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Thursday, April 17, 2014


As much as I would like to have the body of Angelina Jolie or Anne Curtis, I am stuck with the body of a pear. Oh yes. I'm a walking fruit with my big hips ALWAYS getting jiggy with it.  But no matter how much I wish to get that coca cola bottle figure, I would never give up on sweets. You may TRY to give me fruits for desserts but I will ALWAYS reach out far (if it's in the other end of the room) just to get my sweet nummy treat.

So during out B HOTEL epic staycation (SEE HERE and HERE) even if I was already filled to my gut with delicious Chinese food from Phoenix Hotel (blogpost to follow), several boxes arrived from KAT'S CAFE. I saw almost everyone go gaga when they opened the unpretentious boxes because it encased what seemed to be the most delectable cupcakes that would cap our perfect weekend.  


KAT'S CAFE cupcakes are sold at P65.00 each but if you get more than 5 pieces, it will be marked down to P60.00. But even with its affordable prices compared to other specialty desserts, you will still be assured of the quality at every bite because owner Chef Katrece Gamo (a graduate of Center for Asian Culinary Studies with a diploma in Culinary & Pastry), would only use the finest ingredients such as Belgian or Vahlrona chocolate, and Philadelphia cream cheese!

I think it is seriously wrong to open these boxes in front of other people. These KAT's CAFE cupcakes looked so mouth watering that I was controlling my pear shaped self from jumping onto the table then stuffing my mouth silly with all of it. 

When we got back to our room, I changed into my jammies and excitedly took out my box of KAT'S CAFE! I smacked my lips and looked at it hungrily as I would with a plate of Benedict Cumberbatch... este... hot melted chocolate....

Homer drools.... bwrkkkkk..... 

It would be very nice to just pop one whole of the KAT'S CAFE cupcakes into my big mouth but you don't want me to choke now do you? So I just stared at it for quite a while and made some very hard decisions...

Which one should go first?

Top l-r - Death by Chocolate, Mango Dulce, Classic Red Velvet, 
Botton l-r - Midnight, Cheesecake Crumble, Cookie Dough Cheesecake!

Since I was TRYING to be healthy, I chose the MANGO DULCE.

Yes. Eating fruits already takes a lot of effort from me!


I am really OC when it comes to eating in bed since I don't like sleeping next to crumbs. But since we were on vacation and the Chinese Adonis' stuff was all over the table, I propped up my pillows and got my KAT'S CAFE Mango Dulce!

One bite and I WAS IN LOVE!

The cupcake was very moist and soft. The chiffon cake base was not overly sweet like what other dessert stores offered and the mango topping with whipped cream made it all the more delectable!

Even if I already had whipped cream on my mouth, I went in for another huge bite of my KAT'S CAFE Mango Dulce!!! The caramel drizzle all over the sweet mangoes added an extra level of luscious flavor!

I read that Chef Katrece  accepts orders for custom cakes. I certainly hope that she would make me a big mound of this Mango Dulce to feed me for one whole month! This is the picture that I'll send for an estimate! He he he he he!

My husband was supposed to share with me, but I just cannot stop!

The soft and scrumptious insides of my KAT'S CAFE Mango Dulce!

As I was enjoying my KAT'S CAFE Mango Dulce, I forbade my Chinese Adonis from getting even one piece from the box. I just consoled him to the fact that we could just go anytime to KAT'S CAFE and he could also try out their main meals like pastas, sandwiches, etc etc... 

I don't care what he eats really. He should just leave me and my KAT'S CAFE Mango Dulce alone!

OH wow... I was making a mess everywhere!

At this point I was so tempted to lick all the whipped cream and mango compote... 

But then I remembered, "For Better Or For Worse"... So FINE. My Chinese Adonis get's the last piece of my KAT'S CAFE Mango Dulce!

Oh mama mia! This was SO perfect with Benedict Cumberbatch... este... coffee!!!!

After Yub downed that last piece and was licking his fingers, it was the right time to take out another KAT'S CAFE awesomeness.... 

Death By Chocolate!!!

OMIGERRRRRD! We ARE in trouble now!

DJMA Commercial Abel Nosce street,
BF Resort Village, 1747 Las Piñas
+639153627582 028720263

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  1. You got me at "body of a pear". Hahaha! I feels you!

    1. Now I'm already a full water melon though... HA HA HA HA! I'm craving those Mango Dulce again. Grrrr!


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