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Thursday, November 7, 2013


We were at Lucena City recently for the All Soul's weekend and we were able to meet up with my husband's long time friends for a night of food, coffee, and a lot of laughs!

When I say long time friends, by the way, I truly meant LONG time. Think friends since kindergarten! Yup! That's how they go waaaay back!

My husband explained to me that originally they were all boys in the group. Later on, they bonded with the equally fun girls in their batch, and therefore TOPMUD was born.

Believe me, I have never met a more united "barkada" than TOPMUD. Their friendship is still strong even after many years and they still remain close to the ones who are living abroad.

I love my husband's TOPMUD barkada and we are honored to be a part of it! They are the true epitome of FRIENDSHIP. It is always a HILARIOUS time with them!

We got together at Zennah's house after their team won in the day's basketball game. Wohooo! Any reason to celebrate! It's a shame though that the others were not present since they had to be somewhere else for the All Soul's Weekend, but of course, they were still with us in "spirit". KIDDING! 

(from l-r) MY MUCHO GWAPITO EL ESPOSO, Raul, Rommel, and Vincent. 

all flashback pictures courtesy of Mr. Vincent Sevilla! :)

When I said way back, I meant it. Here they are in the year 1986 celebrating Vincent's birthday. The boy looking on at Vincent's left is Rommel and the little chinito boy in the middle is my husband.

It's a shame Raul was not in this picture. But I do see some of his other friends which you may see in my future posts!

What you see here from TOPMUD barkada are l-r Richid, Frederick, Doc. Jan, Vincent, THE HANDSOMEST CHINESE GUY EVER, Rommel, and Chebot!

The TOPMUD gals!

MEH, Zennah, and Vincent's wife Chen. 

Here's the gang having a birthday celebration when they were in High School! Could you find Rommel, Vincent, and MAH HUSBAND there? 

Chen is at the back wearing striped sleeves while Zennah is the first lady on the right.

COOL right?

I could enumerate all of their names but I'll save that when we have a "flashback" again on another blogpost featuring TOPMUD. He he he he!

Actually one of the big reasons why TOPMUD got together was because Mati wanted to meet Inggo, the son of Zennah, since he posted on my son's FB wall that they also love playing Bdaman.

That's a good thing because we were able to seal the deal on our get together with my husband's friends!

Rommel's son is as good looking as him!

Now this blog wouldn't be called ERICJAZ FOODIES if there weren't any food right?

So here's what we ate that night!

Pareng Rommel brought a box of cold cuts from CAFE ANTIGUA !

Those shrimps with chili were so finger lickin' good that I got another serving of rice just for it. I think I was also the one who polished off the century egg. Ha ha ha ha!

Mareng Chen and Pareng Vincent got us some DEEELICIOUS Spaghetti from Jun and Edith's! 

For orders you could call (or text if you're saving load) the number 09205329297!

This was the usual sweet style that my husband loves! 

He got about 2 full plates of this! Hurry up Yub! BATDAD is behind you! 

Told yah!

Yub and I brought some pork barbecue from MAVIC'S! The tender and juicy flavorful chunks of pork is a sure winner in every party!

Pork nilaga! Hot and satisfying!!!

Garlic rice!!


Yup! No booze for tonight!

Pretty BFF's!

Andrei was hiding somewhere so I was only able to take a picture of Mati with his food! He was raring to leave and eat in peace by the way. Ha ha ha ha!

Mati joined the adult table first....

... then deserted us fuddy duddies so he could play! Ha ha ha ha!

My second plate of food!

The super high school sweethearts of TOPMUD! Vincent and Chen would always bring the group together!

Of course, it's not a complete night without funny tales from Vincent. 

He was our wedding host by the way! 

Nobody recreates funny scenes or recount hilarious incidents like Vincent!!

Along with Raul, they always leave the TOPMUD group in stitches!

My husband was about to cry here from laughing too hard!


After pigging out, Zennah served everyone some Ice Cream complete with toppings!

Oh wow! Selecta's Mrs. Field's Cookie Ice Cream!

Here's Mati helping himself to a bowl!

Zennah's husband Ramil joined us later on and we sang to him a belated Happy Birthday song!

Cake was from KOFFEE KLATCH courtesy of Pareng Raul!! 

Yup! I bet he was SO touched. Ha ha ha ha!

The guys!

We missed several other TOPMUD members for this night. Don't worry, you'll see more of them soon.

But I'm sure you all already met the other TOPMUD guys Tammy and Chebot from GROUND ZERO!

Afterwards it was more laughs for us!

Do you want to know what we were laughing about here? Sorry I don't really remember. There WAS too many to mention! Ha ha ha ha!

Such a fun night with my husband's OTHER family, the TOPMUD gang. Like I said, you will never meet a more loving barkada who has kept their bonds strong after so many years! 

Here's to more laughs, more get togethers, more chami, more wins in Basketball games, more kids (eep), more siomai, more "unforgettable incidents", more Boracays...  

and most of all, MORE love to this AWESOME group!

Coming from an "outsider", my hat's off to you TOPMUD!


By the way before I go, let me share one of my most favorite pictures of TOPMUD!

HA HA HA HA! Crazy right????

(top pic l-r - Richid, Jan, Vincent, Chebot, Rommel, Tammy, Jan, Frederick, and TJ)
Such a shame my husband was not present at this "playdate" ha ha ha!

(reenactment during TJ's bachelor party l-r - Richid, Jan, Vincent, THE CUTEST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE, Lord, Chebot, Rommel, Cong. Irvin, Magoy, Raul, Jan, and TJ)

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