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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Anyone who knows ERICJAZ FOODIES could attest that we always put our family before everything. We do not go out and spend gazillions in bags or signature clothing. We have forgotten night outs or partying with friends unless we do it together -- and if we do so it wouldn't be on a school night. Whatever we do our priority is to build memories with the little lords and we really save to have unforgettable weekends with them. It may be costly at times but the moments of togetherness with my boys (while they are still little) are priceless.

That is why we were so thankful that the very sweet Jane Go (SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE) invited THE YAPPY BUNCH for a 3 day staycation in B HOTEL. I mean WOW, 3 days??? The last time we did a hotel vacation like that was for me and my husband's wedding night (which was ahem, not enough aka "bitin", hence, the second night! Ahem.... ) So imagine our excitement building up because I have been reading a lot of raves about B HOTEL. My boys even made a countdown and could barely sleep!

And wow, what a vacation it was! You could tell how much my little guys enjoyed the staycation because just now, Andrei was already asking when we are going back to B HOTEL. It's a great thing too that a room was very affordable because we could schedule family weekend in no time.

For one night only though... Unless it gets... ahem... bitin... he he he!

From our humble abode we drove towards Muntinlupa City...

No traffic... Spacious roads... Toto, we're not in our beloved Mandaluyong anymore!

Master Mati was very excited for our B HOTEL staycation!

And there it was from afar...


B HOTEL is managed by THE BELLEVUE group of hotels and was, as you would say, their "corporate" counterpart. It opened it's doors September of 2014 and became the popular accommodations for business people on the go because of its affordable rates that included breakfast, comfortable rooms, and free internet  access (WOHOO!).

B HOTEL may not be as grand and tall as the other hotels in the vicinity but one look at their simple facade and you would immediately get that relaxed, comfy vibe that you would wish for in a long weekend. 

B HOTEL door men were quick to assist and load up our numerous (hehe) bags. 

Inside B HOTEL you are greeted by this magnificent piece of artwork done by a Filipino artist. 


On hand to greet our arrival was the very warm General Manager of B HOTEL Mr, Jose Mari Ouano! He was so jovial, cheerful, and the kind of boss you would like to have. No wonder the B HOTEL employees were always smiling -- this guy's energy was infectious! 

According to Mr. Ouano, yes the B HOTEL started off with the corporate people as their main guests. But now, they have also been accommodating families even with little children. Perhaps it also has something to do with the hotel being situated in a safe, subdivision-like area, where churches and a park was so nearby. 

It would also help that their rooms could take in 2 children below 6 years old (as long as they bunk in with the available bedding) and are also included for free buffet breakfast at PRIME CAFE with their mommy and daddy!

The lobby of the B HOTEL was chic and unpretentious. 

Though I could imagine how space could get limited should there be numerous guests who will be checking in, I'm sure B HOTEL staff, headed by Mr. Ouano, would make sure these people would still be comfortable. 

For one, they immediately gave me and my boys ice cold mango juice. 

This was so perfect from the blaring summer heat outside!

Newspapers were also provided for your reading pleasure at B HOTEL!

If you want to find a quiet nook where you could drink a hot cup of coffee and read, B HOTEL also has this corner where various artworks will keep you company. 

These colorful paintings are also for sale too!

And were ready to go to our rooms! Check in at B HOTEL is at 2:00pm while check out is usually before 12:00pm!

Later on dear Jane, aka the Queen of the South (yes we called her that), arrived. She is always fun to be with and was so sweet with EVERYTHING! 

Aaaah... so that's why her blog is named SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE!!!

Going to our room, the little lords did their usual hitch on the hotel bag trolley and the bell boys would always be laughing along with them. I would also help in pushing and it's actually pretty manageable even with our hundred of bags. Ha ha ha ha!

Wohoo! The B hotel gave us 2 standard adjacent rooms!

We got 702 and 703!


Like I said, we got the standard room. Check out their rates for this April!

Standard - P3,500.00 nett
Penthouse Suite - P6,500.00 nett

BTW, just in case you cannot see the Chinese Adonis, it's because he's still somewhere... Doing something naughty... H aha ha ha ha!

Naah just kidding. He is actually sitting on the chair acting invisible and all. Don't worry, it'll wear off later. 

A welcome note from Mr. Ryan Chan, the managing director of B HOTEL!

Plus goodies from B HOTEL

Wow thank you!

The boys' room with twin beds!

The little lords were so stoked that they got their own rooms at B HOTEL! They even announced that they will close the doors to get some "privacy"!!!

Yes. My thoughts exactly.

Kidding! Naaah! It was always doors open for us since I would like to be assured that they were THERE.

Doors were closed for 30 minutes though...  Ahem...

FINE. Make that 6 minutes... HA HA HA HA!

Each B HOTEL room comes with personal fridge with drinks, coffee, tea, and 2 complimentary bottles of water. 

He he he... THIS will be my "mini-bar"!

LCD tv... 

B HOTEL restrooms were satisfactory and quite clean. 

Shower room in B HOTEL could fit 2 people! 

I meant the 2 kids you pervert. Kidding! Ha ha ha ha!

Each bathroom came with this rain forest shower!

My little lords had fun taking long baths in it! He he he he!

B HOTEL toiletries were replenished everyday!

My usual bathroom selfie! He he he he!

The view from our room! As Mr. Ouano said, the B HOTEL was in a peaceful subdivision area. 

