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Friday, April 11, 2014


I remember that when I was still studying like 5 years ago (tee hee) summer vacation meant doing totally nothing -- nada... zilch... don't even lift a finger for ANYTHING. For 2 months I will be free from the confines of a classroom and I will just laze around the house, wake up at noon, watch television, and just sit around some more. Heck, if I wanted to scratch my big tummy while exploring the wonderful world of idleness, then I will do so. Only the prospect of lunch or dinner will stop me. He he he he he!

Fortunately, for my Mati and Andrei, they will not succumb to the same amount of unproductive oblivion that I committed myself to before. Sure I was enjoying my time as a tree for 2 months but it may also be because there was no fun activity that would rouse my interest.  Now, the little lords have so much to choose from as different fun summer activities keep on sprouting up here, there, and everywhere that my boys were almost tempted to double book!

For this summer, I already enrolled the boys to do the usual fast food kiddie crew and basketball clinic that they chose to do. However, upon chancing the blog entry of my KTG mate THE MOMMIST (SEE HERE), I was all juiced up with all the fun and educational activities for my kids!!!! 

photo grabbed from THE MOMMIST

THE MIND MUSEUM awesome summer adventures!

I know right? Where were they while I was growing up and watching betamax??

There was a lot to choose from that I know they will like, but one particular module really caught my eye... 
photo grabbed from THE MOMMIST

My Mati is OBSESSED with detective work these days. And mind you, he is not riding the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon but is watching a lot of the classic Agatha Christie "Hercule Poirot" instead. My little master is also reading a lot of Detective Conan comic book that he would just surprise me from all the facts he would learn from it!

With that, this CSI 101 was our obvious choice!! Being the eager beaver that I am, I paid the fee weeks before the scheduled date so that I would be assured of a slot and to avail the early bird discount as well. The people in charge with the MIND MUSEUM Summer Program were very helpful and would immediately answer all my questions about security and even lab gown sizes for my son. Immediately I felt assured that they will really take care of my little guy for the whole day!

 It's just a shame though that Andrei is too young for this activity! Next year then!

Being the punctual person that we are, we arrived with a lot of minutes to spare in the MIND MUSEUM!

We woke up extra early to avoid the heavy traffic going for the rush hour near THE MIND MUSEUM. Since they did not really allow companions while the lessons are on going, I told Mati that I'll be there until it's time for me to go to work. 

We did a bit of walking around THE MIND MUSEUM and even if it was closed yet, there were some things to see.

 Mati got entertained by this talking robot babbling endlessly to anyone who will listen. 

He asked to have a picture taken with the talkative robot. I really like it when Mati does that. 

Mati at the MIND MUSEUM!

Like I said, we WERE early for the 9:00am  CSI 101 session. It was a good thing that there was a Jollibee nearby the MIND MUSEUM which was open for 24 hours.

The fast food center is also a perfect venue for snacks when you visit the MIND MUSEUM with your kids!

Finally, it was time!

THE MIND MUSEUM! Science Comes Alive!

We went here before on another holiday. Guess it's time for another visit with the kids on another weekend!

When we entered, Mati was welcomed by the very nice and accommodating MIND MUSEUM attendant, or MIND MOVER, William Derek Rozee! 

He registered my little guy and was on hand for any more of our questions as parents with separation anxiety... He he he he he!

William also introduced to us the very pretty Mind Mover Artha Ting! She will also be helping out and manning one of the teams for CSI 101!

William informed us that they will give later on their MIND MUSEUM detective bag filled with lab coat, magnifying glasses, magnet, safety glass and notebook!

Mati then received his MIND MUSEUM CSI 101 id!

At the back of Mati's id was a schedule of the days activities for CSI 101!!! Wow! I could just imagine the fun that Mati would have for today!

More kiddies are coming and the CSI 101 is about to start!

Finally, the Mind Movers call the attention of the CSI 101 participants to queue  up!

At this point I reminded Mati to take care of his cell phone and camera. Gadgets are not allowed during the Summer Program (why would a kid need it anyway when they have something much more fun before them?!) but they let the kiddies bring their own camera to take pictures of their activities and a cell phone to get in touch with their parents when it was time for pick up. 

Snacks and lunch were provided by THE MIND MUSEUM but you could still pack some extra drinks and munchies.  I put some milk and biscuits for Mati to eat just in case he gets hungry from all that detective work before break time!

