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Friday, April 4, 2014


Every time me and the Chinese Adonis have dinner at one of restaurants along the stretch of SM Aura Skypark, we often pass by this place shrouded in black cloth. At first we would just dismiss that it may be something bleh under construction. But then we saw the sign MAGNUM  and right then we knew that  we should count the number of days, hours, minutes, and dagnabbit, even seconds to get a taste of its succulent ice cream... PLUS... OOOH...SOOO MUCH... MOOORE.....

(I was actually going for how the other sexy ladies do it in car commercials but I remember how my husband hysterically laughs when I attempt to do it, so never mind).

Anyway, the Chinese Adonis and I were so thankful to receive an invite to bask in the creamy glory of goodness of MAGNUM MANILA treats before its opening on April 8 (Tuesday). Even if we haven't had dinner yet, having our luscious dessert FIRST, was in order (pun intended). And remembering how fudgy and rich MAGNUM bars were, we were willing to forego even the usual 3 meals a day in order to indulge in these creamy temptations without any sort of remorse over our so called "diet".

Don't worry, one bite from your MAGNUM MANILA desserts and you'll be transported into a dimension where the word DIET is a virus and shouldn't be uttered out loud. Either that or you'll be so busy groaning like the sexy ladies from car wash commercials while eating your MAGNUM bar to even remember it. He he he he he!


When you enter MAGNUM MANILA you will be greeted by a perfectly illuminated M that seem to be the highlight of a dessert "temple". 

Look closely and the "holy" M is made up of many MAGNUM sticks! Cool right?

I think this is how clean MY MAGNUM sticks are after I lick it mercilessly from the ice cream!

The MAGNUM company already has branches around the world like in London, Paris, New York, Toronto, and Shanghai to name a few. As much as we were happy that they also decided to open up in Manila, they would only have a 12 month run since it was really more of a pop up store to begin with.

Well! Here's hoping that the 12 month run will be more like a testing ground for a more long standing relationship with MAGNUM! Yohooo!

If you expect MAGNUM MANILA to be your ordinary dessert joint, well HELLO, you are instantly proved wrong. One thing I noticed, there was a LOT of space that it may be impossible for you to bump into someone unless it is on purpose. 

To be honest, the interiors of MAGNUM MANILA actually reminded me of the modernized Asian restaurants (e.g. Gloria Maris / Lugang Cafe) but with more space to do the swing plus some trendy accents here and there. 

But of course what would also grab your attention in MAGNUM MANILA is this stylish counter manned not by just ordinary servers or waiters.... 

Meet MAGNUM MANILA's PLEASURE MAKERS! They will be the heavenly beings who will eagerly assist you in the creation of your very own MAGNUM bar. Guess what? For only P100.00, you would be able to create your own MAGNUM BAR with some of the most unimaginable toppings and rich ingredients 

Like popcorn?

Potato Chips??

Well if you think that topping chili flakes on your MAGNUM bar is ordinary then I will kick you out for being a kill joy ignoramus troll!

I arrived late and my husband already finished 2 MAGNUM bars (traitor!) but dear Spanky was uberly nice enough to have another round with me!

This is me verifying the whole process with Von, the very warm MAGNUM MANILA pleasure maker.

For somebody who gets confused with just the simple process of making my own burger or pizza in artisan restaurants, don't wonder why I have that weird, exasperated face from all the choices faced before me! Ha ha ha ha!

Time to make my very own MAGNUM bar!

First, choose 3 toppings from the several silver bowls presented before you by the pleasure maker in MAGNUM MANILA!

I wanted to play safe so I got the salted pretzels, mini marshmallows, and roasted almonds!

Next, you choose what flavor of ice cream (chocolate or vanilla) that goes in to your MAGNUM MANILA creation. I got my usual favorite! YUM!

Afterwards, choose from the 3 dips (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate) in MAGNUM MANILA to coat your ice cream bar!

Dear Spanky who got a vanilla ice cream bar, chose the white chocolate for his 3rd dessert in MAGNUM MANILA!

As for me, I wanted a double dose of fudge in my life so I got the milk chocolate!

Oh wow... will you look at that....???


Pretty please with sugar on top???

At this point, I asked pleasure maker Von if I could dip my finger into the milk chocolate sauce. She pleaded no and put out that sweet look which could also mean "I'm going to put the guards on you!"

Okay fine. 

To appease me, pretty Von topped my MAGNUM MANILA bar with my chosen mini marshmallows, roasted almonds, and salted pretzels! 

The last choice for you is to decide what to drizzle on your  delectable MAGNUM MANILA bar!

I got the dark chocolate this time!

And the piece de resistence is topping this beautiful dessert wonder with a chocolate M emblem!

Voila!!! My first MAGNUM MANILA creation!!!

And we are done! I am so impressed that MAGNUM MANILA's pleasure makers like Von were so knowledgeable with their toppings and ingredients. When I asked  her what would go well with this and this, she would have a ready recommendation and combination! Wow!


And all throughout the night, Von and her other pleasure makers in MAGNUM MANILA would have a ready smile and enthusiasm even after a hoard of sweet tooths came in! Hope they would be able to maintain this with the eager diners come opening day!

As for me, I was already enjoying my delicious MAGNUM MANILA bar!

