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Every year THE YAPPY BUNCH goes out on a Manila day tour to celebrate the Philippine Independence Holiday. Although we usually schedule regular outings in the area to check out the museums or tourist spots, it's nice that we have a marked day every year to always do so, lest we forget. It's actually a pretty fun tradition and I hope that it's something my boys and I do till they have their own families.

Here we are last 2013... 

and last year in 2014...

This year, I invited my BP Group to join in on the fun and experience this nationalistic tradition that we have come to really enjoy and love. 

The result? 

CRAZY loads of fun with our Filipino history!!!! The Katipuneros of yesteryears would have been a bit proud. 

Read on and check out our annual ERICJAZ FOODIES INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration! 

 In the middle of the night, well 8:30am is the middle of the night for me, the Virrey Squad came to ride with us and we ate breakfast as well.

On the way to our first stop, the little boys at the back were making a ruckus and clowning around.

Now that's what I call a joyride!

The first venue for the day was in FORT SANTIAGO!

We were joined by the Navarro Squad later on and the BP kiddies were ecstatic!

 Of course, we would not be the BP Group if we're not fond of taking pictures! Yup! Even at the entrance!

I just noticed that Mati photobombed in the picture. I remember him telling me that he would like to join my night outs with friends because he learns a lot from grown-ups. I guess he's starting to do that now! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Chinese Adonis and Aning buying tickets!

Tickets at FORT SANTIAGO are reasonable at only P50.00 for kiddies and P75.00 for adults. 

I will have a separate entry on FORT SANTIAGO to give you a more detailed information of our adventure!

Inside, the Campo Squad was waiting for us already and Mareng Gail was checking the time. Doesn't she look like a haciendera with her hat and all? We've been teasing her that we're all these lowly "hampaslupas" with her. Ha ha ha ha ha!

THE YAPPY BUNCH for our Manila Day! And like in our previous Independence Day celebrations, we wore special themed tops! This time, Mati and I were donning EAT BULAGA shirts while Yub and Andrei had the Pilipinas garb!

The BP Mommies volt in!!!! Missing mareng Chel here.

It's okay. Mati photobombed for her. He he he he he he!

 If you want to treat your kiddies to a horse ride in FORT SANTIAGO, they have carriages that will charge you at P50 per head to go around the area. If you want a more detailed tour with a farther ride, expect to shell out about P500 per adult. 

There are cheaper alternatives around the Manila area that will give you a much lower rate. Of course, it's not as fancy as this one.

Future pogi buds, Mati and Johans!

For most of the kids, it is their first time to go to Fort Santiago with their families. So this was something of a wow moment for them with their Mommies and Daddies.

THE YAPPY BUNCH has already been here many times but it still gives each of us a certain thrill seeing the old relics during this era. 

Of course, all the more that we're with our BP family!

More on the a blogpost coming soon!

Let me just say in a nutshell that both the kiddies and adults enjoyed our trip to FORT SANTIAGO. 

We went to RIZAL SHRINE and learned a lot about our National Hero.

 There were many photo op corners in RIZAL SHRINE (as long as you don't use flash). One of which is their "Hero Photobooth" complete with hats and coat.

The trip was extra enjoyable for everyone too because FORT SANTIAGO had tour guides who would offer their free services. Mr. Jerome Renante offered to take us around at no charge since we were a big group  with kiddies. His information and trivias really made the trip to FORT SANTIAGO more interesting for all of us.

It may be tiring from the heat but seeing the view atop one of the structures of FORT SANTIAGO is still breath taking for us.

Seems romantic huh? I could just imagine the beauty of this place at night.

I discovered later on though that these had the underground dungeons for Filipino prisoners. Ngiii!

At the end of our tour in FORT SANTIAGO!

We really learned a lot at our first stop and it was so thrilling to see the kids very interested  about our Filipino culture! 

Good bye INTRAMUROS!!!


When we were on our way to lunch, I saw ANOTHER PED XING street!!!

Who the eff is PED XING?? I mean what did HE (presuming he's a he) do that made us honor him with MANY streets around Manila huh?? WHY?????!!!!


For lunch we went for Filipino food in ARISTOCRAT!!!!

The very hungry and famished group!

Check out my blog for ARISTOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! Galit galit muna!

