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Thursday, April 10, 2014


It was a lucky Tuesday night for me and the Chinese Adonis because not only was I able to get out of work early ("FREEDOM!!! FREEDOM!!!!) but we received an invite to taste the new dishes from BOON TONG KEE in Quezon City! Ever since our first meal in the famous Singaporean franchise with the KTG (SEE HERE), my husband and I would frequently pig out on our favorite Hainanese Chicken and Ribs in their Powerplant Mall branch.

We already love everything the way it is... but now we get news that there would be MORE of us to love?  

A lucky Tuesday night for us indeedy!


photo from Boon Tong Kee FB account :)
Beside the new dishes in BOON TONG KEE, the restaurant was also celebrating the visit of the man who started it all from his simple stall from 1979! Mr. THIAN BOON HUA!!! It has already been 35  years since he introduced hungry diners to his very moist but deliciously seasoned steamed chicken and now his genius is filling up our tummies with more delicious Singaporean food!

I was not able to get a picture with Mr. Hua but I was able to meet him and shake his hand. The guy was truly humble but you could see that his passion for giving us the perfect Hainanese Chicken still burns as it did 35 years ago. 

BOON TONG KEE in Tomas Morato, Quezon City was as cozy as I remembered it to be. It is actually more spacious and chic than the Powerplant Mall branch. If my mental institution in Mandaluyong (tee hee) was nearer here, the Yub and I would indulge in our Singaporean favorites in this BOON TONG KEE branch!

First off on our special BOON TONG KEE dinner were the warm Char Siu Buns and the newly fried Crispy Pork Belly!

Hello there my new friends!

The Crispy Pork Belly lived up to its name as the crunchy skin was sinfully addicting. A delicious surprise for us in the table is the BOON TONG KEE Char Siu Bun as the bread had the perfect chewy texture while encasing the sweet tender meat! My little Andrei, who loves siopao, would definitely have a go at this!

Next up was BOON TONG KEE's Thick Soup with Fish Maw, Crab meat, and Beancurd!

I love thick Chinese soup and I am fine with something like from the "just add one egg" commercial... He he he he he! But I could safely say that this piping hot of glorious soup served before me was much more than THAT. 

This BOON TONG KEE soup was definitely slurp-loudly-OMG worthy! I especially loved the extra cubes of creaminess that the bean curd added to all of it! Yum!

Many people may not believe me (especially that I am friends with not more than 3 people... tee hee) but I am TRYING to eat healthy this year. Egad I think I conked my scale to 140lbs just this month so seeing this plate of BOON TONG KEE Fried French Beans and Scallops with Spicy XO sauce was a definite "yihaa" moment for me. 

According to Ms. Joy Rodriguez, one of the owners of BOON TONG KEE, they are exploring the various sauces to make their new dishes more scrumptious to their diners. You will notice that the food served to us were glistening in thick, delectable, "gravy". Ooh lala! 

And man, that crunchy veggies in spicy sauce with peanuts and succulent scallops made me the last person "standing"/eating in my table. I cannot stop munching on it with my rice!!! The XO sauce was not like Scary Spice but it definitely gave a kick like Sporty which made it all the more appetizing! I would DEFINITELY get me a plate of THIS the next time we're in BOON TONG KEE!!! 

What elicited the most reaction from our table was BOON TONG KEE's Crispy Pork Trotter. Because come on, wouldn't you give a slight double take upon seeing THAT?

Now don't think that the Pork Trotter (aka Crispy Pata) suddenly opened up like the pods from Alien (ALIEEEEN???!!!! tee hee). Our server gave the fried boneless trotter a snip with her scissors and when it finally exposed the soft juicy meat inside, there was such an aromatic steam released from it. We even heard a very appetizing crunch with every cut!

Oh wow! This was even better than some of the local roast pig I know! 

If you want to try delicious Filipino tapa with a twist, then get ready for BOON TONG KEE's Beef Tenderloin in Zhen Jiang Sauce! This succulent BOON TONG KEE beef may be served with fried wanton chips but my taste buds were really demanding for chicken rice, garlic rice, or heck, even plain rice to go with this.

