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Monday, April 28, 2014


Call me an ignoramus but the first time I encountered the word BRUNCH was while watching the greatest TV show there is, THE SIMPSONs. It was the episode where Marge had an affair with a sexy guy. At one time the sexy guy, with his very thick accent, asked her out for "Brunch", he explained "it's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch. But it ends with a slice of grapefuit."

Fast forward to our EPIC STAYCATION where we were with the little lords for a grand 3 day weekend. It was then we received an invite to have brunch in the much buzzed about CAVIAR. With that, I was a bit concerned because I already had this mindset (thanks to the SIMPSON'S) that BRUNCH is something more for grown ups. Though I'm sure that there won't be a sexy guy with a thick accent explaining to me what the menu is and that BRUNCH is really just an early lunch, as a Mom I was concerned if my little lords would be able to enjoy the whole experience.

I'm so happy to say that kids had a great meal at CAVIAR. We all had a wonderful start to our day but yes my concerns were valid:

Because for one, brunch in CAVIAR is not just your ordinary late breakfast or early lunch. It was something bordering on spectacular. It certainly made me more curious of their fine-dining menu for lunch and dinner that I may have to yank the Chinese Adonis here for a date. Or, I could set up an LQ so that he'll bring me here as a peace offering. Tee hee!!!!

Plus two, I guess I was wrong with regards to the presence sexy guy with the thick accent because THIS suddenly emerged.

CAVIAR'S Executive Chef Frank Van Der Walle! More of him later.

Isn't he a dead ringer for Tom Hiddleston though? He he he he he!!!

Anyway, all of THAT made up an unforgettable Sunday brunch and I was glad that my worries were true in an exceptional way. 


 CAVIAR opened its doors last September 16, 2013 by Chef Frank and his brother Bastiaan Van Der Walle. 

 CAVIAR is a brand new French restaurant in the heart of the South that foodies need not  travel to Makati or the Fort for a taste of that sexy cuisine. At the same time, curious diners may have to drive here to enjoy   the food that will make you go "OUI" for the overall delicious experience!

CAVIAR accepts reservations and is open Monday to Saturdays for lunch (11:30am-2:00pm) and dinner (5:30pm to 10:00pm).

During Sundays they have brunch (10:00am to 2:00pm) and dinner (5:30pm to 10:00pm).

Fret not drinkers, CAVIAR's bar/lounge is open until midnight!

(Homer S. - "Wohoo!")


My little lords were pretty curious as to how the french do their brunch. Boys being the usual boys would always request for pancakes and bacon. But this time, they were willing to try out something new. 

 They were pretty curious to try out this kick-@ss harley but then we wouldn't want them vroooming all around Alabang while the owner chased them now do we?

When we entered CAVIAR, Bastiaan Van der Walle, the equally good looking brother of the Chef, warmly welcomed us. 

 He then offered us the brunch staple, MIMOSA!

CAVIAR's Mimosa is part German sparkling wine and orange juice . 

A sip of the delightful cold drink from the long stemmed glass made me more eager for the brunch to come! 

 Cheers Mati!

The CAVIAR Mimosa was not really for kids but Mati was curious how it tasted. :)

It was a good thing that CAVIAR also served some house iced tea for the kiddies which Mati and Andrei gulped on heartily!

Looking around CAVIAR, I was surprised that they also had a homey section reminiscent of  the french country side of Provence. (I don't know if my description is accurate since I've never been there but it is how I imagined it to be after reading the book "A Year in Provence" he he he he!) 

This cozy room is alongside where the CAVIAR bar is, so at night time I'm sure this is where you could kick back and enjoy your cocktails. 

And enjoy it you will because CAVIAR has a sizable selection of specialty champagne!

I could just imagine champagne lovers doing the Perfect Strangers' Dance of Joy here but you wouldn't want to be kicked out of CAVIAR now would you? He he he he!!! 

According to the server, this curious art piece mounted on the wall of CAVIAR is actually the number of champagne and wine bottles the brothers consumed while planning out everything (including construction) for the restaurant! 


I love rooms with fireplaces. It certainly adds a certain warmth and homey feel to everything!

I wondered what the deal was with the Komodo Dragons at the entrance and in the lounge area. The CAVIAR server said the owners just loved the look of it and did not have any profound explanation for its inclusion in the design. I feel that their presence added a bit of "fun that stuns" to the restaurant. He he he he!

We may to go back to CAVIAR to enjoy their champagne some other time because for now, we are so looking forward to have brunch with my favorite foodie family!

CAVIAR has this wide spaced area perfect for groups of families or friends. I guess you may also have this reserved for your small parties or events.

CAVIAR also has this special booths if you want your french dining experience to be more private and cozy while you whisper sweet nothings to your date or play footsie.... 

Sorry, I suddenly thought of Captain America.... sigh....

I loved this simple center table of CAVIAR adorned with fresh flowers and glass pieces. 

 Now THIS calls for a photo op with MY Captain cutie! Tee hee! 

As we got settled to our seats, I put my table napkin on my lap.

Little Andrei however was thinking of something else.... 

Within minutes, a server from CAVIAR immediately offered us their selection of breads. 

