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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


One Saturday night, the Chinese Adonis and I ventured into the South to meet up with my BGP Marian and Manong Fred. I'm sure by now you'd know that, via my repetitive whining, we don't normally travel far from our comfort zones of Mandaluyong, Makati, and Ortigas. But this night was going to be an exemption. We have been reading a lot of raves about this new restaurant that got hungry foodies (like me) to travel far and wide to get a taste of their delicious fusion food. And based on many reviews, they all go home full and ultra satisfied that it got the curiosity of my big forehead and bulging tummy. Turns out, me and my Best Gal Pal were thinking of the same thing that we set a date to drive out to this nook that got many in the South hooked...


There are actually 2 branches of ORANGE WHISK in Paranaque and we went to the one in Betterliving which opened last June of 2013!!! They have another one in  BF Homes which has been serving hungry diners starting January of 2015.

The space is limited but quite cozy. Of course, the color that ruled the roost was orange and it certainly gave the restaurant a homey warmth.

There's a separate area for the desserts counter. I really encourage (or demand) you to check it out after your meal.

ORANGE WHISK's main dining area has some interesting corners to keep you entertained while waiting for your companions or food!

They also have this community board for instant diner reviews and messages!

We were welcomed by newly weds Chef Isaiah Ortega and Pastry Chef Korinne Lirio-Ortega and as you might have guessed, the guy cooks up all the entrees while the lady does the baking. 

This is indeed a team made in foodie heaven! No wonder they put up a restaurant!

Oh and if you're wondering, they named their restaurant ORANGE WHISK after Chef Korinne's favorite color and her love for baking.


According to Chef Korinne, while they do have a regular menu in ORANGE WHISK they are still open in preparing foods that are requested by their diners. This is to better cater to their customers' diet preferences and cravings which I find very considerate and pampering! Cool right?

Besides giving their patrons a more "personalized foodie experience", their dishes for the day may also depend on the fresh catch of ingredients that they get straight off the market. In fact, while we were there, they were also meeting up with some meat suppliers for trials and delivery of their goods!

ORANGE WHISK takes reservations and I strongly recommend you to do so because the place could get packed during weekends and dinner time. 


Donna and Mike!

Manong Fred and BGP Marian!


My master Mati loves tagging along when we go on food trips.When he learned that we were going to meet up with his Ninang Marian and Tito Fred, he really insisted on coming with us. Ha ha ha ha ha! 


ORANGE WHISK menu 1...

ORANGE WHISK menu 2...

ORANGE WHISK menu 3...

First on the table was a glass of ORANGE WHISK buko shake (P108.00) that was sweet and very refreshing!


ORANGE WHISK is known for their luscious Chewy Buns that comes in various succulent flavors.

We were so lucky that night that Chef Korinne just whipped up a batch of Chewy Buns fresh out of the oven!

She sent us a plate bearing these warm goodies to try!

Orignal Chewy Buns (P28.00)!

Cheesy Chewy Buns (P58.00)!

At first I was hesitant to reach out for what I consider "dessert bread" at the start of the meal. However, fate somehow agreed with me on this one because after I took pictures, I only saw 2 pieces left. 

What??? I could only treat myself to 2 pieces left by my so called "friends"???

Tee hee! Kidding!

I'm so glad though that my "friends" left me 2 pieces because wow! These chewy buns are surprisingly addicting!!! You get a bun that is perfectly crusty on the outside plus warm and buttery on the inside. 

This is not a dessert bun. This is actually an EAT ME NOW bun. You just GOTTA devour it once you see it!

For appetizers, Mati ordered the ORANGE WHISK Squash soup (P150.00)!

It was deliciously creamy with crunchy bacon bits. My boy was scraping his plate in no time.

I was in the mood for something healthy that night and the server recommended me to try the ORANGE WHISK Kani Kama Salad (P288.00).

To be honest, I got a bit turned off by the green garnishing that was actually crab sticks in a different hue.  But still, one bite and I appreciated the fresh vegetables dressed in my favorite Japanese mayonnaise. This is a great siding if you're opting out of carbs and serving is good for sharing too!

Somebody ordered the ORANGE WHISK Cheesy Bacon Fries (P188.00) to munch on while we're waiting for our order.

The fries were good but this may have been better if it was drizzled with more cheesy sauce. However, the whole thing was wiped out by our hungry selves in no time so I shouldn't really be complaining. 

We were all happy already with appetizers! Hope the entrees will give us more happy smiles later on!

Mati loved seafood and ordered the ORANGE WHISK Garlic Butter Squid (P288.00)! I could tell that he really loved his order because he was quietly eating and chomping all throughout the meal. We were lucky though to get a taste and the seafood was tender to the bite with loads of umami flavors. Rice was certainly in order!!! 

I think when Mati was finished with the squid, I volunteered to polish off the leftover vegetables and sauce. It was that good!!! 

Mike and Donna ordered the Wagyu Saikoro Steak (P698.00) which is the priciest entree in the menu. 

The dish consists of chunks of Wagyu beef that was buttery tender to the bite and swimming in this delectable sauce. Even for the price, they were quite happy with this and raved at the melt in your mouth goodness of the beef. 

I discovered later on that Mati zoinked about 2 pieces of the beef and hungrily devoured it with his garlic rice. Ha ha ha ha! Thanks Mike and Donna for sharing with my growing boy!

BGP Marian and Fred got the ORANGE WHISK Adobo in Garlic (P328.00) which was also enough for 2 famished diners!