Just give me my rice already!!! The thick sweet and rich sauce was definitely for the books! Sarap!!!! If I was not on a diet (guffaw guffaw) I would get 2 cups of garlic rice and 2 fried eggs to eat with very tender beef!  

If you're craving for seafood, try out BOON TONG KEE's Lapu Lapu with Soya Bean Paste!

Don't eat me!

The fish was perfectly steamed and was further complemented with the divine sauce! Don't mind the chili as it was more of a garnish than a deadly ingredient. If you have an aversion to spicy food, just pick it out and indulge!

BOON TONG KEE may have heavenly chicken rice but to answer the clamor for this classic Asian favorite, they also came up with an uber tasty Yang Chow Fried Rice!

Yes. This would definitely fall under the "kanin pa lang ulam na" book edition as meat and seasonings were a-plenty!

Of course, when in BOON TONG KEE, don't forget to try/order/demand/pig out on their best sellers...

Hainanese Chicken!

Enjoy this BOON TONG KEE favorite with these special sauces: Hoisin, Chili, and grated ginger!

BOON TONG KEE Crispy Roast Chicken!

BOON TONG KEE Crispy Cereal Prawns! Beside the fat fried seafood, we also loved picking on the addicting "floss" cereal breading!

A small plate of that crunchy cereal topping would make little ol' me so happy!

Everyone on the table agreed, including the very pretty mommy blogger Martine, of MAKE IT BLISSFUL! It was so nice of her to hold up that mouth watering big piece of prawn for us while we take pictures! Perhaps it also has something to do with how delicious that BOON TONG KEE best seller is!

BOON TONG KEE Spare Ribs with Bar B Q sauce!!

We washed down all that BOON TONG KEE goodness with a tall glass of ice cold Melon Juice... 

My plate! My messy BOON TONG KEE plate!

Yub found an instant friend with Ton, Martine's husband. Yes, Ton had my husband at "hair do". He he he he he!

Tee hee! Yub will have another person to invite in his FB account! Yipeee! He he he he!

For dessert, we were served with fresh fruits!

Plus these very soft and pillowy BOON GTONG KEE Mango Mochi! Yep! They made this! From scratch!!!

Unlike the other Mochis that I'm used to which are served with frozen rock solid insides, BOON TONG KEE's nummy new dessert has this creamy mango custard that also had small chunks of the fruit!!! So addicting!!! I could stuff my big mouth with 4 or 5 of these!!!

Photo by Spanky Enriquez!
Like I said before, beside the joy of our daily documentation of FOODS (Denise Cornejo eat your heart out), I love that with ERICJAZ FOODIES, we get to meet cool new foodies everyday!!!!

From l-r Miguel Aranas (Marketing BOON TONG KEE), Ram Limjoco, Raab Hizon, Spanky Enriquez (THE DAILY SPANKS), THE KING SLAYER AND THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS, Troy Barrios (Food Magazine), Vlad Bunoan (ABS CBN), Martine de Luna (MAKE IT BLISSFUL), her hubby Ton, and very cute son Vito!!!

Thank you so much dear Spanky and Ms. Joy Rodriguez (one of the owners of BOON TONG KEE) for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!

And of course, thank you Mr. Hua for gracing our taste buds with your one of a kind Hainanese Chicken!!!!

Can't wait to troop over BOON TONG KEE in Power Plant Mall now for some more of those heavenly saucy beings... He he he he!


310 Tomas Morato Avenue
South Triangle Quezon City
(02) 3325692

Check it out 


  1. I love the cray pet names you always use for each other hehe. For this post King slayer & mother of dragons! :P I actually look forward to reading your blog just to find out what you will call each other next -more than the food that you ate haha. But syempre, nakakainis coz your FOODS photos always makes me hungry! @_@ See you guys this weekend Jaz. Miss you mwah! :-*

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Mother Jane, I'm just honored that you drop by our silly little foodie blog! Of course, mas maganda kapag kasama ka na sa entry!!! Tee hee!!! BTW, our cray cray pet names are based on what I love while doing the entry... That time kasi I was still on GAME of Thrones high! He he he he! Naku sana hindi ako maubusan. Ha ha ha ha!

      Miss you more!!! SUPER KADUPER excited to see you guys tomorrow! Warning, makulit fambam ko ha? Ha ha ha ha!


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