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Ever since I can remember whenever I hear the words "delicious ramen", it is always synonymous to the two noodle big wigs: UKOKKEI RAMEN RON and YUSHOKEN. It never fails! If I try to rave about my favorite UKOKKEI, somebody would always try to interrupt and say "You should try the one in Molito called YUSHOKEN. It's much better than that!"


Besides the awesomeness of the noodles in YUSHOKEN, I also heard about the strict rules when dining in the restaurant that sounded like commandments:

-- You should never take home the Ramen.
-- You should never share your Ramen.
-- You should only use chopsticks and never use fork when eating your Ramen.

Now THAT just got me more intrigued. However, I still have one more gripe: YUSHOKEN is so far! Would a sip of their rich broth enough for the long drive to Muntinlupa?

Be that as it may, even if it could become another "Ramen Nazi" haven and that the distance was VERY undesirable, I was still curious of YUSHOKEN. My all time favorite has always been the Tan Tan Mien of UKOKKEI RAMEN RON and they said that YUSHOKEN could cook up another mean bowl of this spicy noodles.

So it was finally settled. We will be going to YUSHOKEN. Finally I will be crossing that name out in my Ramen bucket list (yes I have such thing). How did it fare up to us? Did it live up to the hype?

Read down and see if you'll agree!


It was a full house that Saturday night in YUSHOKEN! I was not able to check if they accepted reservations but usually restaurants don't have it during weekends.

YUSHOKEN has a looooong space that was more like a model's runway for the booth and counter. 

If you want to see the Ramen action, request for a chair by the counter and see the chefs do their thang!

By the waiting area, you could also do a peeping Tom while they assemble the gyozas!

The little lords joined us that night for our couples dinner with BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

While waiting, the boys went all crazy to pass the time. BTW, that's Manong Fred hiding behind the menu.

They may all cause a ruckus but BGP Marian and I just gossiped then took selfies. That's Manong Fred's finger by the way.

Speaking of selfies, one time BGP Marian and I had a picture together. She found herself so pretty there that she decided to crop me out and use it as her FB profile pic. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! So to avoid that to ever happen again, I had an extra close picture with her!

I was supposed to edit this but I just want to show you how the little lords supported my flabby arms all the way. He he he he he he!

Finally we're seated! Wohoo!


BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Thanks for letting us ride with you!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and some photobombers!

The little lords!

We requested for a table of 6 but this was the earliest one they had available. The little lords did not mind because they did want to have their own little corner.

Time to order!

Uuuuy si Ate gusto sumama sa picture!


YUSHOKEN menu 1...

They really have limited choices but these are the dishes that mattered anyway.

And YUSHOKEN menu 2!

In YUSHOKEN, it's not that they don't allow forks with the noodles but they highly encourage the use of chopsticks. They gave the little lords these kid-friendly utensils for their Ramen experience here.

First on the table is a plate of YUSHOKEN Gyoza (P150.00)!

Mati loved this so much that he got my share. He he he he he!

The YUSHOKEN Karaage were 5 fat pieces of uber seasoned fried chicken. It was served with lemon and a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise.

Mati and I each ordered a bowl of YUSHOKEN Tan Tan Men noodles (P380.00). It was served piping hot to us yet but after a short while, you could see the soup fat hardening up. Yep! Their tonkotsu broth was REALLY rich!

One sip and wow! The hearty soup was very packed with sesame and miso flavors in a tonkotsu broth. You could really taste (and feel on your lips) the fattiness of the pork bones that was boiled to the point of disintegration in the thick broth.

He he he he he!

The noodles were thick, bouncy, and had the right chewiness to it. Oh dear. This is definitely double the carb content of the other popular ramen bowls I've had.

The Chinese Adonis ordered a bowl of YUSHOKEN Shoyu Ramen (P350.00) to share with Andrei. Contrary to the rumours, YES, you could share your ramen in YUSHOKEN. 

But I guess this only applies to hot Adonis men and their little handsome boys. He he he he he he he!

Seriously though when I asked the server if it was okay for my husband and Mati to share their Ramen she said yes with a matching sweet smile.


Manong Fred also ordered a plate of YUSHOKEN Chahan (P220.00) to eat with his chicken. He let us have a taste and it was so tasty that I could have it as a stand alone dish! Yum! At least when we go back here, I know what the Chinese Adonis could order.


Uuuy... BGP Marian and I are playing footsie! 

The little lords were so happy to act like grow-ups and have their own separate table from us.

Perhaps I'll make them pay to complete the experience?

TEE to the HEE.

Mati loved his noodles and happily slurped on it. I told him that making noise while eating is considered a compliment in a Japan.


As for me, I took a moment to look lovingly at my bowl of orange gloriousness from YUSHOKEN. It was definitely glistening from the pork fat and chili oils but I still saw it as a thing of beauty.

Of course, I could never have Ramen without an order of Tamago (P80.00) that I shared with the hub. I scooped out the runny yolk and mixed it in the soup afterwards.

Check out that very thick and oily broth! It is so thick and savory that you would need to slurp on the fat noodles to tone it down.

My happy boys and their bowls of Ramen!

And we're done!

Our YUSHOKEN bill!

Going home was also a fun ride with the Mina's. Good thing that with all the oils we ate from the Ramen, nobody had to let out gas or rush off to the restroom.

Or maybe SOMEONE let one rip but nobody noticed. He he he he he!

When we got to BGP Marian and Manong Fred's house, my godson Pao-Pao was still up and waiting for his Kuyas. My boys just love playing with him because he's always happy and lambing!

While the boys made a ruckus in one corner, the oldies were having coffee, ice cream, and cake in the other end. 

Thanks so much BGP Marian and Manong Fred for the great night!

So what's our verdict?

YUSHOKEN serves mighty great noodles with a very fatty broth. At first slurp I was elated with the rush of flavors in my mouth but later on the oils and cloying factor took over. Not to worry because they do have other dishes available to help you get going with your Ramen.

This is definitely a strong contender for UKOKKEI RAMEN RON. I understand where all the hype comes from! When we're back in the area, I'll think about trying the other Ramen viands.


 Molito Mall, 
Madrigal Avenue,
 Muntinlupa City. 
Tel: +632 808 7424

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