I got a taste of it and 1 small bite is already jampacked with delicious adobo seasonings. SARAP!  Cannot be eaten WITHOUT rice!!! Hay nako!

The Chinese Adonis had the ORANGE WHISK Kitayama Burger Steak Rice Meal (P288.00) that made us all sniffing with the mouth-watering aroma!

Just one look and this is already a sure winner for me. It has meat, it has egg, it has sauce, it has fluffy white rice!!! I could just see myself shoveling spoonfuls of this complete meal in a bowl if my husband let me. But this dish was gone in 60 seconds. Yep! A definite sign that he loved it.

BGP Marian also had the ORANGE WHISK Garlic Butter Shrimp with Crab Fat Sauce (P368.00) and one bite got her raving endlessly! She said it tasted so similar to her favorite shrimps served in GIOVANNIS that she goes to every time they're in Hawaii!

The shrimps were plump and swimming in this super lip-smacking sauce that was a combination of crab fat and butter. Deadly I know but heller... You only live once right? We were still oh so glad to include this in our "death defying" meal. He he he he he!


This all gets a thumbs up from Manong Fred!

My view on the ride side!

Almost done!!!!

Look at how carb dominated my plate is. Rice, veggies, and a teensy weensy serving of meat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I was still happy though because "sauce pa lang, ulam na!"

For dessert, Chef Korinne sent out heavenly goodies from their cooler.

This OMG fudgy chocolate mousse cake was a definite WOW!

I think it was pretty weird how we ate this. Just a few more bites and I would shout "Timberrrrr!"

The eclairs were soft to the bite and had these luscious creamy filling!

Of course, one set wasn't enough!

Besides the drool worthy pastries, I checked back on the cheesy chewy buns for that maximum dessert experience!

Like the ORANGE WHISK Chewy Buns, there was a slight crunch when I bit into the bread that gave me a very buttery morsel! The cheese topping was more than I could handle though. But I could imagine cheese lovers like Andrei to wolf this down in no time!

Of course, dessert won't be complete without a cup of hot coffee!!!

Almost done!


Thank you so much to Chef Isaiah and Chef Korinne for taking time out to meet us and for sending out all those delicious grub!!!!!! 

May I add Chef Korinne that your smile is like a ray of orange sunshine??? It would certainly brighten anyone's day!

We had such a terrible dinner at ORANGE WHISK that we will NEVER go back again!!!!!!!!!!!

NAAAAH! Who am I fooling?? Based on our oohs and aahs and "This is sooo good" comments, our trip to the South for dinner at ORANGE WHISK is certainly worth it. When we're back in the area, we will definitely drop by ORANGE WHISK again!

Thank you so much to Chef Anna of MY PINK WASABI for introducing us to this great find. I owe you a taste test of your delicious dessert sushis.... (Parang baligtad)! He he he he he he he!

LET'S EAT!!!!!

35-B Michael Rua St., Betterliving Subdivision, Parañaque
02 501-6454

162 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City
02 7387627


We had such a good time at ORANGE WHISK that we went to BGP Marian's house for a night cap.

Mmmmm... Wish we took home some of those buns!!!!!



  1. (O ayan, madaling araw diyan na ako nagco-comment, hehehe...)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ORANGE WHISK! Super kaduper sarap ng pagkain diyan!

    -diyan din kami sa Better Living branch nila nagpupunta, buti hindi kayo nawala, medyo mahirap kse hanapin yan
    -parang wala pa yang community board na yan the last time we were there
    -oo nga, kahit off-hours dati may pumupunta pa din diyan, kaya kailangan magpa-reserve
    -katuwa talaga ang pagiging certified foodie ni Mati =)
    -napansin ko lang kahit dati na "8" ang ending ng lahat ng presyo sa meynuh nila... Chinese ba sila?
    -OMG! Those chewy buns are amazeballs! Buti mas madaming flavors na sila ngayon kesa dati na dalawa lang
    -green yung kani? medyo weird nga
    -konti nga ang keso niyang fries na in-order niyo... bitin!
    -I LOVE that Waikoko Steak! Sauce pa lang, ulam na!
    -ADOBO!!! To die for!
    -sarap din ng desserts nila
    -EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! Ang bill! Hindi ko kinaya! Ibang levelz talaga ang EJF at ang kanilang mga BGP!!! hehehe...

    Have a great Wednesday Idol Jazzle Dazzle! Mwah!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Awwwww!!! Ano ba Niel miski whatever time na okay sa yo no! I just said I'll miss waking up and going straight to your comment agad!!! You're so nice to me talaga! What did I do to deserve it??? NAKS!

      1) Di ba Mr. Snuff??? So worth the byahe!!!!

      2) Maybe you just didn't notice it? Nasa corner siya e.

      3) A happy problem for ORANGE WHISK!!!!

      4) Ang takaw niya ngayon nakakatuwa. Lahat talaga kinakain and nakakatakam siya kumain!

      5) You know I just noticed that too while I was writing the blog. Malamang nga may Chinese blood ang isa sa kanila.

      6) I was skeptical at first pero I'm such a fan now. ANG SARAAAAAP!!! It is really very addicting!

      7) It just doesn't look appetizing since it seemed very artificial ang dating. Hope they remove it. Sayang masarap pa naman the salad.

      8) EXACTLY!!! Pero ubos pa din!

      9) We agree with you! Along with the squid! Sarap ng sauce!!!!

      10) Fred and Marian loved the adobo too!!!


      You too dearest Mr.Snuff!!!! Mwahness to the SUBIC levels!


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