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Friday, June 12, 2015


Last Summer, THE YAPPY BUNCH made the most out of summer vacation and went out almost everyday to go on food trips. One of our must-stops is a much-awaited dinner in BUFFALO WILD WINGS in Capitol Commons --  one of the newest American Franchises that has invaded our country!

FINALLY Ariel happened to me... este... BUFFALO WILD WINGS happened to us!

The last time we had dinner here as a family was when we took home buckets of their delicious chicken wings in our US vacation last year. We thought we had to go back to the land of milk and honey to be able to get a taste of this favorite with beer and cocktails. So happy that BUFFALO WILD WINGS finally opened a branch in Capitol Commons that it certainly did not take long before we dragged the little lords back here!


We went to BUFFALO WILD WINGS on a weekday and there was fairly a number of wing lovers feasting at their tables!

Enter the Wild side!!!!

We parked ourselves in a BUFFALO WILD WINGS booth for extra privacy and to have a better view of the televisions. Ha ha ha ha! 

Actually there are television sets stationed everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they have one in the toilets! He he he he! 

You cannot NOT turn your head without seeing a TV showing sports programs!

Of course, from the moment we sat down, the Chinese Adonis got hypnotized with his favorite sports TV.

Meh. What's so exciting about NBA anyway?

PBA (with Jaworski) ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We haven't warmed to our seats yet when a BUFFALO WILD WINGS server came up to us and offered the little lords free use of their tabs for games.

At first Andrei and Mati were hesitant to get it because they're trained not to accept anything from strangers. More so a gadget!! They knew that we wouldn't allow them to play games without writing on his journal.

But for that night we said yes because it was something new for the little lords to experience in a restaurant. Free use of tab and games!!! How neat and cool is that?

If Daddy is concentrated on his NBA game then the little lords could play a bit of Ninja Popcorn!


As they were all busy with their electronics, I proceeded to order for the family.

The Chinese Adonis and Andrei!!!

Mommy and Master Mati!

First on the table is a basket of BUFFALO WILD WINGS Nachos with Chili Queso Dip (P325.00)!

You may think that the cheese sauce with salsa and chili is not enough but believe me it is. This was so rich and flavorful that a little goes a looong way with that bite of nacho!

 My husband is not a fan of vegetables so he took great care in picking out the salsa and the chili sauce. YUP he did!!! I guess the taste of the cheese with the nachos made up for all that effort.

As for me, I usually love anything edible (except if it's an endangered specie or minced zombie) so I gladly took a generous dip of everything with my nacho!

 For our mains we got the medium order of the BUFFALO WILD WINGS basket that had 15 pieces of our chosen flavor!

I thought that was not allowed but the Yub said that it was. And wohoo! He was right!

Apparently, the wives are not right all of the time. But it's just with that one information only.



We got the sweet barbecue flavor...

The Creamy Garlic Parmesan flavor...


And the  classic Buffalo flavor.

As always, each order of the BUFFALO WILD WINGS chicken came with the chilled celery and carrot sticks with creamy dip (ranch or bleu cheese).

We also got orders of their Wild Rice since we cannot eat meat without this favorite siding!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in BUFFALO WILD WINGS!!!!

Let's dig in!!!!

 At first Andrei was asking for some fork and spoon to use on his chicken. I told him that when it's buffalo wings, you use your hands!!!


 Andrei was not too fond of the idea initially. But later on since we were all doing it, he followed suit!

And he seemed to enjoy it!!!!


 Go Andrei!!!!!


You can do it!!!!!

 As for me, I dove right in also!


 I loved all of the flavors and dipped everything in the creamy bleu cheese dressing!

 I was happy to see that Andrei was just tearing off the chicken meat like a savage!!!! 

Or like a Khal Drago! GROOOWWWWL!

Wait. He's my son. That's not right.

 There were wet wipes available per table so you don't have to worry about your hands being all saucy the whole time.

We brought our own baby wipes (I always have some in my bag) so we just took this all home.


I love chewing on the white bones and cartilages of chickens so I told Yub to pile all their leftovers and I'll make it squeaky clean laterzzzz!

Disgusting? You bet it is! But I still love it!!!

 Andrei held up his hands and showed me the sticky sauce and chicken bits on it!

 As I predicted (in my head), Andrei scared his Dad and threatened to give him a hug!!!

