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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Even if I love myself (don't worry, only I am capable of doing that), I have got to admit that I am not good at fulfilling promises that I made for ME. For some odd reason, even if I consider making a promise to my boys a totally binding "contract" (yes I ALWAYS stay to true to my word to them), when it comes to ME I'm like "HELLO, amnesia girl!"

Well I was a particularly bad girl during our EPIC STAYCATION (SEE HERE and HERE) because I told myself a hundred of times (yes you gotta believe it) that I will be taming my pig-out capabilities and eat like a bird. But then woe is me, something earth shattering would happen that I repeatedly forgot those promises and just dug in to my tummy's delight.

I'm exaggerating with the circumstances you say? Well don't you consider THIS earth shattering to your dietary world as well?? 

Oh wow... I'm in trouble now... 

Anyway, judge all you want but you would feel the same dilemma after eating a full breakfast at PRIME CAFE in B HOTEL (SEE HERE). Because I was so full from stuffing myself silly with bacon and garlic rice, I vowed to myself that I will  be skipping whatever meals for the meet up at CAFE D' ASIE. But then THAT happened (see above). And so I added another broken promise to my "ledger".

Heck I'm not even sorry nor worried for the extra inch outcome of my "broken vow" Because with the sushi, the roast beef, the salad, and the desserts? That diet could go straight to the black hole for all I care.

And I got CAFE DE ASIE to love me for what I am. Naks!


CAFE D' ASIE is located at the second floor of BELLEVUE hotel with operating hours at the following schedules:

6:00am to 10:30am Breakfast
11:30am to 2:30pm Lunch
6:00pm to 10:30pm Dinner

The restaurant has also been awarded one of the best for 2011 by Asia Tatler Dining!

Even if you are a hotel guest, CAFE D' ASIE has this gentle reminder on how to properly dress for your meals there. I actually agree to dress codes because it shows to respect to the establishment and to the person you are eating with. I really find it in bad taste to eat with someone wearing sandos or worse, not have a shirt on (shudders).

Unless of course you're Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth where you could join our table wearing your birthday suit for the benefit of womankind. He he he he he!

When you enter CAFE D' ASIE, a majestic chandelier greets you with its warm illumination and stately feel.

Don't be concerned though that CAFE D' ASIE is a snobby, lift-your-pinky-up, kind of restaurant. Inside, it is actually similar to a clubhouse restaurant but with a more warm tone to it.

You could choose to sit by the window where you get a view and sunlight... 

Or you could choose to sit inside where it is also cozy and cool.

However, do consider with your table arrangements that you will be making several trips to the CAFE D' ASIE buffet.

And wow! What a buffet it is! Though it may not be as lengthy as the other popular hotel buffets, I find that CAFE D' ASIE selections are mucho special and delicious! You'll know what I mean at first bite!

You'll find also that it is cheaper than most hotel buffet prices! Lunch or Dinner is only at P1,390.00 nett while for kids 6-12 years old, are only P695.00 each. Children 5 years below eat for free! Wohoo!

Let's start it off with some CAFE D' ASIE sushi and sashimi!

Some may comment that CAFE D' ASIE'S Kani Salad had too much Japanese Mayonnaise on it. I say, the more the merrier! I could NEVER had enough mayonnaise on ANYTHING so just bring it on! :)

Colorful assorted CAFE D' ASIE maki!

Assorted Nigiri!

Pickles and condiments... 

CAFE D' ASIE sashimi boat which was unfortunately near to getting empty at the time...

It's okay because I spy some fat salmon sashimi ready for refilling!

My uber favorite, SPICY tuna salad! Yum!

CAFE D' ASIE ebi salad!

My newest discovery is this tasty CAFE D' ASIE Salmon Tatake which had a slight sesame flavor to it!

Along with your sushi and sashimi, you could also have some cold cuts to nibble on.

For the health conscious, a salad plate or 2 would do the trick.

Me, I have the salad plate ALONG with my main meals. He he he he!

CAFE DE ASIE also offers some thich and hearty soups like this Crab and Corn!

And this very rich cream of mixed vegetables!

Going around the buffet line at CAFE D' ASIE, I noticed that they also served different types of cuisines. If you're craving for Italian, they have a pasta station where the chef will prepare your chosen sauce and pasta on the spot. 

(In heavy Italian accent) : "Mademoiselle, do you feel like having bolognese, pomodoro, or carbonara on your spaghetti?"

Wait... I think I got a little french in there! Ha ha ha ha!

Whatever you choose, the CAFE D' ASIE chef will bring you Fresh, Flavorful, and Fast FASTA!

