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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It was TEAM YAP's second day at HOTEL KIMBERLY in Tagaytay along with the Campos, the Quitorianos, and the Virreys (see our first day HERE) and even if we turned in late last night from our "midnight chat", our family woke up extra early for breakfast so we could have a part 2 of the vacation that is worthy for the books!


The Campos, the Quitorianos, and TEAM YAP had an early breakfast at HOTEL KIMBERLY's cafe (blog post soon to follow!). I love that they made a special set up for our big group so we could all be in one table chatting and eating to our heart's content.

Yup! One family is missing! LATE!

And just in case you were looking for little Andrei, our guy ate in lightning speed so he could change up and swim at HOTEL KIMBERLY's wonderful pool!

Hey! No nudity allowed!

Andrei wanted the HOTEL KIMBERLY kiddie pool all to himself!

HOTEL KIMBERLY has some floaties and simple pool play things for the guests at no extra charge.

Andrei immediately got one floatie...

... and swam by his lonesome!

Mati in the meantime, played with his posse Johans, Tiana, and Dani!

Andrei did not care. He was a shark by the way and they should be scared of him! Ha ha ha ha!

The kids swam in the HOTEL KIMBERLY pool for about 2 hours until they were all wrinkly.

While they swam, the adults had 2nd and 3rd rounds of HOTEL KIMBERLY's simple but delicious breakfast!

Now THIS adult is on her 2nd plate of food! I am on vacation anyway!

We ate in the HOTEL KIMBERLY cafe until the other guests escaped from us. Maybe they got afraid that we might eat them too? Ha ha ha!

HOTEL KIMBERLY was still kind enough to extend their breakfast time for the Virreys.

I'm not complaining because at least I was still able to get a small plate of pancakes!

Of course while the kids swam, MORE pictures were in order. 

After the kids washed up, Mati requested to play in HOTEL KIMBERLY's game room again. 

Kuya Johans was very patient with Andrei who was not good yet at playing Ping Pong!

Thanks Kuya Johans!

Yub and Mati bonded once more with a game of pool! Poor little Jelo wanted to join as well and became the tournament's "saling-kit"!

Daddy and Mati! The lookalikes!

Jelo saw an electronic stair climber and asked his Kuya Andrei to join him. While the kids "exercised" for us, Mareng Ann and I chatted up a sweat!

Whew! It was so tiring! I need to tone down after that "work out!" He he he!

After playing in the game room, we decided to switch over to HOTEL KIMBERLY's playground!

Yup! I could just imagine the kids going crazy here! 

After the storm yesterday, the Lord gave us such a perfect weather for the kids to play on our last day in HOTEL KIMBERLY!

My little guys played to their heart's content!

We love it that HOTEL KIMBERLY has this big playground where the kids ran, screamed, and played! I bet you couldn't get the same enjoyment even with a million levels in Candy Crush!

The howls of laughter from the kids seem so inviting that Mareng Ann and I went at it in the monkey bars.  

I concluded afterwards that ANY form of exercise s not good for my pudgy body. It's not right to torture it even for just a second!

I think Ann and I made a slight earthquake at our "dismount"! Ha ha ha ha!

Of course the guys shoved us aside to show us how "MEN" would do it. 

Well the "MEN" did manage to pull themselves up the monkey bars for a bit of distance but I think I saw them crying when they jumped down. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

By the way the Quitorianos were MIA at this "playdate". I think they were having a "game" of their own! Tee hee!

The kids were able to get far up but Mati got a bit scared going down.

His tito Jonas went up to "rescue" him but he still stayed put. There is really no forcing my son to do something that he did not want to do.

Mati and Johans went down via the rope ladders after that. Later on, Mati was able to gather up enough courage and conquered that "high rise" on his own. He was able to get down using the dangling rope!

Yey Mati!

Okay the guys may have the monkey bars, us girls will just swing at these tires!

I hope these are Michelins!

My husband wanted to join the tire fun too!

I'm not really a fan of jump shots but everybody was frolicking, laughing, giggling, and just having crazy fun at the play ground that us girls decided to go for it. 


Oh yes, I could almost hear my blubbler squishing in terror. 