 That certainly gave me a laugh! He he he he he! Nothing like seeing your "dreams" come true!

Andrei may have used his hands for the chicken but I don't think he will do the same for his rice yet. Maybe soon!


As for Mati...

"Can't talk. Eating."


And we're done!

 Oops! Not yet! Remember I am making "simot sarap" of the chicken?

The BUFFALO WILD WINGS chicken bones we're big and kinda harder than what I'm used to. So I was not able to "clean" this all the way through. 

Next time, I'll polish my teeth and come prepared for this. Tee Hee!


While we were about to finish our dinner, I noticed these pictures at the top of Yub's head. 

I told him "Yub, I wonder what compelled Mr. Victor Oladipo and Mr. Peyton Manning to sell these framed covers of Sports Illustrated? They're so yabang (boastful) to post their names for everyone to see!"

 And then I saw THIS one with MR. Reggie Jackson and I was familiar with him from his guesting in THE SIMPSONS!

Aaaaah! I thought Mr. Oladipo and Mr. Manning were kind hearted benefactors/collectors of these posters. They're the actual sportsmen/stars pala!



 Oh well. Nobody was paying attention to my questions anyway.


If they're going to watch NBA and play Ninja whatever, I'm just going to watch my favorite PARKS AND RECREATION!

With a cup of brewed coffee! Yup! BUFFALO WILD WINGS may be a sports bar, but they also have something for the uninterested ones who love java! He he he he he he!



 Even if school has already started, THE YAPPY BUNCH will definitely make a return in BUFFALO WILD WINGS with a vengeance. 

Besides, I might be able to see a poster that's "donated" by Ms. Caitlyn Jenner.

Tee to the Hee!

Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, 
Capitol Commons, Oranbo, 
Pasig City
02 6327489



  1. -nyahahahaha... feel mo talaga yang commercial na yan na nakaka-LSS to the max! hahahaha
    -so sosi and shala talaga, nakaka-dalawang beses na sa Buffalo Wild Wings... kailan kaya ako makaka-kain diyan? huhuhu...
    -enjoy na enjoy siguro ang mga sports-minded kids mo sa mga TV na nakapaligid sa resto
    -ang galing naman niyang tablets for the kids... pero paano kaya kung nabagsak at nasira niya yun? #lagot
    -ay, si daddy lang pala ang nawili sa TV, ang kiddies sa tab ang focus
    -but... but... tomatoes are fruits, not veggies! hehehe
    -you love anything edible? di ba ayaw mong kainin ang mga matamis na pagkain??? bwahahahaha...
    -uy buti naman pwede ka mag-choose ng flavors na gusto mo sa single order ng wings
    -yey! sana madaming kinain si Andrei... I'm sure yung sweet barbecue wings ang gusto niya
    -bleu cheese dressing! yum!
    -hahaha... I would've brought home all the wipes
    -natutuwa talaga ako sa mga batang maganang kumain... esp. Mati since he seems to have very refined taste
    -hahaha... dedma sila sa mga existantial questions mo about sports personalities, hehehe
    -may parks and rec sa tab nila? noice!
    -OMG!!! Ang bill! Ang laki! Hindi kaya ng powers ko yan! Mukhang hindi na talaga ako makakakain diyan, huhuhu... (hehehe)

    Enjoy your long weekend Jazzle Dazzle! Mwah!

    1. Hiya MR. SNUFF!!! Yep and they consider it to be a success with the strong recall. KAINIS! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Diyan ka magsawa heller nandyan ka sa home ng BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

      2) kOREK!!!!

      3) I'm sure they pay for it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero the kids naman are extra careful.

      4) Yes! My sons enjoyed playing the video games. Pinagbigyan ko na.

      5) May onions kasi!

      6) Oo nga pala let me correct myself, I EAT ANYTHING EDIBLE. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) At first I thought hindi pwede. Buti pwede pala.

      8) Yep you're right!

      9) Tempted na nga ako sa wipes kaso may security cam. Kidding!

      10) Me too! Ang cute cute niya and wala nang problema sa leftovers.

      11) Ay wala... that's my tab. Ha ha ha ha ha! The BUFFALO tabs are only for kids.

      12) CHEEEEEEEEEEEE MAGBAGO KA NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks!!! Mmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Alam mong Pinoy ang kumakain ng Buffalo Wings!


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