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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


For ALL SOUL'S DAY, we went home to Lucena, Quezon Province to be with my husband's family. Besides spending the weekend in his beloved hometown, it also gave him a chance to play basketball with his mates from High School. 

After one game, we were deciding on a place to eat and my husband suggested we try out PEKING, which, they say, serves the best chami (noodles) in town. I was wondering why, after about 14 years of going out, I just heard about this PEKING. We would usually go to Cafe Antigua (SEE HERE), Hacienda Inn (soon), or Buddies (HERE!!!) so it was really a surprise for me that the we have not had a taste of that famous chami yet. My husband then explained, that it was because the restaurant was finally renovated and sanitized (he he he) so now we will be able to enjoy their famed chami, worry-free!

Uh yeah like a little thing like THAT would stop me. He he he!


PEKING was as simple as you could get. But we were all comfortable (even the kids) and it helped that their servers were very kind and accommodating. 

Yub's younger brother Syoti and my ketchup hitboy Mati!

BFF's Andrei and Syoti's daughter, Isha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES! Yeaaaaaaaaah!

I talked to one of PEKING's nice servers named Nori and she said she has been with restaurant for over 20 years! Wow! That's what you call dedication!

I bet I would stay long too if my boss gives out his special chami for our free lunch!!!

And that boss is the very simple but jolly Mr. Victor Tam. He said that PEKING has been around for 40 years and the business was passed onto him by his parents.

Wow! Thank you Mr. Victor Tam please promise us that you will NEVER EVER let go of PEKING!

PEKING'S simple menu!

Mati was in the mood for something to slurp on so we ordered PEKING's nido soup with quail egg (P80.00)!

We kept the kids busy by asking them to serve everyone with soup! Andrei and Isha were very happy to oblige!

Among all the PEKING grub that we ordered, this is the one that we liked the least because it was not the usual nido soup we were used to. It also had a lot of green pepper bits so the kids forgot about it at first slurp. The server said their nido soup was good for only 2 people but we were able to get 4 small bowl servings out of this one.

We also got some PEKING Mongolian steak (P200.00) which was really a whole pork chop in special sauce. This was good though and the sauce was very tasty. 

Mati, the "Niknok" wannabe (he he he) asked for some fried chicken and he got it from PEKING (half P125.00).

If you have kids with you, this would be the dish for them. Chicken was juicy and fried perfectly. The thin breading was very flavorful too!

PEKING Fried Rice (P75.00) was just fairly good. It's a nice match along with their very tasty main dishes!

But please... when you go to PEKING do not EVER forget to order their... 

CHAMI (this bowl P135.00)

OH WOW THIS WAS SOOOOO GOOD! Up to now I'm dreaming of how good this chami is!

You get this big bowl of noodles that are swimming in thick delicious sauce and packed with vegetables, quail eggs, and meat!

We requested our PEKING chami to be extra saucy by the way so for those who do not really fancy their noodles to be swimming in gravy, don't worry!

Get LOADS of forkfuls of this PEKING chami and give it a big messy slurp!!!

This PEKING chami bowl was already more than enough for all of us! If you plan to just have this glorious thing without anything else, this should be good for 3 hungry diners!

Including Siyoti, my brother in law! He he he he!


THIS was how I ate my PEKING chami... with lots of crushed red chilis! WOW! So good!

If you love everything spicy, then try this out in PEKING! I beg of you! Your life will never be the same afterwards!

Don't mind if I get another ladle full of that PEKING chami goodness!!!

Little Isha loved her chami as well and was able to finish almost all of her food!

My husband was tired from the game but he was oh so happy with the chami from PEKING!

.. and in no time...

But me and my boy Mati are still at it finishing what we can at PEKING! I call the chami of course!

Oh please when you're in Lucena, try the delicious chami at PEKING!

I know I will! Along with their asado siopao and a tall bottle of ice cold Coke!

OMIGERRRRRRRRRRD! I am drooling right this very minute!


Lucena City
Evangelista St
Lucena City, Quezon


  1. glad to see your blog.. hope they change. dati kasi medyo madumi yun cooking area nila. madalas me paa ng ipis or kun anong insect sa food nila. try mo yun Chami balibag sa mantika. its one of their best seller din.

    1. Hi Jarrold! Sige will do :) Bagay din ba yun sa asado siopao? He he he he! Yes my husband said the restaurant seems to be more sanitized after the renovation. Let's hope that they would continue being clean because they're food is so good pa naman! Thanks for the comment!!! :)

  2. sino po yung pinaka owner ng business ng peking restaurant?? need lang po sa study

    1. No idea.

      Maybe you should give them a call and make all necessary inquiries.


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