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Monday, December 28, 2009


It is such a YAP sacrilege that I haven't posted anything about the restaurant that TRULY bought us together...(have you heard that before already??)

Drumroll please... BUDDY'S!!!

Yub and I always ate here when we were still going steady. Before, i think we had stomachs like wolves because we could finish a whole plate of sisig, two cups of rice, and a heaping platter of their saucy PANCIT LUCBAN!

Yub introduced me to this restaurant then and we have been regulars ever since....

I think, nauseating as it may be, that with just one bite of their pansit lucban, I was smitten by the Mark Anthony Fernandez lookalike... He's a Filipino actor just in case you do not know him. 

See the resemblance to my better half? He he he he! (Photo grabbed from the internet)

Ha ha ha ha! I guess I got a preview of life with that YAP after getting a taste of BUDDIES... 

Simple, colorful, filipino, and TASTY!!!


This famous franchise originated in Quezon Province -- the source of MANY filipino wonders which have probably found its way into your tastebuds one way or the other (e.g. Pancit Lucban, Longganisang Lucban, Pansit Habhab... and so so much more).

We just had a 3 hour travel from Lucena, Quezon Province! Even if we already came from the land where it hailed from, we still dropped by BUDDY'S to get a taste of their version of Pancit Lucban which we missed in Lucena! Why? Because we ate in Palaisdaan, GROUND ZERO, Hacienda Inn, Antigua, and SO much more!

When we were still going out, we used to frequent their small branch in the insides of Makati City. Now, they have 2 branches in the heart of Makati and now we decided to go the new BUDDY'S in Kalayaan street!

It was still Christmas in BUDDY'S and Andrei cannot get enough of hugging Santa Claus. Isn't his look priceless? Andrei's I mean.

By the way, "Santa" is actually one of the wait staff there in BUDDY'S. I wonder how he could hold that pose for the whole day. Tsk tsk tsk! Tee hee!

Filipino comfort food at its finest! (Clockwise from left to right - Macaroni Salad, Cassava Cake, Halo Halo, Pork Barbecue, and Cheese burger...

Cheeseburger?! Ah... Well it includes cucumbers and banana ketchup so it may be more suited for the Filipino taste)

Looking around  BUDDY'S you will see pictures of the special sites in Quezon Province. 

If I suddenly seem to look like Mount Mayon, you are wrong. Mount Mayon is NOT in Quezon Province. He he he!

Want some Halo Halo by the way? Tikim na ("Have some!"). My face is not included in the package though...

When you're hungry, you get delusional and silly. Yup. 

Let us EAT!

BUDDY'S Pizza Supreme (Small 125.00 Medium 225.00 Large 355.00)!!

My husband has a very snooty taste... in reverse! He would only eat pizza and pasta if it had that sweet tomato flavor. The authentic tangy sauce by the Italians is a no no for him (go figure). With BUDDY'S pizza, he was happy that they were able to get the Filipino sauce that he liked. He could chomp on these bad boys all night if given the chance!

Apparently my little Mati will do the same too. The difference between he and his Daddy is that little Mati is now MORE of a foodie! You should have seen him attack the BUDDY'S pizza and then some!!

Sniff sniff... I'm such a proud mom...

Up next on our table is our favorite. You CANNOT possibly have  a meal and not order this in BUDDY'S

The scrumptious...
The deeelicious...
the saucy...

BUDDY'S PANCIT LUCBAN (P175.00)! The hot off the pan noodles are served on a banana leaf then topped with crunchy fried pork. 

It definitely does NOT get more perfect than that!

Once you mix it, BUDDY'S Pancit Lucban glistens with the oils and sweet/salty sauce that your taste buds will thank you for. I do not mind slurping on this with my rice. YUP! It is THAT flavorful! Such a meal in one plate!!!!

My husband says he usually eats this on a banana leaf and just SLURPS this! No utensils needed. Just your good old vacuum powered mouths!

If we are used to dousing our noodles with calamansi or lemon, the wise people in Quezon Province would use vinegar on their pancit lucban! Don't be shocked! I actually love doing it as well! The acidity of the vinegar combats the strong flavors of the sauce and the fried pork. I in turn would add some raw chili's on my vinegar for that extra kick and excitement. Wapaaaaaaaaaw! (karate chop!)

You should also try BUDDY'S Sizzling Pork Sisig with Egg (P95.00). If you would like to add more fat and protein in your dinner at BUDDY'S then this is the strong candidate for you. You got everything here! Poultry (egg), Pork (sisig), Carbs (plain rice with the meal) and.... a whole fiesta of flavors!!!

Their sisig though is not the usual dish which you are used to in restaurants such as Trellis, Gerrys, or Gilligans... It is more saucy than crunchy! But I love  their version too because I just mix it with my steaming hot rice for an instant filipino styled "bibimbap"! He he he he!

Every small bit of meat is enough to give that hunger to reach out for some more. SO perfect with hot rice! YUM!

You could add chili sauce here too! I certainly did!

(Hysterically) My plate... my wonderful plate!!!!

My little Andrei loves his Daddy!

Check out how Andrei put everything in his mouth...

Does Andrei remind you here of ZOOLANDER? 

"Zoolander :  I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking!"

After taking pictures and feeding Andrei, it is time for me to eat... FINALLY!

Let me start off with some BUDDY'S pizza as well!

Open wide....

Check out my plate... Carbo loading at its finest. Rice and Pancit..... NIIIIIICE!

My husband is starting to sweat at this time from eating all that food!

BUDDY'S Pizza... gone in a jiffy...

On my way to finishing my BUDDY'S plate of gloriousness!

Sisig : Mati... eat me... 

Oops... Sorry Mati! But as  loving Mom, I got that last spoonful of BUDDY'S sisig since I wanted something to put hot sauce on....

And in no time... we were done!


Since it is cheap, our wallets are happy...
Since everything tasted delicious, our tummies are ecstatic...
Since we ate at restaurant specializing in their food, the Quezon Province peeps are honored... 

...and since we ate at his multi-ultimo favorite, my husband will DEFINITELY sleep with an overjoyed smile on his face....

(Mark Anthony Fernandez photo grabbed from the net - GMA network)

... something similar to THIS. 
2 Thumbs up while sleeping too! Ha ha ha ha!

2948 Pililla Street 
Corner Kalayaan Avenue 
1200 Makati Metro Manila .


  1. Nakakagutom naman tong post mo!!!

    Akala ko nanay ko lang ang kumakain ng pansit with rice.. hahaha

    This is really a must visit place and a must-try food!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Heya Grasyah! Naku kahit ako nga nagutom! Ha ha ha ha! I am now suddenly craving their pansit lucban, rice, AT sizzling porkchops!! I like your Mom na din!!! You're welcome! Thanks also for reading! Subukan mo sa BUDDY'S super sarap! Believe me, magiging favorite mo din siya... and your nanay!! :)

  2. pansit lucban was my favorite merienda, mura na masarap pa....

    1. AT! Hindi lang pampamilya, pang - ISPORTS pa!!!


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