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Friday, June 26, 2015


It was day two of our SEDA NUVALI family staycation to celebrate dear Aning's birthday and we know that we have a loooong day ahead of us.

A long day of pictures and posing I mean.

He he he he he! Kidding!

Or am I?

The Yub and I woke up extra early even if we slept late last night (snicker... snicker... gross). We let the little lords sleep in a bit and just woke them up when we were about to go down for breakfast.

A very sweet smile greeted us at the entrance of MISTO, SEDA NUVALI's buffet restaurant. The maitre d' asked us to wait awhile as she looked for a table that will suit us THE YAPPY BUNCH!

I love restaurants with high ceilings because it gives a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. As least even if the venue was full, we didn't feel like jampacked sardines!

Mareng Gem and Pareng Jojie already had a table inside but they generously gave it to us and transferred outside for the view. We would love to join them there but then they only had limited tables.

And it's time to raid the breakfast buffet!

Main grub station!

Salad station!

Breads, Filipino Grub, and Soup station!

Drinks and Jojie station! He he he he he!

Sweets section!

Here's the grub we had that morning!


Chicken with garlic!

Fish with white cream sauce!

A very handsome cutie!

Mixed vegetables!

I know these foods don't seem too "breakfast-y" but things will brighten up later for the hungry early birds.

Egg station!

I asked for some omelet but he took a really long time to cook it. I think he even forgot about my order later on. So I just helped myself to some creamy scrambled eggs.

Corned beef (with spoon).

REALLY JAZ. How hard is it to remove a utensil when you're about to take a picture of a food??? 

SEDA NUVALI put the favorite Filipino breakfast items in one station!

Yohoooo! There's Crispy Danggit!

My favorite! The bacon of the sea!

Master Mati and the Chinese Adonis!

Me and little Androse!

Muy platito!

And mi jus-koh!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lord and the Campos in SEDA NUVALI!!!

Besides the Campos, I also reserved seats for the the other families coming down because that's just the kind of (hot and uber sexy) gal that I am!

Here's the Quitorianos! 

After finishing his breakfast, little Androse asked if he could join his friends in the Game Room. When Yub took our bunsoy there my husband was a bit disappointed that the so-called Game Room only had 3 working monitors. 

I thought that there would be ping pong or foosball tables but no, they only had computer games with one monitor broken. Oh well. Maybe the free space is for them to play "patintero" or "luksong tinik." He he he he he he!

Andrei joined his friend Fritz playing the Wii!

I'm not sure what game Andrei is playing though.

Later on, the buds transferred to the computers to play Mine Craft.

After some more play time for the boys, we went upstairs to get ready to check out. Little Johans joined us and played with Mati some more.

After cleaning everything up, it's time to do our traditional "Pictures Around The Room" time!


By the bed...

By the restroom!

Mirror shot!

Pa-sweet selfie stick shot!

Wacky selfie stick shot!

Boring shot!

View shot!

Door shot!

Wait. I thought we were in room 412!!!

Hall shot with bra straps!

Going-to-the-elevator-shot with the Quitorianos! 

I hope SEDA NUVALI would do phone check out. When we went down, there was a long line for the guests all doing the same thing!

As for our bags, we tried calling front desk for a bell boy but nobody was answering. The Chinese Adonis even had to go down to get somebody.

After checking out, the little lords asked to play in the SEDA NUVALI game room again!

Hmmm... I think it's time for the kids to have MORE fun with something I have in mind....


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

I wonder how it would look like if we do a wacky shot? Hmmmm...

We finally let the kiddies go back to the game room so that the adults could have more pictures!

Before I let them go, I should've asked Mati to take my Flip Flops so that AT LEAST it won't be in the shot. Tsk... tsk... tsk...

The BP ladies!!!

Missing you here mareng Gem! Are you doing some sexy time with pareng Jojie? He he he he he he!

Ayan! Finally!

The BP LADIES are complete! Love you all mah matronas!


But really, I think I mentioned before how I am so thankful to find a special group of friends who THE YAPPY BUNCH considers as family. We ALWAYS have an awesome time with them because THE BP GROUP just makes family bonding more special.

Believe me when I say that a dinner, a weekend, or a whole vacation is not enough with my BP Group! We cannot stop talking about anything! At the same time, we learn a lot about relationship and family values. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH really loves you all BP Group! We cannot wait for another getogether! 

And yes, unlike what others may say, with the BP Group, "may forever!" All for one and one for all.

And so, this is all for you Aning! (Belated) Happy Birthday!

After SEDA NUVALI, we had a late lunch in GERRY'S GRILL!

After our late lunch, we fed the fishies in Nuvali!

I know there's a thumb in this picture but isn't Andrei's face here to precious?

Our whole group also had a boat ride!

Check out the fun we had in NUVALI, here!

Later in the afternoon, it was time to officially end Aning's 40th BP Group Birthday Getaway! 

We may be all tired, hot, and sweaty, but we were still enjoying every minute of it!

My BP Group kept on exclaiming that this has been one of the best weekend staycations that they've ever had. Although majority of the fun is because we were all together, I'm sure that the beauty, service, and fun at SEDA NUVALI played a big part of it as well. 

We definitely hope to go back!


 Lakeside Evozone, 
NUVALI Sta. Rosa City, 
Laguna 4026, Philippines
 +63 49 255-8888

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  1. Woohoo! Part two na! Hindi ako mapakali na nasingitan ito... obsessive-compulsive kasi ako, hahahahaha... #weirdo

    -bakit extra late kayo nagising? Nag-hanky-panky pa? hahahaha... #censored
    -ang cute naman ni Mati pag natutulog!
    -your table was outside? Hopefully it wasn't hot yet since it was still early.
    -I love rice and ulam for brekkie, pero si TP nawi-weirdohan pag ganyan... he actually finds it startling that people would eat fried chicken during breakfast, hahaha...
    -corned beef and eggs - now that's TP's idea of breakfast =)
    -bumalik ulit pala kayo sa loob ng resto
    -heto na ang pics-around-the-room!
    -sabi na nga ba 417 yung room number niyo e! Was going to comment that the other day, pero hindi ako sure kasi medyo vision-impaired ako ngayon
    -oo nga, sana may phone check out sila... parang sa mga motel, yung attendant pa ang pupunta sa kwarto mo, hahahaha
    -hmmmm... medyo pumalpak yata ang seda on your second day... dami nilang sabit
    -ang ganda naman ng shot ng BP ladies diyan sa globular rattan chairs!
    -I was just going to comment that Andrei probably enjoyed feeding the fish, but then you pointed out his face, and I think that says it all. Precious!
    -ang saya-saya naman ng group niyo... napaka-unique niyo talaga! One-of-a-kind friendship.

    Have a great weekend Jazzle Dazzle! Mwah!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Mr. Snuff! I miss you and hope you're doing well! Take care always :) Mwaaah!


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