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Friday, April 25, 2014


Ask any person (living or imaginary) and you would find out that I don't do a lot of shopping. It's not that I hate it but like any normal girl (yes, even if I don't look like it, I'm a woman), I DO love buying nice things for meself and looking all purty. However, like any normal working mom, who has the time to do a LOT of shopping? When I go out, and it's usually with the little lords, we would usually go to play areas. No way will I leave them or make them wait while I go shopping. The only time I am able to shop is during date nights with my Chinese Adonis (now I don't mind making HIM wait! Ha ha ha ha!). And when I DO have the time to shop, I make it a point to buy from stores with special sales and promos. Yes I could get very stingy with myself because I find more happiness using my hard-earned money by having staycations and food trips with my family. Of course, there is nothing wrong with shopping, but I find making memories with my little lords much more gratifying!

That is why I was so glad that dear Jane (SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE) hooked me up with a pair of MADIL flip flops! Yohoo! It was summer already and I haven't got a very "summer-y" thing to wear. And MADIL flip flops just fit MY bill!


MADIL actually started off when founder Ms. Devra Elze was waiting for her kids to finish swimming in their local pool. Looking around, she saw how people would put in a lot of effort to style themselves off and look different. With that, she thought she could instill this idea in the simple flip flops and make it fashionable depending on the "groove" of the wearer. 

Just in case you're wondering, MADIL stands for MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN LIFE. And yes, besides highlighting your ability to change the look of your flip flops in any way you like it, MADIL is really about sending out a message that we could always help out and do a good deed in "any way we like it" too. 

With that, I am pleased to know that for every pair of flip flops purchased, MADIL gives out $1 to fund cleft repair surgeries for children worldwide.  At least, with MADIL, I won't just be shopping to look good. In a way, I will be putting back smiles on children's cute faces! 

And like how Ms. Ezle did, I officially started to use my MADIL while waitng for the boys during swimming in Bellevue Hotel (SEE HERE). 

I took my brand new MADIL out and the fashion ignoramus in me didn't know what to do with it.

Good thing that the very lovely daughter of Jane came to the rescue!

It was actually pretty simple really...  

photo from

You choose the color and size of your MADIL flip flops (P999.00 including an extra set of bands and charm)

photo from

Add to that is you choose the color of bands that you want to go with your MADIL flip flops! An additional set costs P150.00

My MADIL came with 4 pink bands which just makes my my flip flops a little more girly!!

There is a technique in getting the band into your MADIL flip flops. You just shoot it right in...

... and make sure it is fastened underneath your MADIL strap!

I did the other flip flop myself and it was so easy peasy!

If I could do it, then anyone can!

Check out the severe look of concentration on my face though... 

With MADIL, you don't only have the choice to change the color of your band --  you also have kikay power to add these cute trinkets that go along each flip flop strap!

photo from
You have a lot of charm design to choose from with prices ranging from P200.00 to P250.00 each! Check out the MADIL WEBSITE

My MADIL charm was a very happy daisy! 

Like what Meg Ryan said in YOU'VE GOT MAIL, "Don't you think that Daisies are the friendliest flowers?"

The fastening of the charm onto the band may get a little tricky. But once you learn the technique of pulling the elastic bands apart, you would get the hang of snapping in the charm!

And not one minute later... I DID IT!!!! 

(enter Dora the Explorer song "We did it! We did it!")

Ain't my new MADIL flip flops purrrty?

I think my MADIL flip flops are beautiful in any lighting!

But it looks more beautiful on my tired feet. 

Ohhh that feels so good! They're so comfortable too!

(If you notice a slight swelling on my left ankle it's because of my embarrassing fall during my Anniversary dinner in the Revolving Restaurant (blog post coming soon). High heels I curse you!!!! As a result, I was limping for 1 week. It WAS still something we laugh about though. HA HA HA HA HA!)

The feet of dear Jane in her MADIL looks much more girly!

The same goes for the pink MADIL on her little bunsoy!

For our brunch in CAVIAR (blog post coming soon) I wore my MADIL with my flowery dress. Now I'm no fashion editor but I think I look GOO-OOD!

"Ala eh... ke ganda sa Cavite! Punta kayo dineh!"

In the recent trip that we made to our family's province in Cavite, I brought along my MADIL flip flops as well!

Yes my feet was so snug in my cute brown flip flops! 

I'm glad it survived the numerous walks on hot gravel and rocky roads. I just gave it a short wipe and it looked good as new again!

I love my MADIL and I'm glad it loves me back! H aha ha ha ha ha!

And with its cute tote bag and compact size, my MADIL flip flops may be a a regular resident in my travelling (carpet) bag. Yup! Along with my yellow hamper!

Till our next trip dear MADIL!!

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  1. Thank you so much dear Jaz!! <3 Bonggang bonggang write-up. Mwah! :-*


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