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Sunday, April 20, 2014


When it comes to desserts, I always go for my usual favorite: the ever fudgy, moist, and sinful CHOCOLATE CAKE. It never fails -- when we're out and I want to end the night with something sweet, it's chocolate cake; in a buffet I always cut me a generous slice of chocolate cake; heck when my Yub and I have an LQ (lover's quarrel), he would appease my temperamental senses with CHOCOLATE CAKE.

Lately however, I have been growing bulges in ALL THE WRONG PLACES that I feel it's not doing my bikini dream any good.

(Oh yes I HAVE a bikini dream. And when it becomes a reality, you'll be scared out of your pants for sure. Ha ha ha! Kidding!)

So now it was truly a candy-coated surprise for me to see a new and delicious way to enjoy my favorite dessert. The best thing is, I got MORE than my usual chocolate addiction. Because not only did it give me servings of MANY sweet delights but it came in these fashionable, unique, and "state of the art" bites that made me ooh and aah before wolfing it all down by  my lonesome.

Presenting, MY PINK WASABI!

If you think that inside the beautiful MY PINK WASABI box is an expensive pashmina or clutch bag, think again. Open it up and behold... 

Very colorful dessert sushi aka KASHI MAKI's!

I met up with the very nice owner of MY PINK WASABI, Chef Anna Chua, during our EPIC staycation in B HOTEL (SEE HERE and HERE), and she told me that she has been serving the KASHI MAKI's to the public since October of 2010. 

According to the MY PINK WASABI chef, she got her inspiration to bake up these luscious and colorful dessert when sushi cakes were very popular abroad. But instead of just serving up the usual raw food to her beloved Filipino foodies, she went for desserts since it was really her specialty.

Check out her kashi maki flavors --
Top l-r amarula, chocnut (2pieces), coconut dream, coffee kahlua (2pieces)
Second row l-r midnight mint, nutella sesame (2 pieces), oolong berry, white matcha (2 pieces)
Third row l-r murphy's law, pop secret (2 pieces), Oolong Berry, Midnight Mint

MY PINK WASABI Kashi Maki's were launched in Mercato starting only with 9 flavors. 

Now she has 13 dessert sushi types to be proud of but more will come that will depend on the taste and demand of her foodie market. 

MY PINK WASABI Kashi Maki are sold at the following prices:

Box of 4 -- P140.00
Box of 9 -- P280.00
Box of 18 -- P540.00

The MY PINK WASABI box of 18 comes with these sassy silver chopsticks!!! 

Tee hee I know somebody who was such a fan of these KASHI MAKI's that he was able to collect several pairs of these chopsticks and used it for my sushi cake birthday party.

I wonder who that is??? Tee hee!

the IRON MATI and his SUSHI!

These MY PINK WASABI dessert sushi are perfect to give your host when you're going to attend a dinner party. 

That is, if you could control yourself from swiping a piece or two. He he he he!

According to Chef Anna, these MY PINK WASABI treasures are also perfect for events like weddings or birthdays. She could make up 50 boxes or more of these sweet treats as long as you could make the arrangement with her a month prior the special day. 

You could also customize these MY PINK WASABI sushi to your liking. 

Just don't forget to place your orders 3 days in advance!

Tee hee! I know what flavor mine would be!

Of course, my KASHI MAKI's will make up mostly of chocolate sushi!

This MY PINK WASABI chocnut sushi rules!!!

I'm not sure if Jericho of TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY would agree. Look at him enjoy that white matcha flavor!

Sorry Jericho, the Chinese Adonis was invisible during that time so you had to be our model for a while!

MY PINK WASABI also does dessert catering! Check out the mouth watering set up they treated us with during our swimming day in Bellevue Hotel! :)

It was so cool to meet Chef Anna Chua and Raymund Quisimbing of MY PINK WASABI!

Thank you for treating ERICJAZ FOODIES to a boxful of your MY PINK WASABI kashi maki!

Chef Anna: "Ugh must not make eye contact..." ha ha ha ha!
I know what I'm going to be having with my coffee VERY soon!!!

Tee hee!!!


Unit P 7274 The Collective, Malugay St. Makati
Fior Cafe SM North Annex 5/F Cyberzone
(0947) 8658634 | (0929) 2779551

Check these out for orders and catering inquiries


  1. Alam mo ba kung ano ang nakakatawa??? Super deadma lang sayo si anna hahahhhahahaha!! Dun ako napa-ROFL eh! ;))

    1. Bwa ha ha ha ha! I know!!!! Kulang na lang ata iwan niya ako magisa sa pic! Kidding Anna!


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