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Thursday, May 28, 2015


If you regularly read my blog (woe is you) you would have noticed by now that THE YAPPY BUNCH loves staycations! Yup! We could never have enough of them! Of course, we save first before we could schedule one and we also consider that there should be a special occasion for it. Then, when we do have enough budget, we have a family bonding weekend that is surely unforgettable. 

For me, these staycations are money worth spent because it is a different kind of long term investment. We may set aside money for education, insurance, basic necessities, and etc. But do save something that would ensure family experiences and togetherness. Believe me, these memories will last in your children until they grow up.

And I'm living proof of that!

For my 40th birthday, my husband treated THE YAPPY BUNCH for an overnight stay at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS. For the first part of our weekend fun, we swam a lot and ate lot.

I wonder how different it would be for the second part?

Check it out!


After a short nap, we went to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE Blue Bay Walk. They invited ERICJAZ FOODIES for a birthday treat.


Blogpost coming soon!

THE YAPPY BUNCH and I are so spoiled in Eastwood or Serendra that we never thought of going to a cool park that is in Blue Bay Walk.

If you're having a staycation in CITY OF DREAMS and want something to do besides the usual casino, head over to Blue Bay!

We watched a lot of "As Seen On TV" demos that we are addicted to.

We played with air bubbles that some of the park goers had.

We discovered later on that the bubble kits were sold around the parks.

We played with some dogs that were allowed in the park.

Andrei afterwards went go kart racing.

So fun!

Then, it was time to go back to CITY OF DREAMS!

Parking is free in CITY OF DREAMS for both check in guests or visitors.

The entrance from the parking building.

Hmmm... We should've brought with us our OTHER car.

The CAFE of HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS MANILA serves a reasonably priced buffet during the late hours of 11:30pm to 4:30am.

We lined up hoping to get extra chomps before retiring to bed.

However, there was a long line.

Their menu is very limited and mostly consisted of the usual Chinese and Filipino food. We decided to just pass on it for now since we're not really in the mood for extra carbs in our system.


Lounging around.

And playing!

The YAP guys!

Did I just die and go to "cutie heaven"?

Going to HYATT Wing 1 for our room.

Elevator shot!

The elevator area.

Sorry I love taking pictures of different places in a hotel so I won't forget it.

And it's time to sleep for the boys.

While Andrei asked for milk, Mati opted for some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

After the kiddies fell asleep, I got myself some coffee too.

It was extra cold, hence my jacket!

Good night my boys!

The next day, the little lords were being called up by the wonderful morning view!

That became our signal to get ready for our morning plans!


Notice that I'm signifying 4-0 with my fingers?

We almost got the pool again to ourselves!

Obviously, Yub and Mati don't know how to do a lazy shot. Jeez.

The Chinese Adonis taking a shower before diving in.

And me, earning my keep at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS.

Nobody will dare to drown in my watch.

Tee Hee!

I'm only watching over this little cutesie poo though. 

Me and my best baby Andrei!

I rarely swim so the kiddies get extra excited when I do.

Andrei was so happy that I was swimming, he agreed to do his "cute-cute pose" that he loved doing when he was still a baby.

Joining him!

If you're wondering why I'm wearing a hat while in the pool area, it's because my big forehead tends to expose itself more than usual when wet.

THE CITY OF DREAMS buildings give off a lovely golden hue in the morning giving us pretty no-filter-need pictures. 

Time for a selfie!!!!!!!

Later on, THE YAPPY BUNCH all went back to the pool.

Andrei became very happy that he let Jaws go free!

Jaws : "Where should I go next?"

Of course, he went for the well built swimmers first.

Realizing that his cholesterol was already high, he went for the Chinese Adonis!


But then Jaws thought that humanity needed the handsomeness of the Chinese Adonis so just went for THIS guy.

And then Jaws died of unknown reasons. 

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Jaws changed his mind about eating them and decided to join Andrei and Yub in the hot tub instead. 

After all that swimming, we took a short break and energized ourselves us with some ripe mango shake.

I love Mango shakes! It has already been a tradition for me to order one while in the pool area.

We certainly had a great time in the HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS pool!

Afterwards, it's time to pack up and check out.

Good bye soft bed...

Good bye middle table...

Good bye other bed...

Our favorite "drunken" shot.

Good bye CITY OF DREAMS hotel room view!

Andrei kept asking for 5 more minutes because he wanted to see a plane take off before leaving.

And were waiting....

And waiting...


Until finally!

