Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last year when we were in Las Vegas to celebrate Andrei's 7th birthday, my cousin Kuya Nap said we would take home some BUFFALO WILD WINGS to savor on for our midnight snack. When he told us about it, my big forehead immediately remembered the times when he would always include some of the juicy buffalo wings in our "take home itinerary" every time were visiting his humble abode.

And we don't mind! In fact, it's something we always looked forward to because the thought of biting into that crisp, juicy spicy, and uber saucy wing would always get US drooling!!! Of course, I'll wolf down several pieces of it with the creamy bleu cheese dressing on the side plus a cup of piping hot garlic rice!


So really, BUFFALO WILD WINGS for us is almost a necessity!!! Just like my other favorite grub in the US, we cannot NOT have a bucket when we're there. 

Photo from buffalowildwings.com

Last May 2013 when we dropped by BUFFALO WILD WINGS Las Vegas, it was the Fifa World Cup and they had a stand for pictures. We asked one of the kindly servers to get several snaps of us and she wonderfully obliged!

Too bad that we were not able to take pictures of the food since we devoured it like the crazy weirdos that we are.

It's either THAT, or our batteries ran out. I'm kicking myself in the butt right now I know.

Anyway, it was also such a fun night for us because while waiting for our take out, we tried getting some stuffed toys in the BUFFALO WILD WINGS kiddie game. After we tried for several times, Andrei took over and got not just one but TWO stuffed toys in a single try!!!!

You might say that the blue donkey tagged along!

But of course, the real "stars" of the our night were the 2 buckets of BUFFALO WILD WINGS we got for take out! We got the SPICY GARLIC and PARMESAN GARLIC flavors!!! Yum!!!!!

Photo from buffalowildwings.com
What's so special about BUFFALO WILD WINGS you ask? Well for me, every saucy wing just gives me a messy yet delicious experience!!!! The meat is so tender but had the slight crunch from the perfectly fried skin. PLUS, the spicy sauce had all the savory flavors and perfectly infused into the chicken!!!

So nummity yum!!!!!!

I ALWAYS suck the bones dry of my BUFFALO WIND WINGS that it's almost disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo from buffalowildwings.com
The BUFFALO WILD WINGS chicken are so perfect for a midnight snack after a whole day of going around the strip. But of course, nothing beats eating a whole platter of these finger lickin' good babies (sorry colonel!) fresh off the fryer!!!!!!

Photo from foodfiestaphilippines.blogspot.com
And guess what??? We now have a chance to experience the OMG-ness of BUFFALO WILD WINGS right in our very own Capitol Commons!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!!! BUFFALO WILD WINGS RULE and we will ALL drool!!!!!

Get your eating chomps ready and line up on BUFFALO WILD WINGS opening on January 29, 2015, AND if you're one of the first 100 hungry patrons...


That's 365 days of BUFFALO WILD WINGS awesomeness!!!!!!

Sorry for the all caps! I think I got carried away with the excitement. I'm just being true to myself. Tee heee!

Photo from nj.com
 Hmmmm... I'm not sure if camping on site may be a good idea like these guys did in the US before. But it would certainly be great if you all eager "wingers" get there BEFORE 11:00am!!!!!

Photo from mlive.com
 Just imagine the rewards of being the first 100 in BUFFALO WILD WINGS in Capitol Commons....


Sorry. I just can't help myself. The thought of it is just all too beautiful (sniff sniff!!!!)

BUFFALO WILD WINGS in Capitol Commons! Wohoo!!!!!

Would it be too much to ask if you save me a slot?




  1. -Ibang level talaga! Las Vegas! I'm not worthy to comment in your blog!!! hehehe...
    -Ang cute naman nung pic niyo dun sa World Cup! =)
    -Pipila ka ba sa opening day? Natatakot akong pumunta, baka mabalian ulit ako kung magtulakan, hahaha...


    1. Hulloooo Mr. Snuffle!!!!!

      ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!! Alam mo ipunin mo lahat ng 5 star restaurants na nakainan mo nakapuntang pabalik ka na sa US na first class pa... Ay wait... PUPUNTA KA NGA!!!!

      He he he he! Oo nga ang galing ko nagconcentrate ng pic sa world cup forgot to take pic of the resto and the wings mismo ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero thanks!!!!! Cute nga namin don! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Naku I really hope I can... I have work e pero tingnan natin baka pwedeng sumingit!!! Wag ka na pumila kayang kaya mo mag WINGS everyday kahit hindi libre no!!!!

      Thanks! You too and the cutie partner!!!!!!

    2. -hahaha... di pa nga sure kung ma-approve ang visa, mahirap kasi mabigyan ang mga walang trabahong tulad ko, huhuhu... hehehe...sa third week of feb pa ang interview, wish me luck!
      -uy sayang din yung free wings! ako oks lang kahit wala, pero si The Partner sobrang hilig dun. =)

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Don't worry! We will pray for that and remember, basta whatever happens, it is meant. Kaya okay lang whatever!!!!

      I love wings too! Pareho ata kami ni THE PARTNER ng taste!!! (Uuuy)... ha ha ha ha ha!


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