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Thursday, June 25, 2015


One of my oldest and closest friends in this lifetime is my College BB (Best Bud) Anne. Yup we go waaaaaaay back at a time we were both single, carefree, dreamy, and thin!

Being the special lady that she is, no ordinary dinner out is acceptable when she turns the big 4-0. With that, we immediately planned for a weekend getaway for the BP GROUP and families! Yes! Wouldn't that be something?! Nothing is indeed more fun for us than being together because everyone just has a blast with each other. The kiddies were all playing that time but when they heard of having another trip together, they were ecstatic!

Of course, the next question was this: Where to?

Aning's dream vacation is to go on a Baguio trip with everyone. But since that is not possible with our schedules now (but it will be soon) we thought of going somewhere nearby that is affordable and would have many activities for the children.

And with that, we got an instant answer....


We woke up the early morning of Saturday because we wanted to avoid traffic and to start immediately our weekend of fun!

THE YAPPY BUNCH will take over Nuvali this weekend. Wohoo!

What I like about NUVALI is that we will have a getaway that won't take us hours to get to. It's only about 2 hours (tops) from where we lived and it's like we got transported to another country with the wide roads and open spaces. No hustle and bustle of Manila here!

And we're here!!!

We dropped by the fishing area first since the boys had a great time here eons ago. Unfortunately they were closed for the morning. We just looked around and took pictures.

Check out the fun we had there by clicking THIS!

Isn't that such a picturesque view of SEDA NUVALI?

We were supposed to meet the BP Group for lunch but since there were no definite plans yet, I said we will be eating somewhere that won't likely appeal to them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Yub was deeply craving for some Bulalo in Laguna that he really asked we have lunch in this eatery he would always go to. 

As expected, the little lords complained of the heat and dinginess of the place. But all was fine and dandy after they slurped on their spoonfuls of hot Bulalo broth. Yup! It was crazy good!

Check out our lunch in TBS BLUE CORNER !!!

After that delicious lunch, we proceeded to SEDA NUVALI! The boutique hotel has 150 rooms and is equipped with the latest amenities for the full comfort and enjoyment of their guests.

 The boys were surprised that the hotel was not as big as they expected but I told them what matters is what's inside which we will be finding out for ourselves pretty soon!

Truth be told though, the little lords don't really mind wherever they go as long as there is a pool. When I told them that the SEDA NUVALI hotel had a very big pool, they became all hyper with excitement.

The SEDA NUVALI lobby may not be as grand as other hotels but it is cozy as it is stylish. 

Check-in was such a breeze especially with the very friendly smiles of their front desk officers.

Usually hotels are very obliging when you mention that somebody from your group is celebrating his/her birthday. I asked if the Virreys could get a little surprise in their room for Aning's birthday. They didn't have banners nor balloons but they did gift her with something very sweet!

Fast forward pic!
SEDA NUVALI surprised the birthday girl with her favorite blueberry cheesecake! 


Oh dear Aning, that is just the FIRST of your many birthday surprises! He he he he he!

Like I said, the SEDA NUVALI lobby may not be as majestic as the other hotels but the comfort and amenities are all there. And for me, that's MORE important!

Now other hotels may have meh welcome drinks but SEDA NUVALI has a DRINK ALL YOU CAN station to greet you hello!

Yep! Not just one but three colorful juices to choose from and chug all you want.

And guess what? They don't just have cold juices. SEDA NUVALI also offered drink-all-you-can hot coffee and tea as part of their welcome band wagon. I think this is the first time I saw hot drinks to welcome hotel guests and I liked it!

This was SOOOO refreshing on a hot, scorching day!

I liked the guava lemonade best! I feel it's like the pink champagne from "An Affair to Remember!" He he he he he!

After cooling ourselves off with the ice cold drinks, we proceeded to our room.

Yep! Well be at Room 412 if you guys need us!

Wohooo! Our SEDA NUVALI room!

We got the CLUB ROOM with twin beds!

