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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On the second night of our epic staycation (SEE HERE  and HERE), Bellevue hotel arranged a barbecue dinner for the KTG which was also lovingly coordinated by dear Jane Go of SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE. Just one mention of the words "barbecue" and "dinner" made my Chinese Adonis so happy that he went running around the poolside area like a Tasmanian devil.  He was even garbling and drooling like what the little critter did in the Bugs Bunny cartoons!

Oh I am kidding! Ha ha ha ha! But yeah, my husband and son Mati were very excited! They loved barbecue so much that if they were stuck on an island, they might even barbecue each other! Tee hee!


As early as 5:30pm, the chefs of Bellevue were setting up for our gastronomic spread!

Check out our meats waiting to be barbecued...

Uh obviously the guy in black with the white hat is not included... tee hee!


Chicken, pork, and beef on sticks!

Fat and plump beef hotdogs!

Marinated pork liempo!

Spiced skewered proteins!


(damn you Deniece! He he he he!)

Tiger prawns!

A blurry but very fresh squid!

I could just imagine how tasty the fat would be in this fish after grilling!

Wohoo! The chef piles up the meats on the grill!

While the BELLEVUE chefs were firing up the barbecue the KTG were also building up their appetites by exchanging chika.

It was at this time that Andrei was going around doing some, what we would always call, "explorin's".

Mati however, stayed put and just daydreamed how good the barbecue will be later on!

Of course, we cannot just have barbecue alone!

Fresh salad!

Buttered corn and grilled vegetables!

Spicy Sausage Penne

Garlic Bread!

Garlic Rice


Peanut sauce, Gravy, and Butter Lemon, for the barbecue!

Chef, stop giving us those dreamy eyes and start grilling meats please!

Kidding! Ha ha ha! I'm just getting a little bit hungry there!


Now THAT is what I'm talking about!

I won't forget the drool worthy aroma released from these juicy barbecues! If I could just lick 'em while they were being cooked, I would've!

But nobody wants grilled lengua right? He he he he!

Go go go chef! You have a long way to go! He he he he!

Check out my handsome hub who got so excited with the barbecue that he decided to wear a long sleeved shirt to celebrate the occasion. 

Ha ha ha! :P

As for me, I got myself a pretty heavy salad plate to enjoy with my barbecues!

It was during that time that Andrei came up to me saying he caught a spider and it was inside his hands.

It turns out that when you take a closer look at his hands he would give you a water squirt! Ha ha ha ha!

Haaaay my cute little prankster! 

Yohoo! We got some juicy chicken barbecue! The Bellevue chefs knew what they were doing because it was just grilled perfectly!

They were also quick to fire up the next batch of raw meats!

My first plate of barbecue awesomeness!

We certainly had a lot of plates on the table!

Mmmm... the tender shrimp and juicy corn on the cob was perfect with the lemon butter sauce!

For dessert, we feasted on skewered fruits to be dipped in melted chocolate!

And also some cheese and chocolate cake squares!

After all the barbecues I ate, which could be illegal in some states, I surrendered by having only a few picks for dessert. 

Nummy Yummy special barbecue feast for the KTG only!

Thanks so muchos dear Jane and BELLEVUE hotel!

North Bridgeway, Filinvest City, 
Alabang, Malacca Ln, Muntinglupa 1781, Philippines
632 771 8181


  1. Super touched naman ako at lagi ako may special mention sa blog mo Jaz!! <3 Thank you! Looking at your pics, na-miss ko naman bigla ang bonding moments huhuhu Sana may ganyan every month hahaha. AMBIZYOSAH lang ang peg! ;))

    1. Of course! I never forget kindness! Really! He he he he! Oo nga! Ako nga I want to meet up every week! Kahit now na! Bilis! Miss you and the pogi Kap!!!!! :


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