While the kids watched a bit of TV I took out my usual travel companion... 


Awww... look at my hamper enjoying the view the lovely neighborhood!

Finally! Unpacked and ready to go!

People usually find this weird but its just that I could get a bit OC when it comes to our things and the last thing I want is dirty clothes everywhere. I didn't want the clean clothes mixing with the soiled ones so I always bring my own hamper where I could just throw in everything. 

Come check out time, I just grab everything and put it right back in the bags. Of course I have separate bags for the clean and dirty clothes. This method has always worked for me and it made our travels more organized. So judge all you want. At least our room is always neat. He he he he!

We then went down to have lunch with the group at B HOTEL's Prime Cafe (blog post coming soon!)


Dear Jane was already downstairs with her family and the other KTG peeps. She let me wear her crown which was so small for my big head. HA HA HA HA HA! I love her "Queen of The South" sash!

She also gave me my awesome MADIL flip flops!!! (Blogpost coming soon!)


Oh I love it when I only had one shot and I was the only one who did not look ready! Niiiice! Ha ha ha ha!

(Blogpost on PRIME CAFE coming soon!!!!)

After lunch, we rested a bit and got ready for our next activity!

My dear Mati, being his usual outspoken cute self, called the front desk and asked for a channel listing. In less than 5 minutes somebody came up and helped him surf the tv! When there were no cartoons, this kindly guy even offered to install a kiddie channel for them.

Like I said, the Chinese Adonis was nowhere to be found and we needed a ride ASAP. We were so thankful to find out that B HOTEL has a shuttle service that takes guests to some drop off points at Alabang and Filinvest from 6:00am to 12:00am, Monday to Sunday, FREE of charge!

Pretty good deal right?

The shuttle also brings guests to its sister hotel, BELLEVUE. 

Yey! The kids' first shuttle ride! I think.... He he he he!

When I first checked out B HOTEL, we were a bit disappointed to discover that it did not have a pool. My little boys love to swim and a pool was enough to make them happy for the whole weekend. B HOTEL GM Mr. Ouano acknowledged this that yes, they do not have a pool but they make up for service. Besides providing each guest with a 15 minute Sports Yoga massage in the convenience of their rooms, B HOTEL patrons could also swim all they can in BELLEVUE hotel!!!

Wow! And such a beautiful pool this is for the boys to swim on!

The BELLEVUE pool was far and wide but is actually on 4 feet deep so it was very safe for the kids!

While the kiddies swam, mommies and daddies could lounge around the chairs to keep a watchful eye on them. 

They could also have drinks on the BELLEVUE bar. 

Those swimming toys are for sale by the way. 

There were shower areas outside and dressing rooms farther back. 

That water seem so inviting.... Too bad I did not bring my BIRTHDAY SUIT.

Wait... come to think of it... I did! Ha ha ha ha!

My little water baby!

Same goes for Mati!

He was so eager to show me that he already knows how to swim! Yey Mati!

He could already float too!

Snacks for everyone was provided by MY PINK WASABI! Their dessert sushi are so nummy yummy in my tummy! (Blog post coming later!)

Mati had a grand time swimming with Lauren and Rain!

It was so kind of Richard (TALES FROM THE TUMMY) to let us borrow Lauren's floaties! Andrei really loved it!

The boys swam with all of their might! 

While the kids were swimming, there were some SUPERSIZED games for the adults and the kids at heart! 

Here are the lovely children of Jeff and Jane Go! 

Me and the boys played this big Tic Tac Toe later on when they were finished swimming. 

If you want to see who won, check out our BLOG POST coming soon! Ha ha ha ha!

For dinner we had eat all you can dimsum at PHOENIX COURT in BELLEVUE hotel!!! (Blogpost coming soon!)

And yes, NOW the Chinese Adonis APPEARS!!! He he he he!

It was so cool also of dear Spanky to give the boys some mustache straws. They loved it! He is also VERY good with kids which makes him so cool!!!! He'll make a very good dad someday... yihiiii!!! 

When we got back to our room in B HOTEL, Mati was so delightfully surprised that the manager, Mr. Ouano gave him and Andrei some chocolate cookies! 

Beside that, our beds were ready for bed! I love hotels with turn down service!!!

Mati got his milk out and chomped on the fudgy B HOTEL cookies!

As for us, we were deciding if we were going to have some B HOTEL chocolate cake... 

Luscious cupcakes from KAT'S CAFE.... 

Or dessert sushi from MY PINK WASABI??

We knew we had a long night for chomping (wait I meant the dessert), so Yub and I enjoyed it all with a hot cup of coffee! 

While little Andrei had milk! Awww what a cutie!

Good night my dear angels!!!!

Check out our Day 2 and 3 coming soon!!!! 

Oh yes. There will be MORE eating! Ha ha ha ha!

Prime St. Madrigal Business Park, 
1780 Muntinlupa City
(02) 828 8181

Check these out!


  1. Thank you so much Jaz for the special mention. Kiliggity naman ang lowla hahaha! ;)) I'm glad the fambam enjoyed the staycation. I also enjoyed spending 3 fun-filled days with you guys. Hope we can do this again really soon haha. Love you all. Mwah!! :-*

    1. Hiya dear Sugar and Spice!! Thanks so muchos again! Yes we should! It will be LOADS of fun once more! Did you see my famous yellow hamper and my closet? He he he he! OC girls rule!


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