The beds were perfectly set up and seemed sooooo comfy! If I didn't want to go out with the kids I would be sleeping here the WHOLE day!

WOHOO! THE YAPPY BUNCH staycation is officially ON!

Check out our room!

Our TV...

Our study table... or charging station!

Our sink...

Our toiletries...

Our shower...


I'll bring back Jon Snow to life DON'T WORRY!

My complimentary coffee, water and tea...

That's Andrei's plane by the way.

Yub's SEDA slippers. He loves using and zoinking the complimentary hotel footwear the same way I take home the tissue papers.

Ross Geller is that you? He he he he he he!

MY bed! HA!

Yub could sleep at the cot by the window!

I don't think he would mind because THIS greeted us when we opened the curtains! 


It's not everyday that our room window surprises you with THAT!

Our panoramic view!

The boys can't stop staring at it! You would think they were looking at ME in a bikini!

Wait. That's gross for the little lords....

I can't really blame the boys for getting all hypnotized with the sight out side our window. Yes, it was indeed something to behold!

When you make your reservations in SEDA NUVALI, don't forget to request for the lake view side to get this.

Even Yellow Hampie is speechless... este... "clotheless?" He he he he he!

However, the SEDA NUVALI staff who brought up our bags has been standing there for quite a while. So they need to break off from their enchanting window. He he he he he he!


Mati called out this bed for him and Andrei!

Since it was also their vacation, I let the little lords watch their programs and play with gadgets!

Of course that is, after they help me put all of our clothes in the drawers and hangers. It's already a habit of mine!

If I may just do a small OOTD, the little lords are both wearing something in common....

Yep! Sharks and Jaws!

My little bunsoy is still obsessed with Jaws and would always wear this for special occasions.

After our short rest we went down so that Andrei could swim!

Woah! SEDA NUVALI has a wonderful and sleek pool!

Andrei was ecstatic! He can't wait to splash in!

There were 2 pools in SEDA NUVALI: the kiddie pool and the lap pool. Parents need not to worry about the lap pool because at about 5 feet, it is still manageable for older children. 

SEDA NUVALI pool rules!!!!

Hmmm... I suddenly remembered the hotels/inns in the US (like in DAYS INN AND SUITES) where they would really warn you not to use the pool when you have diarrhea. 


You mean to say it happened one time that's why such a warning was issued???

It may be so hot outside but my little lord really wanted to swim so we all went with him. Who could resist that cute little smile? We certainly can't!

One of the main reasons why Andrei is so raring to swim in the SEDA NUVALI is so that he could use the very big boat that he bought and brought. 

Yes! Andrei saved his allowance and bought this very big boat in hoping to use it in the many staycations that we had for summer. But since it was so big, most of the hotels and resorts did not allow him. Good thing in SEDA NUVALI, they were very considerate and said Andrei could use the boat as long as there's not a lot of people in the pool and that he should have an adult to swim with him. 

YEY ANDREI!!! Finally!

Now just stay there while we go somewhere for a drink. 

He he he he he he he!


Later on, Fritz came down to join him.

And little sister Jorgina too!


I stayed first with Mati and kept him company. My poor boy cannot swim because he just said good bye to his "boyhood". IF you know what I mean. :P


These days whenever I'm at the pool side I would always order a tall glass of mango shake (P250.00). The one I got in SEDA NUVALI was very sweet and delish. MUCH better than the ones I've had in other hotels.


It certainly cooled down my hot and oily self.


Later on, birthday gal Aning came!


Her kiddies Jelo, Johans, and Dani joined Andrei and Yub in the pool. Andrei was throwing a hissy fit because he was worried his boat might tear up.


He was fine though with his girlfriend Sasha on the boat alone with him. Itong anak ko talaga!!!!

Later on, Andrei toned down and was fine with his friends riding his boat. Maybe he got pacified by GF Sasha!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course when pareng Jonahs came, I was again the odd person out!!! Omigerrd! It's like College all over again when I was single and they were going steady.