OMIGERRRD! It was SOOOO GOOD! I go so entrapped with my heavenly MAGNUM ice cream that I was oblivious to what was happening around me!

I never thought that salty pretzels, mini marshmallows, and roasted almonds could work together so well!! I am so going back to MAGNUM MANILA just for another round of this!

OMIGERRD! That was soooo nummy yummy in mah tummy!!

As for the Chinese Adonis, his first round of ice cream in MAGNUM MANILA had vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate dip, with gold and chocolate crunch balls, crushed oreos, then drizzled with white chocolate! 

Halfway through his MAGNUM MANILA bar, he already wanted another one! 

My husband caught up with the very hot looking Dreyfus couple enjoying their cool creations in MAGNUM MANILA!

Chuckie Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP) had his MAGNUM bar dipped in gold chocolate, and topped with chopped pistachios, quezo de bola, chopped almonds, then drizzled with dark chocolate!

Photo from The Tummy Traveler
As for pretty Yen (THE TUMMY TRAVELER), she made herself a MAGNUM with gold chocolate coating and topped with quezo de bola, crushed pretzels, crunchy chocolate balls, with milk chocolate drizzles. 


The Chinese Adonis also saw Richard and Irene Co deciding over what to put their MAGNUM bars!

The cool guy behind TALES FROM THE TUMMY made this somewhat healthy ice cream bar with milk chocolate dip, topped with pistachios, freeze dried raspberries, mini marshmallows, then dribbled with gold chocolate goodness!

Sorry, when I see fruit, it's automatic "healthy" for me! BWA HA HA HA HA!

It was also great seeing my favorite "Mother Mucker" Kathi (MUCKING AROUND MANILA) and Mr. Pogi Jericho (TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY) enjoying his and hers MAGNUM MANILA bars!

Yub was not able to catch a pic with the handsome owner (naks) but Stonibert Lim (THE FOOD ALPHABET AND MOREMAGNUM MANILA creation was drool worthy especially with toppings such as roasted almonds, speculoos cookies and quezo de bola shavings!!! 

Not to be left behind, Stonibert's charming wife Joan also made a very tempting MAGNUM MANILA combo of crunchy chocolate balls, crushed oreos, and popcorn!!!!

I don't know whose this is but ain't it purrrty? Only in MAGNUM MANILA ill I see an actual MAGNUM bar topped with freeze dried raspberries, dried mango, and quezo de bola shavings!!!!

Ooops... I just learned this was Yub's second round!!! Uy! He became adventurous all of a sudden! Ha ha ha ha ha!

And just in case you have some nights where you'll be lazy (like me), you could always order the pre-made MAGNUM bars!

Fear not too because MAGNUM MANILA also has other mind blowing desserts that will satiate your sweet tooth to the fullest extent!

MAGNUM MANILA's Cookie Dough Skillet!

MAGNUM MANILA's Death By Chocolate is your ultimate lava cake(P250.00)!!!

Death by chocolate? If looks could kill kamo! Dalian nyo!!!
With special hand participation by the cheesecake lady, Irene Co (INDULGENCE BY IRENE)!!! Tee hee! 

MAGNUM MANILA'S Rainbow Dream (P250.00) has colorful crumbles and creamy cheesecake! 

MAGNUM MANILA's Pink Friday (P290.00) will tempt you with speculoos cookies and strawberry marbled cheesecake!!!

All that ice cream talk made me hungry again so I went for another round in MAGNUM MANILA!

I went for some MAGNUM vanilla ice cream with Gold Chocolate coating, chopped pistachios, popcorn, and shredded quezo de bola! 

Tee hee!!!!

Of course, we cannot just end the night without catching up with our KTG foodie family (plus Jericho's sister, Justice!)

We also had a great chat with MAGNUM MANILA's Pastry Chef,  Miko Aspiras! He was so passionate talking about his dessert creations that you would mistake him for a parent going on about his children. 

And yes, I guess you could say it is somewhat that way with him and MAGNUM MANILA! He put so much heart into the creation of desserts that you would feel the love in every bite!

Thank you Chef for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

And of course, special super kaduper thanks to dear Spanky (THE DAILY SPANKS) for inviting us!!! 

Me, Spanky, with MAGNUM MANILA'S pleasure makers! Don't we all look oh so pleasing to the eye????

The same goes for our footwear too! HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry! It was just too cute not to mention!

I know I raved over and over again about the luscious desserts by MAGNUM MANILA but you should also know that they serve real food to satisfy any carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore out there cooked by THE Chef Him Uy de Baron (of NOMAMA!!!!). I will just go back to try that out next time!!!

So shall we see you in April 8 at MAGNUM MANILA??? Hopefully YES! The first 500 by the way gets a free CREATE YOUR OWN MAGNUM!!!



Magnum Manila
Opening 8 April 2014
5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, BGC, Taguig

Check it out:


  1. I'm already thinking of what to put in my Magnum bar. The prices aren't bad ha, nice! :)

    1. Hiya dear Guia! Yes! Prices are very reasonable compared to the servings. OMG I'm so craving again for my dark chocolate with pretzels and marshmallows!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Kai! Especially now that they have amped it up a notch! Thanks for checking it out :)


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