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Monday, November 18, 2013


It is very rare that ERICJAZ FOODIES will travel all the way to Quezon City from our sweet beds in Mandaluyong just for food. I mean yeah, sure we love food and we concur that it IS a basic necessity but you gotta give Sundays to us to just be lazy the WHOLE day and sleep till our eyes hurt.

(Oh yes. We are the model couple. Run far away from us if you don't want to catch our "disease". Tee hee!)

Anyway, yes, we DO prefer to have our weekend meals nearby and we would usually let out such a long and grovely groan when pressed to go the distance. But there are special nights wherein our curiosity and tummies get the better of us that we will be hypnotized to travel far far away to get a taste of that extraordinary SOMETHING.

And for that lazy last Sunday night, that SOMETHING turned out to be BAR B SKEW --  the first grill of its kind here in the country! 


BAR B SKEW is located at the heart of Tomas Morato Quezon City where the lights of other restaurants blink like Christmas lights!

You could choose to enjoy your BAR B SKEW al fresco where you could while away the time grilling meats, drinking beers, and "car-watching" (hehehe).

Or if you are addicted to air conditioning (like me), you could stay indoors and grill there.

Don't worry that you'll come out smelling like somebody who has been grilling, BAR B SKEW has these one of a kind contraptions that effectively sucks out the smoke and any undesirable smell!

Uh no Yub, that's not a hat.

But I DO hope this BAR B SKEW "sucker" will suck you out into oblivion! TEE HEE!

Besides, you wouldn't fit these BAR B SKEW pipes no matter how fat it is.

Doesn't these just remind you how they deliver messages in THE JETSON'S? Interesting.

Yup! Per BAR B SKEW table you get your very own futuristic exhaust... 

... and grill!

The other BAR B SKEW diners were all busy stuffing themselves with all the freshly grilled grub!! 

Waitresses were always smiling and eager to serve!

I was getting hungry so TIME to order up!

Special prices for Grand Opening and may be subject to change. 

BAR B SKEW menu! 

Prices are pretty cheap right?

We were so tempted to have the  BAR B SKEW eat all you can for only P299.00 but we saw that they have many value meals that are mucho satisfying and easy on the budget!

So we got THIS BAR B SKEW option!

 The kind BAR B SKEW representative was very helpful and made many suggestions on how we could fully enjoy our meal and save at the same time. The P259.00 value meal was more than enough for us and said we could always order additional meat skewers at only P20 per piece!


Yub was then given go signal (via a red plate) to get the 12 BAR B SKEW skewers for us! He needs to choose slowly and wisely as a hungry boar was waiting for him at the table. Tee hee!

BAR B SKEW meats!

BAR B SKEW gizzards and innards!

If you wish to opt for the BAR B SKEW eat all you can deal, you also get to dig in to these ready to eat grubs!

BAR B SKEW fried chicken!

BAR B SKEW pork with special sauce!

BAR B SKEW coleslaw!

And other BAR B SKEW appetizers!

The servers at BAR B SKEW were quick to give you water and other requests even if you could get everything at their condiment's table!

There was a variety of BAR B SKEW sauces for you to choose from but we were so inclined to the Garlic Sweet sauce and the Spicy sauce. Oh numminy!!!!

Our raw food waiting to be grilled!

My husband was very hungry as well that even if he does not eat raw food he would have taken a bite at one of the skewers!!

In the BAR B SKEW value meal we ordered, 2 cups of rice was included. For an additional P10.00 you could request to convert it to fried rice!

The hearty sauces for the grill!

Hot coals were placed carefully by the kindly BAR B SKEW waitress!

So now let's cook! It's very fool proof  actually. You just get one stick and place it side by side at the special grill machine. The contraption automatically spins the meat like a rotisserie!

Like so. Now you wait for about 5 to 10 minutes. Depending really on the cooking time of your meats!

My husband, the slave driver that he is, asked me to brush the BAR B SKEW meats with the special sauce. 

See the hardship that I have to live with????

Kidding! :)

I forgot which sauce was which so I just glazed everything with what we had....

Oh the 5 minutes was TAKING FOREVER. I'm so hungry!!!

But patience has it's rewards and after 7 minutes...



This chicken skewer was so tender and juicy!! YUM!

I ordered some coleslaw just because I love everything creamy with my grills!

I could even eat it with my BAR B SKEW fried rice!!!


Is it THAT obvious that my mouth was full when this picture was taken?

Oh yeah.... Just SKEW us!

A tasty favorite was the BAR B SKEW isaw (chicken intestine). I could never stop at just one!

So Yub ordered 10 more BAR B SKEW sticks!

That glazed chicken wing was VERY delicious too! We should get A LOT of that next time we're at BAR B SKEW!

I don't know what is it with men and the grill. Does it give them a certain sense of power when they fire up the meats?

Whatever it is, it's fine by me!!!

My husband claims he looks like Napoles in this picture. UGH Yub! Don't make me lose my appetite!

Oh wow! Everything was just finger lickin good!

For dessert we got 2 sticks of chocolate marshmallows!

When you order marshmallows, remember 2 things:

1) They're done in about a minute (or less).
2) DO NOT bite the marshmallows from the skewer.

Somebody burned himself doing. that. I won't say who. Tee hee!

In no time, dessert will be sweet and gooey like THIS.

And we're done.

Leftover skews?

Our BAR B SKEW bill! Yep! We will GLADLY pay for food this cheap and delicious! 

And we will certainly be back!!! I'm craving once more for the isaw and chicken wings. Oooh lala!


UG03 CTTM Square 
68 Timog Ave Cnr Tomas Morato, 
1103 Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 412 8661


  1. this is really something new! i'd like to try grilling my own isaw too!
    ang saya! :)

    1. Hi Docgelo! Yes we enjoyed our meal there at BAR B SKEW and we definitely want to go back! Mura e! If I was not on a diet, I would've eaten more than 3 sticks!!! Loved the chicken wings too! Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. I love this place! My son enjoyed grilling mallows,hotdogs and banana! :)

    1. Hiya Willa! Yes! My hub and I enjoyed our dinner too! Though it was sorta far from us, we are craving to go back again. Naku I haven't brought my 2 kulit boys here yet. So I guess that's our reason to go back :) Thanks for reading!!! :)


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