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Monday, April 21, 2014


I don't know about you but I LOOOOOVE board games. When my siblings and I were kids, we would spend hours playing our favorites Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble, Snakes N' Ladders, and Mad! We were not really fans of computer games. It was getting someone bankrupt or solving who killed Mr. Body all the way!

That is why we would always have "board game nights" with my little lords. My husband and I agree that it is much better to  actually play with them rather than going about our business while their faces are in front of the computer or gadgets.

With this, we were so stoked to see that some of our classic favorites were pumped up for the ultimate board game enjoyment. You'll see what I mean when you get to play these games that is MORE than meets the ordinary dice.

Now you see before you... 


from SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES instagram account

Yes you saw that right.

SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES is the creation of Teena Barreto, a wedding planner who has done celebrity weddings like that of Ms. Miriam Quiambao. 

I met up with cool mom Ms. Barretto during our Phoenix Court dinner (blog post to follow) and her very cute son.  I was happy that we shared the same sentiments in raising our boys that we would rather have them play real games instead of just spending hours with angry birds and mine craft.

It is with this idea that inspired her to whip up SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES that offered popular classics that are as big as their awesome level . These life sized forms of entertainment will not only be a hit among the little kiddies during special events but it will surely be the rage among the fun seeking adults.

During our last EPIC STAYCATION (SEE HERE and HERE), we had an afternoon swimming at BELLEVUE HOTEL. It was then that we saw SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES staff set up the fun that we will have later. 

According to Ms. Barretto, SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES was introduced to the public last March 21, 2014 and it is a recommended add-on to birthday parties, team building seminars, and even weddings. 

She confirms that ALL SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES were made from scratch and nothing was ordered or just assembled. Ms. Barretto closely monitored the production of the "supersizing" of these popular games and made sure it passed her standards. 

Care for some SUPERSIZED Snakes and Ladders? 

The very good looking children of Jane Go (SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE) seem to agree as they went right for it!

I really wanted to play the SUPERSIZED Scrabble except that my Chinese Adonis played the invisible game and was nowhere to be found. Ha ha ha ha!

So I just waited for my boys to finish swimming so we could play some SUPERSIZED tic tac toe!!!

At first it was Mati and Andrei who played the SUPERSIZED tic tac toe while I was their referee!

For some reason, Andrei thought of using the SUPERSIZED dice from the Snakes N' Ladders... ha ha ha ha!

And with that, we had a clear winner!

Check out the joy of triumph in Mati! Now THAT'S a SUPERSIZED feeling!

I challenged the winner afterwards.... 

Aba... I SPY the Chinese Adonis! Giggling silly while on the phone!!!!

Those SUPERSIZED X's and O's were made of fine wood mind you that I felt  my BICEPS getting a bit of exercise... he he he he!

He he he! It was a draw for us! 

Little Mati played with Lauren, daughter of TALES FROM THE TUMMY. He said he played the gentleman card and let cutie Lauren win that round of SUPERSIZED tic tac toe.

That's his excuse and he's sticking by it. Ha ha ha!

Seeing the SUPERSIZED pick up sticks brought back a LOT of high school memories!

I always played pick up sticks during recess with my imaginary friends (he he he he) that we/I would usually forget 30 minutes have gone by!

For the life of me now, I wondered how I was able to play 30 minutes of picking up sticks without causing movement to the other ones. It was SO hard! Augh... my aging hands! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Maybe I'll just stick to the SUPERSIZED scrabble!!!!

Ms. Barretto said she gets a lot of inquiries whether or not her SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES are for sale. She said she only offers these games for rent and at very cool prices!

Check out these SUPERSIZED PACKAGES!!!
(from SUPERSIZED instagram account @supersizedph)

Package A
Big Minds Package
P6,500.00 (3 hours event service)

Package B
Biggie Duo Package
(choice of 2 games - adult or kiddie supersized)
jenga, pick up sticks, snakes n' ladders, tic tac toe

Package C
Giganthree Package
(choice of 3 games - adult or kiddie supersized)
jenga, pick up sticks, snakes n' ladders, tic tac toe

Package D
Awesome FOURsome Package
(choice of 4 games, combination of kiddie OR adult supersized)
jenga, pick up sticks, snakes n' ladders, tic tac toe

Package E
Supersized Fun Package
(All 5 games in kiddie and adult supersized)
jenga, pick up sticks, snakes n ladders, tic tac toe, scrabble!!!

Add to that, they have this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROMO where you could rent
ALL 5 SUPERSIZED GAMES (kiddie and adult)
for only P8,000.00! That's a P4,000.00 off the total price!
Just make your booking until April 30 for an event that could even be at the end of the year!

Awesome right?

It was such a treat to play the SUPERSIZED PARTY GAMES with the kids (yes even minus the Chinese Adonis). 

Thanks Ms. Barretto for letting us relive our wonderful kiddie moments again! Hope our little boys could play sometime too!

for inquiries email at
viber/wechat +639209284609
follow them on instagram @supersizedph 


  1. Sayang huhu nag-bisi-bisihan ako kaka-kodak moments hindi ako naka-paly Jaz!!! :'(( Sana maulit muli nalang ang drama ko! :P

    1. Ako din hindi nakapag picture picture ng marami dearest Jane kasi nagswimming pa mga kiddies at si Chinese Adonis ay may kakilitian sa phone! Huhu!!! Buti na lang may ilaw pa nung nagplay kami ng boys. ha ha ha ha! Isked na yan! Wohoo! :) Miss you mmmwah!

  2. Hi, I am a student from De La Salle University. We contacted Supersized PH for an event that we're having this Thursday (February 26, 2015). Our agreement with them is that we will deposit the downpayment of Php 2000 before the event and that's what we did last Friday (February 20). We've been trying to reach them for 2 weeks now via multiple texts and emails but we never got a reply. We've also been trying to call them on their mobile phone but the number is out of coverage reach.

    Is there any chance that you can help us reach Supersized PH via another contact number or an alternative email?

    We really need to talk to them ASAP because our school officials need the names of the people who will be entering the University on Thursday for ingress or else the security won't allow them to enter.

    Hope you could help us out on this one. :( Thank you and hoping to hear back from you soon.

    You may reach me via email at

    Once again, thank you.

    1. Hi Jam!

      Sorry but I'm not really in regular contact with them. I only met the owner of SUPERSIZED at that time.

      Good luck and I hope everything works out in the end.


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