The Mind Mover then requested everyone to line up by twos. 

The MIND MUSEUM guy also asked the children to talk to the person beside them. 

Of course my little guy chatted up!

By this time, I had to go. Parents and guardians were not also allowed to watch while lessons were on going. With that, I relied on THE MIND MUSEUM's instagram (SEE HERE!!!!) account for updates!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram
The kids were divided and each group is assigned with a Mind Mover to teach them about CSI 101!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram
CSI 101 taught them to take fingerprints and they were able to use the special bags provided THE MIND MUSEUM!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram

The little detectives were able to dust for fingerprints from different surfaces using granite!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram

The kiddies were also able to make deductions on the proof presented from the CSI 101 shoe impressions!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram

Everyone, no matter how big or small, got a chance to take the "reins" in the activities for the CSI 101!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram

The CSI 101 detectives learned how to make shoe prints for clues in solving crimes!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM instagram

According to the MIND MUSEUM instagram account, the kiddies were all eager to volunteer their shoes for the lesson! Ha ha ha ha!

At this point Artha Ting, the pretty Mind Mover of THE MIND MUSEUM, helped in taking some pictures of Mati using his camera. Thanks so muchos Artha! You are such an angel -- pretty like one too!

He he he he he!

If you don't have a boyfriend yet, I'm recommending little Mati if you're willing to wait. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

My little detective learned the art of "Chromatography" in CSI 101!

Awww! Doesn't he look too cute in his lab coat?

For this particular activity, the CSI 101 students did individual chromatography.

According to Mati, he was really interested with the lessons in CSI 101.

He also participated in the discussions!

Check out my son's proud smile!

Doing a bit of measuring... 


Good job detective Mati!

Mati said he loved this part in CSI 101 where they were made to analyze blood splatters.

My little detective really listened word per word!

He enjoyed the fake blood that they did. He was fascinated with how there are different blood splatters depending on the source and  cause of impact. Mati said he was able to hammer a round object filled with "fake blood" and he got a bit of color everywhere. Ha ha ha ha!

I would have loved to see that!

Little Mati made new found friends and they had snacks in Jollibee during break time. The MIND MUSEUM staff were also there to chat up with the kids and assist them in their meals.

Hmmm... somebody got hold of the camera.... 

Oh Mati. Is that your new theory on deduction?


After all the activities the CSI 101 participants had a graduation ceremony!

Congratulations dear detective Mati for completing the CSI 101 workshop!

My little guy also received an award for being the most outspoken!! Ha ha ha! Yes, he's really MY son! 

Good job detective Mati! Your award is so cool!!!! I'm so proud!!!

The happy faces of the kids from THE MIND MUSEUM's CSI 101!!!

When his Daddy picked him up after CSI 101, Mati had a lot of  things to say. He had so much fun with the whole day's detective work and begged to have it again next year!

Wasn't that a lot of fun for ONLY one day's worth of MIND MUSEUM summer activity? That will already give you an idea how it's going to be for the other workshops!

If we didn't have something up in the other MIND MUSEUM Summer program dates, I would have enrolled the boys to another work shop. Looking at the other classes and I am so convinced that this is MORE than the usual summer activity for the kid. I really recommend their activities for parents out there who want their children to do something different and truly educational for this summer. Believe me, this will not be the usual "time out of school" for your children. If your kiddies have the same interest with science and other fascinating things around like Mati, then this will also be the "time of their summer lives"!

My hats off to the MIND MUSEUM team who I met and chatted with: (l-r) volunteer Jolo Fernando, plus Mind Movers William Rozee and Artha Ting. Thanks for being very nice, attentive, and passionate to the kids so they will be able to explore THE MIND MUSEUM summer activity with enthusiasm!

Also, thank you for being extra patient to this very "praning" and "kulit" mommy. I was definitely assured that Mati won't only have fun and learn but he will also be safe within the confines of the cool MIND MUSEUM!

grabbed from THE MIND MUSEUM website

Again, summer is far from over. DO drop by the state of the art MIND MUSEUM with the kids. Or better yet, let them experience their mind blowing summer activities to make that worthwhile mark this summer vacation!


J. Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave, 
Taguig, Philippines
+63 2 909 6463

Check these out!

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