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Friday, September 18, 2009


I am not really a picky eater. I'll eat anything as long it's not a) man's best friend, b) endangered species, AND c) will cost P10,000... unless I was treated by some galante person. 

And that is the reason why I love BEST FRIENDS! The restaurant is just your friendly neightbourhood pares house but with more color AND great food! There is NO danger of eating a dog or a cat (perhaps a horse but that's just a rumor), no exotic animals here, AND most definitely if you have P10,000 it will feed you here for a whole year!

I especially love that it is open 24 hours! So when I am very late from work, this is a very convenient place to eat in, that's delicious, CHEAP, and fast!!!

BEST FRIENDS!!! Hmmm... I think there's something wrong with the 3 characters in their logo. Why are they "entertwined" with each other? Interesting...

Enough of your dirty mind, let's check out the grub!

This branch won some award! Wow! Take it take it!

When you sit down, they will immediately give you a small bowl of hot soup! It tastes of course like your usual cheap soup but this hits the spot!

My husband immediately took a big slurp out of it!!!

For drinks, my hubskers ordered some Sago Gulaman! 

Truly refreshing!!!

Yub then ordered their sizzling chicken!!

Chicken was crunchy and that gravy was just good on EVERYTHING!!! I forgot to take down the prices but trust me this is below P150 or even P100! 

Eric : "Below P100??? WEEEEEEH???!"

You also have a choice if you want fried rice or garlic rice. Their plain rice is unlimited though. Yub decided to be innovative and made himself an EGG rice. Yup! Meal comes with egg too!

He can't believe it! 

While waiting for my order, I made my usual favorite sawsawan...

Here comes my order!!

I ordered my favorite Breaded Porkchop with Garlic Rice and Chopsuey!! This is good enough for 2!!

Pork Chop is unbelievably tender and scrumptious! Breading has a lot of "fast food" type of flavor! 

Sorry forgot to take the price but this is definitely less than P150!!

Veggies are still crunchy with a sauce that is flavorful enough to be an ulam on its own. I love pairing this with my crunchy pork chop!

Now I wonder why I took this pic? Perhaps to convey that Best Friend caters to hungry couples like us and yuppies alike? Maybe! The place is very cheap with delicious food that it will DEFINITELY draw in all types of people!!!

Parang BEST FRIEND MO NA DIN! ha ha ha!


Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Mandaluyong, 1550 

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