pahiyas Fiesta all year round in BUDDYS!!!!!

  2. Grabe! Buddy's!!! Tagal din kami pumupunta diyan ni The Partner! At that very same branch. =)

    -kami din, we feel the same way kse ang dalas na din namin magpunta diyan dati, pero paminsan-minsan pinupuntahan pa din namin yan, and feeling nostalgic din kme
    -si Mati pala yung nasa likod ni Yub. Ang tangkad na niya!
    -EEEEEEK!!! ANG BILL!!! ANG LAKI!!! Ibang levelz talaga ang EJF! Bwahahaha... #foreverdinito
    -hahahaha... talaga bang sa iyo nag-point yung number, or naka-pose lang yan? =)
    -Sarap niyang Pancit Lucban! Madalas din namin i-order diyan yung chami.
    -never na kakain si TP niyang pizza nila, pero ako gustong-gusto ko yan, hahaha
    -gusto din namin yang sisig nila. I also order their sizzling crab cake (or omelette?) if it's available, and I always ask for extra gravy, hehehe
    -OMG! Madaming nakain si Andrei! Yey!!!
    -mahina na din kami kumain ni TP #thundersna
    -growing boy talaga si Mati, buti maganang kumain
    -30 year old talaga!!! hahahaha...
    -Yahoooo! Daming kinain ni Andrei! Dapat pala parati kayong diyan kumakain. =)

    Ang saya-saya naman ng kainan sa Buddy's! Belated happy birthday to Eric! (by several months,hahaha...)

    1. Hiya Mr. Snufff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1) We used to go to the other branch that's in the kaloob looban of Makati (you know that?) But parking is a nightmare there kaya dito na kami!

      2) Di ba??? Even if we don't go here as much as we used to before, it's still in our top favorites!!!!

      3) Hay naku! Lumaki pa siya now!!! Big guy na talaga! Huhuu!!!!


      5) Nakapoint talaga sa akin ha ha ha ha ha and the question nga was WHO FARTS THE MOST!! You could see how Andrei really laughed. Si Mati guffaw din talaga yung face there kaso it was blurred. I removed him kasi I just have this belief na pag blur ang face masama daw ang wag ishare. he he he he he he he he! I forgot where I got that.

      6) Yub's favorite is Chami! Ako lucban! YUMMMMMMMMMMM! Lalo na with suka!

      7) ha ha ha ha ha! Pinoy na pinoy style kasi their pizza. We love it naman. It's a far cry from how the Italians do it, pero masarap pa din!!!!

      8) Sisig is ALWAYS in the menu ha ha ha ha ha ha di ko pa natry yung crab cake. Sige will do that sometime.

      9) SOBRA!!! Biro mo he ate a lot of pansit and pizza??? YES! SUCH A HAPPY DAY!

      10) Inuubusan pa nga kami ni Mati ng pagkain. Ha ha ha ha ha h ha!

      11) PANINDIGAN!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha! Birthday post uli ako next BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Nalimutan ko kasi andun pala!!!!

      UWI NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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