Still, I think we did an awesome job for this jump!

Must.... Jump.... High.......

Yes, compared to the guys who did not even manage to get some air off their feet. 

Ha ha ha! I'm just kidding Jonas and Jun!

My husband Eric was able to do a "swan like" jump though. Ha ha ha! He is such a long time fan of Michael Jordan that he day dreams of doing that "Come Fly With Me" pose from the basket ball legend's documentary. Ha ha ha! 

My husband and I noticed that the tires were painted the same colors of our Monopoly tokens! So we each took our "characters" for a picture!

I was always yellow, Mati was green, and Yub was blue. Andrei fretted here because his color was red and not white. Well his mood could be the red one then! Tee hee!

HOTEL KIMBERLY also had a mini zoo! Don't expect it to have elephants or tigers though (that's why I called it mini... duh)! They just have the cute and cuddly animals that are easy to take care.

I think they have a snake. I was not able to see if it was real though and just heard it from the boys.

The guy in charge of the animals was very nice and gave out greens to feed his pets.

My little Andrei was surrounded by huge rabbits!

The fluffy rabbits were so soft and nice but they really crowded up on Andrei for a bite of his leafy vegetable!

Even if they have been playing non stop at the HOTEL KIMBERLY playground, the boys still had a lot of energy to cuddle up with the nice bunnies! Such an unforgettable experience for them!

It was near our check out time and we decided that since the kids were still having so much fun in the playground, the zoo, the pool, and the gaming room, that we should just eat lunch at HOTEL KIMBERLY cafe (blog to follow).

Yup! Like I said, HOTEL KIMBERLY almost has everything that you wouldn't want to leave!

If they could only find a way to get that volcano though.... Ha ha ha ha!

Isn't that such a happy smile from our Andrei? That is SO rare especially that he has to stop playing since it's time to eat!

After lunch, the Pretty Mommies are at it again and took a LOT of pictures!!!

Yey! Gem and family was able to join us at the last day!

Yey once more for stripes!!! Tee hee!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Pretty Mommies at HOTEL KIMBERLY! Tee hee!

(Give us a break on our name! Our hubs and mothers said we were pretty anyway!)


.... or TREAT! Ha ha ha ha!

This was such a good pic of the Pretty Mommies! TEAM YAP misses you all! Looking forward to our next out of town trip!!!!

And once more, great minds think alike! Mareng Chel and I wore the same colors in our stripe shirts! Ha ha ha!

I love this picture!! The lighting in HOTEL KIMBERLY is perfect! Tee hee!

Even if it was time to go, we just cannot say good bye YET! So we all feasted on the cakes brought by Mareng Gem and Mareng Chel for Tobey's birthday! The kids sang to him and we all had such a sinful but uber delicious dessert!

Kudos to HOTEL KIMBERLY cafe staff who were very nice and still attended to us even if we were long finished with our lunch! They were very considerate in letting us eat the cake in their restaurant too! :)

This is TEAM YAP saying goodbye to HOTEL KIMBERLY with special smiles to last us a lifetime!

We did not want to leave! Ha ha ha!

Good bye HOTEL KIMBERLY! We haven't left yet but TEAM YAP was just RARING to go back! We declare that for your price, you are the best family hotel that we have stayed in. We said it once and we'll say it again, when you're in HOTEL KIMBERLY, you will never want to go anywhere else. There are a lot of activities for the kids to make all parents happy as a fiddle!

Thank you also HOTEL KIMBERLY!!  

Since it is now our tradition to do our L-O-V-E pose, we happily did it in HOTEL KIMBERLY because everyone in the family truly enjoyed and L-O-V-Ed our stay!

I just noticed that we are actually spelling L-O-O-E here!

GRRR! Andrei!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Amadeo Road, Brgy Kaybagal
+63 46 483 8888 Tagaytay City
Phone (02) 521 1888

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  1. love the place, the pictures and your post ... very informative. Wish we could go there too :)

    1. Thanks TPzi! Hope you could also try out a weekend in Hotel Kimberly! The room rates are very affordable. If you have kids they are surely in for a fun time! Thanks for reading :)


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