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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am a person who is HEAVY on traditions. Call me a sentimental schmuck or just plain patriotic to "glorified routine" but I always want to honor a family custom and perhaps tweak it a bit so it could be passed on to my kids.

Most recently, my siblings and I made this new "tradition" to celebrate birthdays with a GLORIA MARIS dimsum breakfast. I mean, yeah, we do have the usual birthday breakfast before but now it's going to be obligatory to be at GLORIA MARIS. I tell you, there's really nothing like starting your natal day (I was supposed to write nasal.. ha ha ha!) with a hot bubbling bowl of congee and plump steamed dimsums!  Since we had such a grand time when we did it for my Dad's birthday morning, we will be doing it again and again. And with dimsum and congee, GLORIA MARIS in Greenhills will be your best bet!



After going to church, we trooped over to GLORIA MARIS for our congee and dimsum breakfast! 

This was on a work week so unfortunately my husband, my eldest bro and his wife, cannot join us. So it is just going to be me, my older sister, and brother who will enjoy the "fruits" of this birthday breakfast! We all called in late for work... Ha ha ha ha ha!

My brother ordering up at GLORIA MARIS!

Perhaps the reason why we suddenly loved having breakfast at GLORIA MARIS Greenhills is because the restaurant has that classy and elegant look that would make you feel like you're dining at a 10 star hotel (if there ever was such a thing). 

I could just imagine that even if this place was crowded, I would not feel cramped or irritated. The high ceiling is enough to absorb the noise and give you more of that space!

The birthday guy, my Mom, and meh at GLORIA MARIS!

I hate it when my face is all white and shiny!

GLORIA MARIS Mixed Seafood Congee (P168.00)!

Give it a good mix when it's laid down on your table to fully cook the raw egg. You may want to request the fried wanton chips on the side because later on it would get doused and soggy. I don't know about you but I like it with a crunch along with my hot congee!

GLORIA MARIS plain congee (P118.00)! My Dad usually likes it plain jane and would just get some of the "meats" from the other bowl. Since I'm more of a carb lover than having lots of meat in my soups and noodles, I tend to go for this too!

For the life of me, I don't know why my sister wore a pair of dark glasses while having her breakfast. 


(a current popular saying here from a Philippine comedy show)

GLORIA MARIS Dimsum combination (P247.00) has a little bit of everything.

My mom loves the GLORIA MARIS beancurd roll (P98.00) and never fails to order it. However, because of the lady that she is, she lets her rowdy kids get first bite leaving her with almost nothing. 

Yup, even when she orders again, my Mom is always left with a small chunk. BAD kids! Kidding! Ha ha ha!

GLORIA MARIS Spinach dumpling (P98.00) so juicy and packed with vegetables and seafood.

My favorite, GLORIA MARIS Chicken feet (P98.00). Saucy and savory! Perfect with plain rice!


My parents are such soulmates! In this picture my mom blinked....

... then it was my Dad's turn this time! Ha ha ha ha!


You DO remember what I mentioned about Mom and her Bean curd roll right? I got a whole piece for myself! HA!

A table full of GLORIA MARIS food!

Ate Jit is eating...

Kuya Jon is eating.... 

... and my Mom is giving me more congee! He he he! Yep! She's the epitome of loving and dedicated Mom!

Me and my dad cannot have congee without century egg so we order up a plate of it just for ourselves!

My GLORIA MARIS congee bowl with century egg....

... then I "spiked" it with the sauce from the Chicken Feet!  Omigeerrrddd... this was SOOO good! 

Besides having Mati and Andrei, THIS is the creation that I'm so proud of!

What happened to the Chicken feet you say?

THIS is what "happened" to the chicken feet! Sucked dry! The dog won't even get anything worth gnarling on! 

The Birthday guy and Mommy!

Ha ha ha! Well "kids" will always be "kids" and we let my Dad pay. The birthday boy. Ha ha ha ha!

Yeah yeah... not such a proud moment for us siblings but we're full so we're not really ashamed of it. BESIDES, it's "tradition" to make the Dad pay!


For my Mom's birthday, we went to GLORIA MARIS once more!

It was just me and my brother this time because my loser sister cannot take a leave of absence anymore from her secret agent work.

Doesn't the birthday gal look lovely?

Again we got the GLORIA MARIS usuals! But this time we had the Fish Fillet congee (P168.00).

And the plain congee with Century Egg!

Yes! Loading it with MORE century egg will never hurt anyone!

GLORIA MARIS spinach dumpling!

GLORIA MARIS bean curd roll!

Yes we made it a point to leave one piece to the birthday girl. Ha ha ha! Kidding!

GLORIA MARIS hakaw (shrimp dumpling P110.00).

Time to congee up!

We also had 2 servings of GLORIA MARIS pork siomai!

And my favorite Chicken feet!


Happy Birthday Mommy!

My first of 3 GLORIA MARIS plates!



Now I can't WAIT for the next birthday breakfast celebration....

I just remembered, it's my birthday tomorrow! HA!


202 Wilson Street Corner J. 
Abad Santos, Little Baguio, 
San Juan City
7245011 - 7276201

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