Kidding! This was on purpose! He he he he he he he!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!  Seriously I really didn't mind. Even if I was by my lonesome  with our many threesome outings. I still had so much fun with my two friends who I lurvvvvv so much!


It's okay because the long wait was so worth it as I have The Chinese Adonis now with me. Many times I would gush to Aning before how we would daydream about our life after College. Now, we both have beautiful families, we are still friends, and our kiddies are also close buds as well!!!

How blessed are we???? 


Anyway, while we were reminiscing, Gem and Jojie joined us!!


Then the whole gang came! It was so fun as we all swam in the pool!!!!

Happy Birthday Aning!



I felt bad for Mati that he cannot join us that I just let him play Minecraft all he wanted and tinker with his Ipad. I promised him later on that we will have another swimming outing as soon as he's able to.  I got guilty afterwards that I left him to go swimming because I really thought he was okay with his gadget. I just learned later on that he really felt so sad that he cannot join his friends.

I'm sorry Mati. :(

His friend Johans was so sweet that time and would always ask for Mati. He even stayed with him a bit.


Mati just asked to go to the room to watch some television with Yub. I stayed behind to swim with Andrei until closing time at 7:00pm. Ha ha ha ha!!!


After our swimming, we all dressed up for Aning's birthday dinner!

While waiting for the others to go down, the little lords played with the Navarro and Campo kiddies!!!


While the mommies chatted as usual! Ha ha ha ha!


Andrei was especially fond of baby Sky that night.


Later on, he hung around with buddy Fritz and used the SEDA NUVALI computers with free internet service.


Later on, we were complete! Yey! Let's go!


I made dinner reservations that night at MAMA LOU'S -- a must try in the Nuvali area.


I'm thankful that they accepted our 20 plus pax reservation for the BP GROUP and family1


Wacky shot!

Only at the far end though. Ha ha ha ha ha!


I asked the servers in MAMA LOU'S for a little something for our birthday celebrant. They gave us this hilarious song and dance number!!!


Well that certainly made the celebrant happy!

I'm not sure about my inaanak Jelo though. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Birthday gal Aning's second birthday cake and song that night!!!!


When we got back to the hotel, I ordered another slice of blueberry cheesecake from the SEDA NUVALI kitchen and asked for a candle. I told the others it would be fun if we could surprise Aning in the middle of the night while we were in pajamas with a birthday song in her room!

Unfortunately, besides not having a candle on hand, SEDA NUVALI does not allow candles in rooms for safety reasons. With that we just asked if they could sing to the celebrant while we were gossiping at the pool side. The very accommodating front desk officer agreed and even got somebody to buy a candle in the nearby 7-11. 

Now if that is not great service, I don't know what is!!!!


As planned, we chatted outside with some chips and coffee.


Too bad the boys did not take a picture of themselves but they made a mini-procession where Jonahs, Jun, Jojie, Abel, The Chinese Adonis, and Andrei, led SEDA NUVALI male staff!  We all surprised Aning with her last birthday surprise for the night!!!!



The BP ladies in full force for the birthday gal!!!!


While we were chatting, we forgot that Andrei was still online.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding! But yes, their computers are available for free use 24/7.


Later on he went up to join his Kuya Mati and Kuya Johans who were playing in the Virrey room.


After a drink of milk, it's going to be lights out for my little bunsoy!


As for me and the Chinese Adonis, we're going for a midnight snack! He he he he he!

Good night!!!


We certainly had an awesome time in our first day here at SEDA NUVALI! I'm sure the next day will be as unforgettable!!!