Andrei's patience knows no bounds when it comes to planes and trains!

Good bye room 6616!!!

Good bye hall way!

Good bye elevator area!

Good bye view!

And another elevator shot! Once more with feelings.

Outside the elevator...

And going to the lobby.

Check out was certainly fast in HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS even if there were a lot of people doing so at the same time. 

Good thing because it enabled us to take our final pictures for the day before meeting up my family for lunch.

Tee hee!

Bye NOBU hotel pool!

Andrei didn't want to join the next one.

Tee hee! Somebody shielded himself using his Minecraft book.

As we were about to go, our friendly porter (from yesterday) was there again sending us off. He bid us a very warm good bye and hoped that we go back to CITY OF DREAMS.

Considering the awesome time we had for my post birthday staycation, we might probably will!!!!


Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Entertainment City
Parañaque, Manila
+63 2 691 1234
Fax: +63 2 691 1235

Check it out:

As we were about to go, Andrei kept on bugging the HYATT hotel dog by repeatedly saying "meow" in cat voice. 

It works pala!

Let's just say he really got the attention of the dog that time. Good thing that it did not go after him though. He he he he he!


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 29, 2015 at 5:22 AM

    ASHUSH! Save ka diyan! Yaaaaahhhh, you save, like, 1/100 of your daily salary for a weeklong staycation sa Balesin! hahaha...

    -I agree, those memories are investments in your child's future... nothing trumps a happy childhood when building a solid foundation for their emotional growth.
    -that's a nice park in Blue Bay Walk, although the times we've been there it's either it was raining hard or it was sooooo hot that we really didn't get to enjoy it
    -may binili ba kayo diyan sa tiyangge?
    -OMG!!! A Chow! Sooooo cute!!! I want one!!! Ibili mo ako niyan, idol! hehehe
    -free parking??? Wow! I wonder how long that will last?
    -I want to go to that buffet! Pero super tulog na ako diyan sa mga oras na yan, hahaha...
    -grabe! sandamakmak na litrato all over the hotel! hahaha... I'm sure may video ka din niyan, hahaha...
    -bakit kaya walang nagsi-swimming, ano? Malamig pa ba during that time?
    -uy, mai-print nga yang pic ni Eric sa shower at ibebenta ko sa quiapo, hahaha
    -ang taray ng lifeguard post! hahaha
    -kanina pa nga ako nagtataka kung bakit ka may cap even when in the pool... buti pinayagan ka ng management, hehehe
    -bwahahaha... nakakatuwa naman ang script mo para kay jaws
    -awwww... nalungkot naman ako sa mga goodbye pics mo
    -Juice colored! I'm sure afford-na-afford niyong bumalik diyan araw araw, hahaha

    Have a great Friday, idolizers!

    1. Naku yoko na masyado gumastos Mr. Snuff!!!! Need to live within our means!!!! Dapat magsave for the future because I am the future of the world and I am the hope of my nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1) SUPER! And like I said, I'm proof of that. My parents really made a lot of effort in taking us out in bonding experiences that it gave me such a happy childhood. Now, I want to pay it forward to my kids and have them experience the same thing if not more. Talagang it really goes around.

      2) Wala! HA HA HA HA AH AH AH! NANOOD LANG KAMI! h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) Super! There were a lot of dogs in the park and they were training it for a show. Ang cute nila lahat!

      4) I'm sure it will be forever kasi malayo naman sa business district ang city of dreams AND they need to draw in people. He he he he he he!

      5) I'm not so enthusiastic sa buffet. It's just dimsum, fried rice, noodles, and a few filipino food. I saw a much better spread at Sambokojin!

      6) Bw ha ha ah ah ah! I'm sure somebody will complain na ginawa kong photo album tong blog ko. E bakit ba! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I don't want to forget anything e. I really take pictures of every corner para it will be forever in my memory.

      7) The water kasi was very cold TAPOS it is so windy. Pero my kids, they could swim anytime. Ha ha ha ha ha! It's just a matter of how long kung malamig.

      8) Naku baka hulihin ka ng pulis for distributing kapangitan in the world. KIDDING!

      9) Ang taba ng lifeguard post. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      10) Tee hee! Laki kasi ng noo ko and kapag basa my hair, WALA! No more cover!

      11) Weird no. Walang magawa.

      12) We really get sad whenever we're going to leave a place we had a staycation in. As in. I'm serious! Kasi kumbaga naging home namin for a while. Kaya nakakalungkot.




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