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Sunday, November 10, 2013


For this year's Father's Day, TEAM YAP treated our BOSS to his restaurant of choice. We came from somewhere out there which I forgot already (blame the epidural effect tee hee) that our guy wants to have simple meal nearby. We were really getting ourselves ready for his usual favorites like Buddys (SEE HERE) or Slice N' Dice (Here here!!!) so we were surprised that he requested for CAFE MEDITERRANEAN since he craved for their pizza.

I'm happy that the little lords were agreeable to their Boss' choice of restaurant since we do not usually go to CAFE MEDITERRANEAN whenever we're in Powerplant Mall so I guess it was meant to be. 

And what a great time we had. We got just what we all wished for every FATHER'S DAY... Simple, delicious, affordable, cozy, and a Dad who IS the best of all mankind!

We love you Daddy (aka Yub!). You don't need to do the laundy tonight!

I. AM. KIDDING. Of course! Tee hee!


Like I said, it was FATHER'S DAY and all restaurants were full including Yub's choice, CAFE MEDITERRANEAN!!

 I don't know what is it with my little lords but they could charm just about everyone. Upon seeing how much we were looking forward to celebrating Father's Day here, the CAFE MEDITERRANEAN waiters set us up to stay in the cozy smoking area only this time, they made it into a private non-smoking room! 

Thanks so much CAFE MEDITERRANEAN waiters because little Mati was famished!!!!

Our table was immediately set up and Mati's drink (P70.00) was served!

Yup! They even gave us an ice scraper!

Oh sorry, that's my ancient phone pala. 

Ha ha ha ha h!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Yub! When the couple beside us left, we became our usual crazy selves!

Good thing that nobody occupied their table afterwards. We got the CAFE MEDITERRANEAN room all to ourselves!!! Time to boogie!!!

Andrei the little Daddy's boy, and Yub!

Mati, me, and THE BANGS! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The kids later double dared their Daddy in a "fist fight" and tried their best to push down my husband's arms to test his "strength". 

My husband was winning this "fight" so the ever clever Andrei decided to bite him!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

That's my boy!

Kidding! Yes it's not so "sporty" but it was very funny!


I had the CAFE MEDITERRANEAN Grilled Chicken with Pita (P270.00 / You could get buttered rice for additional P25.00), my default order!

This CAFE MEDITERRANEAN grilled chicken is well seasoned and very tender!

I loved the 3 side dishes that go with this such as the hummus (bean pate), baba ganoush, and the tabbouleh!

The rice was fried perfectly with the butter as opposed to other restaurant versions where they just top plain rice with a slice of butter!

My husband ordered CAFE MEDITERRANEAN's Quattro Formaggi (4 cheese) pizza (P345.00)!

What he loved about CAFE MEDITERRANEAN's pizza was their thin crust topped with gooey cheese! Take a huge bite and you'll get a definite "crunch" from that oven baked crust!

We usually order CAFE MEDITERRANEAN's Americana Pizza (pepperoni and cheese P235.00) but today was a special occasion and he wanted to try out something new! Besides, he was still feeling full from where we came from (whatever that is) so a slice or 2 is just enough for him. 

Don't forget to top your Gyros or Pizza (yup try it!) with CAFE MEDITERRANEAN's special garlic yogurt cream and chili sauce!!!

Yup! It just makes everything so nummy, yummy, in mah very big tummy!!!!

My beautiful first CAFE MEDITERRANEAN bite!


Like my bangs? I cut it MYSELF. 

Now don't feel TOO sorry for me! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Little Mati was excited to eat his first slice of CAFE MEDITERRANEAN pizza!

Open wiiiiide like a zombie!

Andrei, the little finicky eater, followed suit!

But he decided to give his CAFE MEDITERRANEAN pizza a kiss first!


We sliced Andrei's CAFE MEDITERRANEAN pizza since he did not feel like biting! (I told you, any excuse for this guy NOT to eat!)

Later on he would make his usual excuses so as not to finish his food! I would usually bargain with him and declare that he can't watch this or play with that unless he finishes his food.

I think for this night, I told him he could only watch HI-5 when he finishes his pizza!

I ordered an extra CAFE MEDITERRANEAN pita bread (P25.00) to make me an instant shawarma!

Somebody got jealous and suddenly decided that a pizza was not enough so he ordered a CAFE MEDITERRANEAN Beef Gyro (P135.00) without vegetables!!!

It's always fun eating with my boys because they would suddenly say something so candid and utterly hilarious!

Best thing too is that they don't like my Chicken Gyro platter that I got EVERYTHING to myself! HA!

NAH! But my little guy is SO cute that I'm sure I can't resist if he asks for a wee CAFE MEDITERRANEAN bite!

Like my instant appetizer of hummus and tabbouleh topped with Garlic Yoghurt and Chili Sauce over the pita! SO addicting!

Yup! Sometimes you could have appetizers at the end of the meal! So this would be my "dessert"! Ha ha ha!

Everyone was done while I was ALMOST there!


Kudos once more to CAFE MEDITERRANEAN for making Father's Day extra special for all of us! We were so doted on even if we were "separated" in our private room!!


Café Mediterranean
Power Plant Mall
Concourse Lvl. Power Plant Mall, Estrella St. cor Rockwell Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 756-5010

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