Part two coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Lakeside Evozone, 
NUVALI Sta. Rosa City, 
Laguna 4026, Philippines
 +63 49 255-8888

Check these out:
(where we got our affordable room rates)


  1. -Anovah! "B" na naman... Baguhin na ang letters ng mga letters ng acronyms para hindi nakakalito! From now on, I dub you both XS, for eXtra Sexy and eXtra Special, hahaha...
    -I love your staycations! Sana kami din magka-staycation soon...
    -mukhang init na init pa ang little lords mo sa lakeside pic nila, peak of summer pa siguro niyan
    -wow! That bulalo place sounds amazing! Can't wait for your post on that place
    -hahaha... sanay na ang mga anak mo sa mga malalaking hotels gaya ng city of dreams, kaya naliitan na sila sa seda
    -eeeeeeee... si Sir Jonahs!!!! hehehe...
    -uy! a drink all you can station! I like!!! How considerate of them. =)
    -bring back Jon Snow to life! hahaha... He'll probably be resurrected as a white walker
    -Yub's foot... okay, truffle pasta time, hahaha...
    -ANG YELLOW HAMPER!!! Lumabas na din ang bida ng blog na ito, hahahaha
    -napanood na ni Andrei ang Jaws? Buti hindi siya na-traumatize, hehehe
    -the pool looks nice nga, esp. with an expansive view like that... barely any other building in sight... just nature all around
    -"they would really warn you not to use the pool when you have diarrhea" <<<=== hay naku, mga kano nga naman, kailangan pa ng ganitong warning, hehehe
    -Andrei bought that? Gaano ba kalaki allowance niya? Mas malaki pa yata kese kinikita ko, hahaha... #lifestylesoftherichandfamous
    -awwww... sayang Mati couldn't join the other kids... they seem to be having so much fun on Andrei's boat
    -I'm sure I'd freak out too if a lot of kids suddenly got on my boat and threatened to capsize it, hahaha
    -You are soooo blessed to have a friend like her... nag-evolve na ang friendship niyo through the years and it's become more beautiful now
    -awwwwww... wawa naman si Mati =(
    -you all look so spiffy in your fineries!
    -I've eaten at Mama Lou's in BF and I like their food

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO XS Aning (Part 1)!!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! SORRY!!! I was still in College nung nabuo yang BB and BGP na yan!!! Ngayon mas malawak na ang vocabulary ko!!!! He he he he he he!!!!!

      1) Ngayon kaya nasa staycation ka na! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) Super! Pero they don't really mind mangitim. Ang init lang talaga.

      3) It was! Ang mura pa! We had a very great lunch! Blogpost coming soon!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! Hindi naman! I think they were expecting a resort. Maliit din kaya ang Discovery Suites!

      5) Uuuuy! Pugi no???

      6) Yes it was a first for me. They said it was always available come check in time.

      7) I'll bring back Jon Snow, Khal Drogo, Ned Stark, AND King Joffrey to make things interesting!

      8) Ha ha ha ha! Oy hindi naman amoy truffle paa ni Chinese Adonis. I was referring to other feet!

      9) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ang cute inaabangan mo si Yellow Hamper.

      10) It's so weird. Did you check out Days Inn link ang laki pa talaga ng sign nila.

      11) Ha ha ha ha ha! He has allowance kasi PLUS pay from my Dad. Nung summer kasi he's the assistant of Daddy. Tipong tagabukas ng pinto tagakuha ng gamit. Yun ang naging summer job niya. Ang cute nga e. Inipon niya yung "sweldo" and part of his allowance to buy the P1500 boat. Di ko talaga binibigyan ng pera mga yan. They save.

      12) Oo nga e. Naguilty ako. I really thought he was okay with the Ipad and tablet kasi ngayon ko lang siya pinayagan maglaro. Hindi pala :(

      13) Ha ha ha ha! Oo pero we were teaching him the value of sharing. Buti later on naliwanagan na. Pero thanks that you took Andrei's side. Sabagay may point ka din. I always forget to look at it from his view.

      14) Yes! Super thankful for BB Aning and to ALL of my true friends. I don't care that i don't have a battalion of them. What I have right now is more than enough for me.

      15) I know. I'm so guilty :( I asked na din Yub kung pwede sabi niya din kasi to be safe wag na lang. Baka mainfect pa.

      16) Naks! THANKS!

      17)Yes! Great recommendation! I'm glad my BP group loved it! Hindi ako napahiya sa kanila.

      I'll tell her! Have a great daaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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