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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I wonder if I was the only being who enjoyed the movie PULP FICTION not just because of the momentous dance of Uma Thurman and John Travolta, or the numerous profanities shouted by THE Samuel Jackson (yes that's how terrified I still am of him... teee hee). But because of that scene... that ONE tasty part where Uma ordered this Cheeseburger and she was savoring its beefy gloriousness while talking to John Travolta. I really can't forget that. And if memory serves me right, she would even wash it down with dainty sips of strawberry milk shake. 

photo grabbed from the net

Ooooh yeah Uma.... do that milkshake proud!

Of course, let us not forget that whole Le Big Mac exchange between the 2 main killers of the movie! Come to think of it, you would be crazy not to crave a big juicy pound of burger after watching PULP FICTION!

For one Saturday, that scene from the iconic movie of Mr. Tarantino was grazing in my mind which was fine because I know I will be chomping on some fat greasy burgers ahead. But the great thing was, I need not to get me a bodyguard slash killer to take me to this "on the rise" burger joint. Instead, we were going to meet our favorite KAIN TULOG GANG  for some delicious grilled beef patties and much, much more it will make you jump up and do the dance!

Certainly not the DANCE OF JOY but you know what I mean  when you watch the movie. He he he!

And if you were not paying attention and suddenly say it's "The Hunger Games : Catching Fire", I will eat you alive hook, line, and sinker I swear.

Oh I'm kidding! 

Or am I? Tee hee!


My husband was about to drive past BURGER COMPANY but it was a good thing his lovely wife (ahem) was hungry and doing the eagle eyes looking for its target! 

BURGER COMPANY had a certain school cafeteria feel to it where you could just be your comfortable self and pig out on some dang good burgers without a care in the world.

For reading materials you could check out messages from happy BURGER COMPANY patrons!

I'm kidding! They have loads of game boards for you to do while waiting for your burgers!

But we were getting hungry so it was time to order up!

BURGER COMPANY meynuh.... 

BURGER COMPANY meynuh part deux....

BURGER COMPANY meynuh part trois....

Yub unleashed his charm and ordered up in BURGER COMPANY!

Eric : Miss, klaro ko lang ha... Walang gulay. Lahat nasa tabi lang wag mong ipagsasama. Walang kechup. Pwede mayonnaise. Walang pickles. ("Miss I just want to make it clear. No vegetables. Everything should be on the side and don't put it all together. No ketchup. Mayonnaise is okay. No pickles").

Attendant : Could you repeat that sir?

KIDDING! Tee hee!

Only for the Attendant part though...

KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) is ready to eat! 

Sorry Stonibert and Mr. Alvin Ong for the cut. But you have to agree that this was a pretty great picture!

Anyway, enough of the pictures..



These hot and crunchy on the outside yet sweet and firm on the inside is the perfect siding to those flavorful burgers!

But if you're already hungry like me, these BURGER COMPANY babies stand well on its own!

BURGER COMPANY Nachos Overload (P210.00)!!!

Everywhere you look it's just sour cream, melted cheese, ground beef, and nacho chips galore!!

BURGER COMPANY's Fried Overload (sharing P160.00 / Party P240.00) is a party of melted cheese, ground beef, and crispy bacon! Wow! So rich and very filling!

When you order this, you may want to attack it pronto as the melted cheese could harden up a bit when cold!

BURGER COMPANY's Jalapeno Fritters (sharing P160.00 / Party P240.00) was my personal unexpected delight that day! 

Imagine a fresh jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese then wrapped in crispy fried bacon! This was so good I think I professed my love for it about 3 times!!!

BURGER COMPANY's The Striker's Burger Double Patty (P355.00)!

A big bite of Angus Beef with cheese, double bacon, mushrooms and MORE cheese sauce!

Here's the single BURGER COMPANY Striker's Burger (P239.00). Still very mouth watering right?

BURGER COMPANY's Green Chile and Sour Cream Double Patty (P355.00)!

If you want to be on a diet, you could just get the BURGER COMPANY burger with only one patty.  (P239.00) like I did.

  Don't chicken out with the green chilis, it just made everything MORE exciting!

It was my first time to have loads of jalapeno on my burgers and I was so giddy like a little witchy! (Tee hee)

I cannot wait to take a bit bite out of this!

That's my audition head shot right there! Ha ha ha ha!

After all that hard work, (hard work meaning explaining a mouthful to the waitress), here's my husband's order, BURGER COMPANY Bacon and Cheese Burger (1 patty P175.00 / 2 patty P289.00).  

 But still, he gave a sweet smile like Zoolander's then devoured this BURGER COMPANY goodie like crazy!!! Like a monster I tells ya!

My husband said the grilled Angus beef patty made all the difference that even if his sandwich may look so plain jane, this was the best burger he had in a LONG time!

Next time we're here, we're going for The BURGER COMPANY's VOLCANO (P215.00)!

I think the name pretty much describes how "powerful" this burger is! Imagine, crunchy onion rings smothered in chipotle aoili sauce with bacon, cheese, and angus patty? 

I don't mind if I get a lock jaw on this one!

But if getting a lock jaw is not your idea of "living on the edge" then why not try BURGER COMPANY's 5 Angus Patty Striker challenge? If you finish this humongous supreme in 5 minutes or less, it's free!

Not in the mood for burgers? Then why did you go to a burger joint? 

Ha ha ha! Just kidding, but if you DO want to get something more to eat with your juicy burgers you could also have BURGER COMPANY's New York Buffalo Fried Wings!

If you're tempted to really heat things up then have BURGER COMPANY's 1 minute Radioactive Chicken Wing Challenge -- 6  juicy pieces to gobble up in 60 seconds!!

And of course, I cannot really wolf down my drooled over burger without my strawberry milkshake right?

The BURGER COMPANY strawberry milkshake was only P125.00 but was very creamy, fruity, and yum numminy!!

Uma Thurman could just keep that $5 milkshake and dance the hula! Ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding Uma fans! 

BURP! I think I was already having burger sweat by this point but I didn't care. Having food this awesome with my favorite set of foodfam/bloggers was just plain bliss!

l-r Jerry San Miguel, Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY), Ray (standing) and Love Reyes (lady in front) (EN ROUTE), Stonibert Lim (THE FOOD ALPHABET), Vladimir Bunoan of ABS CBN, and Doc Gelo Santos (DOCGELO.COM)!

Thanks Richard for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES to this wonderful lunch!

And thank you to Mr. Alvin Ong, owner of BURGER COMPANY, for letting us crash this burger party!

Before leaving, I wrote a simple note to post on the BURGER COMPANY wall!

When you eat at BURGER COMPANY and you find this wee little post-it with this horrendous writing, take a selfie of it, post it on our ERICJAZ FOODIES FACEBOOK, and I'll treat you at something. Depends on what I'm in the mood for that day though... Ha ha ha ha!


72B Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, 
Barangay Paligsahan, 
1103 Quezon City

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  1. Looks like a fun burger place but out of my foodie range >.<

    1. Same goes for us! ha ha ha ha! Do try it when you're in the QC area. The burgers are really the bomb! Thanks for stopping by Stacy!!


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