I was trying my best to hold back since I don't want to be TOO full for the CAVIAR brunch ahead but I found their homemade bread basket consisting of Filo pastry, Ciabatta, Multigrain bread, Foccacia, and Pumpkin seed rolls so inviting!

The CAVIAR special bread basket was served with orange marmalade and grape jam!

The little lords fancied the Filo pastry and asked for a second serving. 

Mati loved it as well by spreading flavored butter and topped with jam!

The next course was being diligently prepped up by Bastiaan's wife herself. 

It was a welcome treat for the yoghurt lovers for the CAVIAR brunch that day.


We were served this creamy Greek yoghurt that was tart and had an appetizing bite. 

The velvety Greek yoghurt was definitely for the books but it was not the kind that the kiddies were used to though. 

I myself am more inclined to the sweet flavored ones (I have mediocre taste I know... he he he he)!

I found however that there were some sweetened oats underneath the CAVIAR yoghurt and after mixing it, it sort of became my favorite muesli!!! 

Everything was JUUUUUST RIGHT! Oh yum!

We we were later served with a plate filled with chilled watermelons, melons, mangoes, grapes, and pineapples. 

We were supposed to top our Greek Yoghurt with this. Yub ate it all by its lonesome and asked for a second serving (so embarassing.... ).

The breakfast of champions! SOOO yum! I ate Andrei's CAVIAR yoghurt and started on Mati's. I only stopped myself from swiping off everything because I remembered we still have more coming up!

It was a good thing I saved room for THIS!

CAVIAR's House Salad!!!

Oh dear me... the salad was just HEAVENLY! I loved Arugula... I loved candied cranberries.... and this salad got them all plus MORE.

I apologize if I'm doing a 360 degree admiration for this CAVIAR dish but it was really such a beautiful sight that was a delicious one at that! You could never go wrong really with crunchy double smoked bacon, italian sausage, and fresh tomatoes. 

The eggs were perfectly poached as well! I loved it with the dollop of Hollandaise sauce! Mmmm...

By this time I was so thankful that my husband does not eat vegetables. I swiped his CAVIAR house salad as well! :)

Some pepper miss? Don't mind if I do!

I was somehow reminded of one episode I saw from the first season of SEX AND THE CITY. Tee hee!

While the kids were munching on the crunchy bacon and sausage, we were all delighted at the sight of CAVIAR's Charcuterie and Vegetable sticks with Cheese Dip!

The CAVIAR wooden board had prosciutto, smoked salmon, breosola, plus walnuts!

I apologize for the messy table. We were just so raring to get a piece of everything that we just clicked and dove right in!

The last dish to be served was a treat for the kiddies! But even us adults loved the CAVIAR Dutch Crepe with Cherry Sauce, Bread Pudding, and home made Vanilla Ice Cream!

Mati feasted on the Dutch Crepe and was satisfied with the Cherry Sauce (he would normally ask for many servings of maple syrup). 

Andrei being his usual self got right to the ice cream and the pudding!


Again, Andrei, being his usual self did not want to look at the camera! :)

I loved how CAVIAR servers would always check on the diners. Even Bastiaan would regularly do so. After asking how the kids were doing, he offered Mati and Andrei a tall glass of hot chocolate complete with whipped cream and fudge. 

At this point I was wishing he offered this to the adults as well! Ha ha ha ha!

Mati loved it and chugged it down carefully as it was really hot! This CAVIAR hot chocolate perfectly warmed his tummy that Sunday morning!

CAVIAR served a wonderful brunch! But should you decide to go for something more special, CAVIAR serves lobsters that were flown straight from Nova Scotia Canada!

These beauties are available for a limited time only so get them while supplies lasts!

I think it was my Andrei's first time to see a live lobster really up close!

He was so curious and (almost) never left its side!

Even while he was playing with Bastiaan's son, Andrei would regularly pass by and check on his new friend, the lobster!

Even while we were eating, Andrei would adorably check on the little lobster.

I think he even tucked it in with the CAVIAR napkin at one point so it won't get cold! Awwwww...... 

I think Kap, cool hub of Jane (SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE), wanted to play with the live lobster as well.


HA HA HA HA! Just kidding! We all love Kap! He's so funny!

After our wonderful CAVIAR brunch, we chatted up with some of our KTG foodie family while waiting for our shuttle to go back to our hotels.


Thank you so much to Chef Frank for the delicious CAVIAR brunch!

And Bastiaan and son for being so cool with my little lords!! :)

Of course, super kaduper thanks to dear Kathi (MUCKING AROUND MANILA) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! OMIGERRRD isn't this a purrrty picture of us??

Oh and just in case you're wondering what happened to Andrei's little shellfish friend....

Dan... dan... DANNNN!!!!!!

Now THIS is MY new best friend! He he he he!


Unit A-206 Westgate Centre, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(+632) 552 79 30  / +63 917 868-3080 / 
+63 906 574-5916 / +63 915 623-7277

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  1. huwaw! Na-extra naman si Kap my Kap hahaha!! Sisikat na siya! :)) Missing you, Mwah!! :-*

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Naku that's what you call CAMEO where yung mga sikat may appearance!!! Ayan makikilala na blog ko because of you and Kap! Ha ha ha ha! Missing you more dear Jane!


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