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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Christmas came early for ERICJAZ FOODIES because HALLELUJAH we received a surprise gift that made our night more special and delectable! So for our meanies out there (and when I say OUR it really means, MY), HA! That just means Santa thought I have been very, VERY good this year. And it is now time to show my REAL colors! Tee hee!

Oh I am just kidding!

Anyway, after experiencing the heaven that is of QUEZO DE BOLA CHEESECAKE by Indulgence By Irene (see HERE) the foodie gods thought that I needed extra cellulite on my right hip and sent my way ANOTHER dessert that would surely be a favorite for the chocoholics out there. (You know that's you).


Open the box and immediately you'll get a whiff of cacao beans being pounded and grinded  then baked to this marvelous perfection!


YOU....  are the SUPREME!!!

(Sorry... I'm watching American Horror Story : Coven now. Tee hee!)

Just one look of this TABLEA CHEESECAKE and you'll be hypnotized by its beauty...

... and when I say "beauty", I meant "FUDGY-ness" and "CHOCOLATEY-ness" (tee hee)

Only a fork will snap you out of its power. So get one while you still can!

Oh yeah... will you take a look at that....

My fork dug in and the TABLEA CHEESECAKE was so soft and velvety in texture!

Without further adieu (tee hee) I swiped a rich creamy chunk of this chocolate heaven!

Ha ha ha! It seemed like I took a big bite from a mound of pure chocolate!

And at first taste, it seemed like I DID!

INDULGENCE by IRENE did it again! That first cheesecake bite gave me such a chocolate ecstasy! Imagine your favorite thick tablea hot drink made much more creamier and delectable!

I could just imagine the chocoholics rejoicing over this!

The TABLEA CHEESECAKE may be very rich but you will find yourself forking out a bigger chunk after your first bite. At first you would think that this velvety dessert does not need a layer of graham crumbs but have a taste of it and you'll appreciate how it plays with the fudgy chocolatey tablea cream!

I can't bring to transfer it to a plate since I might finish the whole treasure by INDULGENCE BY IRENE. I keep on saying to myself, after this bite, I'll put it right back in the box!

Okay perhaps just one more...

Wait... I should've eaten my TABLEA CHEESECAKE with coffee!! I wonder how that tastes like? 

Tee hee! And that is what you call, MAKING EXCUSES to eat more!

The TABLEA CHEESECAKE by INDULGENCE BY IRENE is the perfect night cap for those who want to get their chocolate fix before ending the day. I for one surely enjoyed the fudgy experience and really saved some for another cacao-rich night tomorrow!

I might hide it at the far end of the fridge though because I'm really not in the mood to share. 

I'm sure you guys are more generous than me and the good news for you is that you could order up these INDULGENCE BY IRENE creations for the holiday season for your Christmas giveaways! Either that or you could have some your way when you just feel like spoiling yourself with a delicious dessert! 

 Quezo de Bola (my personal favorite!)
Choc Nut flavor
Tablea Cheesecake

 9 inches (P900) / 4.5 inches (P200). 


Check out their Facebook Page!


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