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Sunday, April 6, 2014


BANANA LEAF CURRY has always been one of our usual choices when we want to indulge in delicious Asian food that is not heavy in our pockets. What was not to love about it? The servings were good for sharing while the food was cooked to suit our simple but ALWAYS hungry taste. So when we went out with friends to celebrate the Chinese Adonis' birthday for his usual week long celebration, it was no wonder that the leading contender  for our meet up was our "usual" BANANA LEAF CURRY!

And as USUAL, it was a night for us and our tummies to remember!


When I meet with my "Pretty Mommies" group, we always have it in PODIUM since it closes late (10:00pm) even during on weekdays. 

BANANA LEAF is casual and with a warm feel to it. We got to the restaurant 30 minutes before closing time yet they still welcomed us with a smile.


Me and Gem!


Mareng Gail stepped out for awhile to do a bit of shopping maybe. So I coughed on her cupcake... Ha ha ha ha! Take that!

Kidding! I'm sure you could see the cupcake was still in the box! He he he he!

Pareng Jun and Mareng Gail!

Tee hee!

Aning and John Lloyd... este... Jonas!

So now we're complete, LET'S EAT! 

We started off our BANANA LEAF feast with an order of their Roti Canai (P88.00) with Curry Sauce (P30.00) on the side. The Roti Canai is always served warm and perfect to pick on while waiting for our main food. We love the chewy bread to be smothered in the tasty curry sauce! YUM!

We ordered one of our favorites, the BANANA LEAF pad thai (P188.00)!

My husband and I love BANANA LEAF's version because the other pad thai's tend to be sour. Even if it may be how they really cook it in Thailand, Yub and I tend to go for the taste of soy sauce and lots of peanuts in our rice noodles!

When we eat at BANANA LEAF  I always order their Hainanese Chicken Rice to share with Aning. My Yub is not overly fond of this dish but my College friend loves it! So since I cannot finish one order on my own (diet! diet!) we always share! 

Also, because SHARING is CARING! Naks! Ha ha ha ha!

Gem had BANANA LEAF's Tom Yam Kung (P288.00) to share. It was served piping hot in a clay pot (I rhyme all the time... tee hee)!

This BANANA LEAF soup was a great slurp especially with right balance of sour and spice going on with it. We did get some few fat shrimps that were still fresh and firm to the bite!

Jun ordered his favorite BANANA LEAF Chicken Curry with potatoes (P288.00). 

It was perfect because I loved the sauce and would always ask for some from the generous pareng Jun! I cannot order this when it was just me and my husband eating because the serving was enough for 3 people!!!
He he he! I would spoon generous helpings of the creamy spicy gravy over my rice! YUM!

Gem ordered this BANANA LEAF seafood in egg and curry sauce. I forgot the name of it but it was also a savory eat! 

My plate! My beautiful BANANA LEAF plate!!!

Our long table in BANANA LEAF filled with food!


Later on I brought out mini-cakes and the crown for the birthday boy!!!

We all sang to Yub a happy birthday!



Aren't the colors purty??? This was mighty nummy in our tummy too!

Thanks mareng Aning for the HAPPY cupcake!



Thank you so much Pretty Mommies for celebrating with us on Yub's week long birthday!!!

Missed you Mareng Chel!

Hmmm.... are the guys and the birthday boy trying to tell us something? Tee hee!!!

Second Floor, The Podium,
Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 6876808, 02 6876818

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