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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Our long weekend at B HOTEL was obviously becoming an epic staycation (SEE HERE and HERE) and one of the delicious factors why we had such a great time was because of the abundantly offered buffet meals in PRIME CAFE!!


There was a special set up prepared for the KTG group to have lunch at PRIME CAFE!

PRIME HOTEL has these booths for privacy and flat screen televisions. This was especially useful during the PACQUIAO vs BRADLEY fight on April 13, 2014 when they aired the live screening for guests of the restaurant. 

As for our lunch, the kiddies requested to watch a bit of cartoons and the PRIME CAFE attendants were very considerate and changed the channel. 

PRIME CAFE also has a bar for your special drinking needs... 

Bottles, bottles everywhere and there's a lot to drink!

But we were there in B HOTEL (managed by the Bellevue Group of Hotels) and we were ready to eat!

Lunch buffet at PRIME CAFE is very affordable at P600.00 nett. Kiddies 7 to 12 years old are charged less than 50% while 6 years old and below are free!

I wonder if 6 in shoe size gets to eat for free to? He he he he he!

The waiters for PRIME CAFE were extra happy to announce that "lunch is served"!

According to B HOTEL'S General Manager Mr. Jose Mari Ouano the menu at PRIME CAFE changes every 6 months and that they use the finest organic ingredients. The selection may be limited but diners are assured of delicious and quality food!

Yes, these PRIME CAFE dishes were actually calling out to me. 

To start off our PRIME CAFE meal, we munched on some onion rings. I also got a helping of their seafood ceviche since I loved "kinilaw". 

The chicken and vegetable spring rolls had a very tasty filling and was especially good with the dipping sauce.  

Andrei however loved the crunchy siomai and asked for 3 pieces of it!

When there's a salad bar, I would always get a heaping side plate since I wanted to eat healthy and get that killer figure that would make my Yub drool. 

But then again, I  love to eat "HEALTHY" so much that I would always load it with lots of creamy dressing. Ha ha ha! Toingk!

If you're in the mood for something hot while you're enjoying your main meals, then scoop yourself up a full ladle of PRIME CAFE's Sinigang Soup!

I love Pork Sinigang and PRIME CAFE made it with the right sour fruity taste to it!

Mati enjoyed this as well and slurped 2 bowls happily of the PRIME CAFE soup!

I may have already put rice on my plate but this PRIME CAFE Baked Alfredo Pasta was insanely good. Think of your favorite macaroni and cheese pasta but 10 times more tasty! I think I almost did my horrific habit of eating this pasta with my rice. Yes. It was that delicious!

PRIME CAFE's barbecue chicken was a hit with the kids! They loved the very flavorful meat and I doused their rice with the light sauce. 

The PRIME CAFE Grilled Fish Fillet with Chef's special sauce was so pleasing to the eyes and tummy! The flavors were light and healthy while the plump cherry tomatoes gave the fish that extra sweetness. 

The PRIME CAFE fish was served with these special sauces that I was not able to add but tasted delicious nonetheless!

I was asked if I was able to try the PRIME CAFE signature sisig and yes sireee I did! 

This Filipino specialty may not be as creamy or oily like how they served it in other restaurants but still, the dish was jampacked with flavors and the extra spice made it more perfect with rice!

If that wasn't sinful enough, we also loaded up on a separate plate for the crispy belly of PRIME CAFE!

 Of course, we focused more on the most "healthy" part of the dish which is also my favorite --- the skin!

Oh dear me. This was SOOO crunchy and delicious!!! I must have about 4 or 5 big bites of this!

Buffet cover selfie!!! Tee hee!!

Mati got food for himself in the buffet of PRIME CAFE and even helped me a bit with Andrei. 

My plate! My full PRIME CAFE plate! Doesn't it all look so beautiful?!

I washed down all that delicious food with my favorite ice cold ripe mango shake from PRIME CAFE!!!

Dessert in PRIME HOTEL consisted of bite servings of their luscious cakes and leche flan!

Aren't these purple cakes too pretty to eat?

I love chocolate so it's a no brainer that I would get these fudgy little things!

If cake is not your thing, there is a bowl of fresh pineapple and melon chunks!

Since I was already full, I just took some leche flan, a FRUIT, and a piece of their chocolate cake! That chocolate cake was very creamy and moist! I was really tempted to get another one but I WAS trying to diet. He he he!

Of course, it all went down oh so good with a hot cup of brewed coffee. 

What a great lunch at PRIME CAFE!

KTG with the Queen of the South! Don't you just love it when your picture shows that you're the only one not ready for the shot?

The next day, we were only supposed to have a quick bite for breakfast in PRIME CAFE!

Usually breakfast is free for hotel guests, but just in case you are in the area and feel like eating like a hungry beggar at the start of your day, their buffet is very affordable at P450.00 nett!

The PRIME CAFE breakfast buffet has this big pot of bubbling rice congee which emitted such a wonderful aroma!

Even if I have already decided what to get for breakfast, i cannot resist ladling myself some thick rice porridge onto my wee bowl and put generous toppings from their selection. 

Ain't that purttty? My mouth is drooling right now! This was so perfect with a spritz of calamansi! YUM!

Again, since there was salad in the PRIME CAFE buffet, I cannot help but get meself another plate of it again. 

PRIME CAFE fried bangus! Mati loved this because it was fried perfectly and had the right amount of salt!

The PRIME CAFE pork sausages were extra good too!

Fat pork and fat beans swimming in rich tomato sauce... nuff said. 

PRIME CAFE pancakes for my little Andrei!

PRIME CAFE Pancit Bam-I for breakfast? I live for carbs so it's fine by me!

And of course my favorite, garlic rice!

PRIME CAFE breakfast buffet!

Saw a very sleepy Jericho of TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY at the breakfast buffet with his sister Justice!

All hail Chef of PRIME CAFE! :)


Somebody got my camera and took a candid shot. Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei held that "look up" pose for quite a while.

He only stopped when he offered to mix my coffee. Such a sweet little lord!

My plate! My PRIME CAFE plate!

Yub saw somebody order some bacon in PRIME CAFE so he requested for a plate as well. He asked for it to be fried extra crispy!

Oh yeah... that crispy bacon looks good at EVERY angle!

Andrei loved bacon too!

And asked for most of the pieces of my husband's plate.

We didn't mind because he was finally eating something else besides pancakes!


Our Queen of the South with her lovely family!!! 

Thank you so much to dear Jane Go (SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES and family to enjoy the perks at B HOTEL. We loved PRIME CAFE!!!

Prime St. Madrigal Business Park, 
1780 Muntinlupa City
(02) 828 8181

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  1. Missing you, Jaz!! <3 See you soon! :-*

    1. Missing you more dear Jane!!! Mmmwaaahness! Hi to pogi Kap!


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