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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


With the emergence of many breakfast hubs out there, you would THINK that other restaurateurs would become scaredy cats in launching another one that MIGHT bite the dust.

But nooooh, not MAPLE. It came and we saw. But I was not surprised that it conquered. It wouldn't really be such a shocker since MAPLE was from the Pancake House Group and with that, you are assured of home cooked goodness but with something MORE.

So one night, we finally got to meet up with good old friends BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her hub Manong Fred. We decided that the best place to eat would be this much buzzed about restaurant which has been earning raves from many satisfied customers. 


I don't know about you but this menu cover seems to be from the old scriptures from Lord of The Rings... Tee hee!

We decided to meet up in the Makati branch of MAPLE not only because this would be the middle point for us friends but also I've been hearing rants about how they served their food in the Shangrila Edsa branch. I wonder if those were true?

I guess by now you would know that MAPLE is named after that tree where we get that thick, glistening syrup to pour over our hot pancakes!

Either that or they named the restaurant MAPLE because of the maple color. Tee hee!

MAPLE in Makati City is small but still cozy and comfy. 

The restaurant could only accommodate a few tables and there are more available seats outside. 

There is a vast display of MAPLE syrup by the restaurant's wall.

MAPLE meynuh 1

MAPLE meynuh 2...

MAPLE meynuh 3...

My MAPLE order!

I love going out with my BGP Marian and her hub. They don't really like it when I take pictures though... Ha ha ha ha ha!

One thing's for sure. I L-O-V-E the lighting of MAPLE! Don't I just look purrrrty in this picture? 

Come on! It's very rare that I call myself purrrrrty. Give me a little break. Ha ha ha ha!

To start off the meal, MAPLE serves complimentary rolls that are just absolutely delicious! Imagine a soft warm bun that is coated with the sweet syrup. YUM! Add a slather of the butter for that luscious and creamy chew in your mouth. 

If I was not a bit shy I would have asked for more and more of this. But I thought, I was on a diet so being deprived of one more roll was "meant to be".

I believe in destiny you know.

I was SO disappointed that their bestseller, the Prime Rib tapa was not available. Since my Hub did not feel like having pancakes for dinner to share, I just ordered a plate of MAPLE Clam Aglio Olio (P450.00)

I loved it!!! MAPLE did not scrimp on the seafood as it was piled in numbers!! You could see the perfectly cooked clams and salmon chunks! Nothing rubbery about them... Just delectable and uber tasty!

I got a forkful of their al dente pasta and it was wonderfully coated with the savory olive oil that was infused with garlic, clams, and pancetta extracts. Even if this was not a ramen dish, I felt like slurping it with all my might! 

Manong Fred ordered the MAPLE Swiss Choco Pancakes (P360.00) which were as fluffy and creamy as the ones you loved by the Pancake House. Personally I find it priced high compared with the other pancakes available in other restaurants. But then, maybe I'm just being my usual stingy self. He he he he!

BGP Marian had the MAPLE Burger (P475.00) and she was really happy with it.

According to BGP Marian the patty was well seasoned and all the other toppings (bacon, cheese, fresh plump tomatoes) worked well when getting that one huge burger bite!

My husband ordered the MAPLE Glazed Chicken Wings (P360.00). I forgot to take a picture of it since it was the last to be served and we were already eating hungrily. I was able to take a bite and it was definitely more than what we're used to in Fast Food Chains. But if you're expecting a different level of the Pancake House's Pan Chicken, you'll be disappointed. Their chicken wings were lighter with no thick bread coating at all.


My lovely MAPLE aglio olio!!! I definitely want to have this next time we're here!

This is Yub's massacred MAPLE wings and our take on the popular combo of Chicken n' "Waffles"! He he he he!

Manong Fred was still camera shy...

Yub was savoring his wings with an extra order of plain rice! He he he he!

Pretty BGP and the still "shy" Manong Fred!

Like I said, the lighting at MAPLE was just PERFECT! Ha ha ha ha!


Clam carcasses...

I was trying to go on a diet (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?) so I only ate half of my MAPLE pasta and took home the other half.

Don't you just love MAPLE's take home paper bag? Well I do!


Don't you just love it when you hear voices in your head? Ha ha ha ha!

To cap off a great MAPLE meal, BGP and I each had capuccinos (P120.00). That complimentary chocolate chip cookie was certainly nummy fudgy in my tummy!

We always love going out with my BGP and Manong Fred. Like MAPLE, being around them makes me feel right at the heart of home. But on another special level! He he he!

Our MAPLE bill...

Yes the food is somewhat pricey but I did not feel like I was robbed or anything. We all enjoyed the food and would definitely go back with a vengeance for that Prime Rib Tapa!


2/FL San Antonio Plaza Arcade, 
50 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, 
McKinley Rd, Makati City
(02) 621 6211

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