That's Filipino lingo for "Can't talk. Eating". OR, if you're going to be literal, "MAD MAD FOR NOW."


One thing that Mati noticed for our BP outing was that not one kid asked for a gadget. 

 They were all happily running around and screaming with fun. Such a satisfying and heart warming sight that they're interacting with each other and not via a gadget!

After our late lunch, we saw a kalesa by MUSEO PAMBATA. I was able to get each carriage for only P150.00 per family. I guess that's a good price considering that we're in the tourist areas. 

Like I said though, this is not as fancy as the ones in Fort Santiago. I'm sure Manong Driver with exposed belly is already a sign. He he he he! But he was nice and kind to the boys.

The YAPPY BUNCH riding on a horsey (with carriage)!

The Virrey Squad followed behind!

THE YAPPY BUNCH with the Virrey and Navarro Squad after our horse ride!

Mareng Gem said this was also Fritz and Georgina's first time to ride a "kalesa" and they enjoyed it so!

Remember I mentioned how our manong driver was nice? Well he IS kind but he didn't know how to take pictures. Ha ha ha ha! This is what he got when we told him to take a picture of us with the Horsey!

With that the Chinese Adonis took over. 

We were not able to take a lot of pictures of us going on our Kalesa ride because somebody might zoink our camera. He he he he!

After the Kalesa ride, we went to MUSEO PAMBATA!

MUSEO PAMBATA locked us up because we didn't want to shell out the P150 entrance fee.


We all had fun in MUSEO PAMBATA and it was awesome to be a kid again with my College bud Aning!

Somebody waiting for us by the entrance did not share our enthusiasm though... He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis chose to sit this one out. You'll find out why in the BLOGPOST coming soon!


We were actually pretty wiped out and initially wanted to pass on MUSEO PAMBATA. But the little lords really wanted to see it (again) and so we gave in. After all, museums can't be bad for kids right? For me it's like vegetables, they should ALWAYS have their fill of it.

Our last stop for the day was in PACO PARK!

PACO PARK is the original burial site of Dr. Jose Rizal and was also originally a mausoleum.

We arrived in PACO PARK around 5:30pm and was told that it was already closed.


One official however said that since there was an earlier wedding that day and the suppliers were still cleaning up, we could go in.

Entrance was supposed to be P10.00 but he allowed to let us in for free!

How cool is that? We were meant to drop by!

Mati was initially afraid of entering a cemetery but he was immediately drawn to the beauty of the place.

The Virrey Squad with Andrei!!!

We were able to see the original burial site of Dr. Rizal until he was transferred to Luneta.


I always get goose bumps when I realize that the space I'm standing on has so much history around it. 

PACO PARK is actually still very beautiful and well kept.

Even though it was actually a cemetery, I found PACO PARK so romantic for a late afternoon stroll.

Based on the looks from their eyes, the kiddies will never forget entering PACO PARK's Osario Infant Site.

They really can't believe that babies could get sick and die. 

Oh my boys are blessed to live such a happy life!

It was actually quite surreal to be in PACO PARK with my College bud Aning and our families!

To think that the last time we were here was eons ago and we were still in College. I guess that's why we really wanted to go to PACO PARK after a fun but tiring day.

Check us out hamming around in 1997. The Chinese Adonis was not even born yet. Tee Hee!

And here we are now having fun with our families!!!!

Well except for Andrei. He's making muni muni in the corner!

This was certainly a great finish to an awesome day!

Wait... Are those two at my 9 oclock KISSING?!!!!

The Chinese Adonis and I were happy too that we brought again our little lords to PACO PARK!

With their friend/s!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and The Virrey Squad in PACO PARK!

Our last stop in our INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION 2015!!!!!

When we got home The Virrey Squad hung out a bit. We were all so tired but the happy kind. 

Andrei and Jelo still had the energy to play wrestling. Ha ha ha!

And that caps our INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION for 2015!!! Till next year!!! I wonder what our next adventure in Manila will hold for us?

ERICJAZ FOODIES and the little lords just L-O-V-E our Manila Day!



Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila
02 525 2000

San Andres St, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
02-521 8147

Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive, 
Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
02-523 1797

Belen, Paco, Manila, Metro Manila

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusJune 16, 2015 at 6:02 AM

    Belated Happy Independence Day to the very elite group BGP! =)

    -Nakakatuwa naman that you're instilling in your children the values of patriotism and love for country. Kahit nandito ako sa subic, taas noo ko pa din na pinapaalam sa lahat ng nagtatanong na Pilipino ang lahi ko
    -kung 8:30 ay middle of the night sa iyo, tanghaling tapat naman sa akin yan dati nung nandiyan pa ako, kse sobrang aga ko naman magising, hehehe
    -nakakatuwa naman si Mati... aside from hanging out with his friends, he also wants to join the adults... he has a very mature outlook in life... nagbibinata na talaga
    -JEZKER!!! ANG MAHAL NG ENTRANCE! Pang BGP levels talaga! hahaha... #hindimagbabago
    -bakit hindi kayo lahat naka-Philippine themed clothes?
    -hemeygehd!!! Ang mahal ng kalesa ride!!!
    -wow! may guides for free? I'm impressed!
    -"Who the eff is PED XING??" <<<=== #bumentanadati hahahaha
    -ARISTORCRAT! I love that place! Yummmm!!!
    -galing naman na hindi naghanap ng gadget ang kiddies, mukhang they're really happy with each other's company
    -ikaw naman, kasama pa naman ang buntot ng horsie dun sa picture, kaya pasok pa din si manong driver sa criteria mo, hahaha
    -mukhang napagod si CA! can't wait to find out why he zonked out, hahaha
    -"For me it's like vegetables, they should ALWAYS have their fill of it." <<<===KEREK!!!
    -I remember watching concerts at Paco Park before, linggo-linggo andyan ako noon, hehehe
    -katuwa naman yung throwback pic niyo sa paco park! ang cute!
    -punta kayong National Museum next year =)

    Have a great Tuesday Idol!

    1. Naks! Pero... BGP? Kami ni Marian yun ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) When you're in Manila talaga you cannot help but feel nationalistic over the beautiful ruins. Hope they preserve it!!!!

      2) NGAIKS! Late ka din matulog di ba?

      3) Oo nga e. Although sometimes ang hirap din pag kasama siya kasi hindi kami makapag xrated chat ng mga friends ko. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! In code na lang if ever. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      4) BP GROUP not BGP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      5) I forgot to tell them. I think I just mentioned it to Ann pala. He he he he he!

      6) oo I was impressed with the guides. Pero syempre we gave him tip pa din kasi naman ang hirap din nung salita ng salita all through out and he was very great with the kids. He answered all of their kulit questions.


      8) Mati noticed it and great talaga! Kaya masaya lahat with the BP group!

      9) Ay di ko nakita surrreee pooo....

      10) Ha ha ha ha! Actually inaatake na naman siya ng gout niyan. Game naman siya lagi kasi sumakit bigla tuhod niya. Pero di ba, nagdrive and sumama pa din everywhere!

      11) MUSEUMS ALWAYS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      12) Sayang I would love to watch a concert here sometime. Feeling ko ang romantic!

      13) Marami pa yan. Kasama actually si Jonahs sa ibang pics. Di ko lang mascan.

      14) We were really supposed to go to NATIONAL MUSEUM for Spolarium, kaso for the whole month of June, free ang entrance dun. Tuloy, ang haaaaaba ng pila!!! That's why we opted for Museo Pambata na lang.

      You toooooo mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    2. -kasi naman, mag-isip ng ibang letters bukod sa B at P para hindi nakakalito! hahaha... seriously, though, sorry for getting it wrong... may vitreous hemorrhage kse ang right eye ko so medyo reduced ng 75% ang vision ko dun
      -no, I usually sleep around 6pm when I was still there, tapos I wake up around 2-3am, kaya madaling araw ako parati mag-comment sa posts mo =)
      Spoliarium - don't forget the "i" after the "l" hehehe... #gantisaBPmo #bitter #hahahaha

    3. Aba nagreklamo pa! Ikaw nga pinapahirapan mo sarili mo dinadagdagan mo pa ng G e wala naman G! Isipin mo na lang... BP... Blood Pressure Group! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

      1) Grabe ang aga mo matulog e pano na lang kung may date kayo sa gabi?

      2) SADYA YON! :p

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Lets do another kakaibang outing with the bps/kids.

    How about an outreach to an orphanage?


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