Tee hee!

CAFE D' ASIE also had an indian station where they plated up some Lamb Curry... 

Indian Chapati to mop up all that spicy coconut gravy... 

You could also do the same with Rotti... 

... and Naan bread!

How about some CAFE D' ASIE Aloo Gobi for some Indian vegetables?

If Korean food is more your thing, CAFE D' ASIE also has a mean Osin Go Bulgogi (squid and beef)

Their Kimchi Fried Rice was not spicy as I wanted it to be. He he he!

CAFE D' ASIE could fry up some crunchy Ebi Tempura till  you can't take it anymore!

A special treat in CAFE D' ASIE is the Mongolian Station! Pick everything that you like.... 

... and top it with your preferred sauces!

The aroma from the stir fried mongolian fried rice was just hypnotizing!

Oooh la la!

Of course, whatever you do, PLEASE, for your sake, leave room for CAFE D' ASIE's Rib Eye!

This chunk of meat was just juicy, tender, and just over-all loverly! I did not mind gaining a few inches on my tummy here...

As long its not on my big forehead, we're good.

The CAFE D' ASIE Rib Eye was already very good on its own. But if you're like me who loves EVERYTHING to be drowning in gravy, you could pour over some of their thick sauces (Au jus, Creamy Mushroom, Peppercorn) on your juicy meat!

If you would like to have some surf and turf going on, you could request to have these fresh seafood on the grill!

Beside the heavenly CAFE D' ASIE Rib Eye, you could also help yourself to their Pan Fried Fish with Florentine Sauce.

Or some woodsy Chicken and Mushrooms!

One of Yub's favorite was the tangy CAFE D' ASIE Sweet and Sour Pork!

I was too full to try out the Beef Stroganoff!

The CAFE D' ASIE Herbed Baked Potatoes would be perfect for the Rib Eye!

The buttered vegetables would be a good siding too!

Just in case you're craving for rice, CAFE D' ASIE offers salted fish fried rice!

I got right on to another helping of CAFE D' ASIE's sushi and sashimi. Like I said, I loved the extra creamy kani salad!

Like me, Mati went for some Japanese maki rolls too at CAFE D' ASIE!

My son the foodie! Sniff sniff! I'm so proud!

My little Andrei followed suit and got some Tuna sushi too!

Doesn't it look so scrumptious?

No wonder he cannot stop eating it!

As for my husband, there was no beating around the bush for him.

My guy went straight for the grilled seafood!

I saw Jane enjoying a plateful of THIS so I also requested for some CAFE D' ASIE medium rare rib eye, kimchi rice, vegetables, and pototes!

I also got me a taste of the CAFE D' ASIE Mongolian Fried Rice!

And a few pieces of their delicious tempura!

I washed down everything with CAFE D' ASIE'S Strawberry and Banana Fruit Shake!

This was so lip smackingly refreshing!!

When in CAFE D' ASIE, don't forget to save A LOT of room for dessert!

Yes a LOT of room!

It would not hurt to try them all y'know!

Of course if you want to go the healthy route, CAFE D' ASIE served up some real sweet fruits!

My master Mati especially loved the gelato station!

He was excited to choose from the many flavors!

And to put on a LOT of toppings!

He loved the very gooey chocolate fudge syrup!

Mati's very fudgy gelato with the works!

For my last plate of food in CAFE D' ASIE, I had this weird combination of chocolate cake and cheese! He he he he!

While the adults were still eating, my little lords played around with the wee ladies of FOOD REVIEWS MANILA


This lady always deserves a severe, tight hug!

Thank you so much BELLEVUE MANILA and to dear Jane (SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE) for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

If there's one promise I don't have trouble fulfilling is that I know we will be back here again to pig out some MORE! He he he he!


Second Floor, Main Wing,
 The Bellevue Manila,
North Bridgeway, Filinvest City,
Muntinlupa City
02 7718181


  1. Actually, I was watching you kaya. Konti nga lang lagi ang kinakain mo hello! @_@ Henyway,I so love our picture together!! Sweetness!! :-*

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Naku naman kasi dear Jane if you saw what I ate for breakfast, I was VERY SUPER KADUPER CRAZY full but I still made room for CAFE D' ASIE! Ang sarap kasi! Next time talaga when I return, I will eat WITH A VENGEANCE!

  2. Hahaha! May extra pa pala dito mga anak ko, hehe! I wanna go back here, more prime rib and desserts! :)

    1. Hiya dear Guia! Of course! he he he! Mati had a lot of fun playing and exchanging minecraft tips with little Gabbe!


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