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Monday, November 18, 2013


My husband and I are now very addicted in taking our little boys out for weekend getaways since we feel that we only got a few years left before they turn into GUYS and would be embarrassed to be seen with their Mommy and Daddy. So now we are relishing every moment with them and, like how my parents did, we would make it a point to take them somewhere special for a Yap bonding experience rather than the usual "mall tours". But of course, being the practical parents that we are, we were still very careful not to break bank.  So every chance we see a special deal online, we check it out and see if it is ERICJAZ FOODIES worthy!

My friends share the same sentiment as TEAM YAP that for one weekend, we planned another getaway for all 4 families. We agreed to make our venue for the mini-vacation to be HOTEL KIMBERLY since there was a deal online that got the approval from all the "practical" (read: sorta stingy) mommies. At first we were a bit hesitant that we may be holed up somewhere that would prove to be a burden to our enjoyment. But after our 2 day bonding trip, we were all declaring that HOTEL KIMBERLY may be the best hotel for your family. Once you're there, you wouldn't want to go anywhere!

Except to see the volcano of course! Ha ha ha!

It was a rainy weekend last October 12, 2013 and it was such a wet travel going up to Tagaytay. We thought that we were not going to make it but fortunately the storm scare made everybody stay at home so it was a fuss free drive for us.

And since it was very cold and we were hungry, we decided to warm ourselves up in the rainy weather with a big piping hot of bulalo!!!

Could you guess from what restaurant this delicious bubbling soup is from? 

Yup! It's from LESLIE's! Blog post soon to follow!

On our way to our destination, we thought that probably one drawback to HOTEL KIMBERLY was that it was not in the "central tourist district" in Tagaytay and you have to do a 20 minute drive down from the city. 

It was very foggy that morning and visibility was almost zero. We just took extra care in driving and turned on our head lights. 

And finally we're here!!!! HOTEL KIMBERLY!

HOTEL KIMBERLY has a wide parking space so there was really no trouble in getting a slot. 

HOTEL KIMBERLY may not be as modern as the other establishments in Tagaytay but I find it has that simple homey feel to it that would ensure my family a relaxing weekend!

Wait a minute, HOTEL KIMBERLY has a playground, PLUS, organic farm, pool, and zoo? Wow! That is certainly a LOT to do for a weekend staycation!!!

Amidst our excitement, we were immediately welcomed by the kindly doorman who also became our "photographer" for exterior shots! (Tee hee!)

A big group just left so it was almost like we have HOTEL KIMBERLY all to ourselves! This made my eldest son Mati howl in excitement!

Howl like Frankenstein that is.... Tee hee!

HOTEL KIMBERLY's lobby was somehow grand yet very comforting. I loved the high ceilings making everything bright and open! 

I could just imagine gathering up my friends here either for a nice looong chat OR picture taking!

Yup! We were able to do both!

Ha ha ha!

We were welcomed by HOTEL KIMBERLY's very accommodating guest relations officer, She! I made a request if it was possible to have our 4 families in one floor with rooms adjacent to each other and she was able to work out something that was fine for all of us. Thank you so much She!

Our HOTEL KIMBERLY vacation is going off to a good start!

TEAM YAP stayed at room 302!

The HOTEL KIMBERLY Superior room (P4,700.00 - with free breakfast for 2) was very clean, modest, and seemed very cozy. We had a lot of extra space for the kids to run around and play hide and seek in.

Andrei was addicted to hiding himself in one of the cabinets and we all took turns in it too! He he he!

HOTEL KIMBERLY rooms and rates

Kimberly Suite P10,000 (per night with breakfast for 2)
Premier family rooms P6,700 (per night with breakfast for 4)
Deluxe room P5,700 per night (with breakfast for 2)

Each HOTEL KIMBERLY suite comes with a coffee/tea set, mineral water, and electric water heater.

The HOTEL KIMBERLY bathroom was the most bare I have ever seen for a hotel but it was still clean with hot water so we're good here.

The HOTEL KIMBERLY staff did refresh all toiletries when we requested for clean up since somebody likes using hotel shampoo and conditioner even if I bring our own stuff to use. 

That's why he smells different at each hotel we go to! Ha ha ha ha!

We did admire the rainfall shower head and the little lords took extra long baths because of it!

We learned from She that HOTEL KIMBERLY has a game room. After resting a bit, we went down to check it out. 

The very nice HOTEL KIMBERLY staff blasted on the airconditioning and made sure everything was ready for us!!!

I don't know about you but I find the HOTEL KIMBERLY game room complete already. It has a billiard and ping pong table... a air hockey and foosball game!!! 

It was so much for the kids to take in that they initially went crazy at the sight of what they could do in the game room!!!

My husband taught the little lords how to play billiards!

This was Mati's favorite game of all in the room!

We had a billiard table when I was a younger so I knew how to play this a bit. 

Time to put my game face on!!! Tee hee!

I should have taught Mati how to gamble so I could get an easy P10 at least!

Oh I am kidding!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

My friend's daughter, baby Sky, loved this little play area!

Mareng Gail played foosball with her future son in law, Johans.

Son in law you ask? Her daughter Sasha has the cutest crush on Johans. H aha ha ha! Look at her getting close to her future "boo"!

Later on my little lord Andrei played with Johans!

And finally, the PRETTY MOMMIES have finally volted in!!!

Check it out, great minds think and dress alike! 

Mareng Gail and Mareng Ann both woke up and decided to wear something in floral print!!!

... while Mareng Chel and I both went for blue and white stripes!!! Ha ha ha ha! I swear, we did not talk about this!!!

Such a funny coincidence!!

Our four families spent a significant amount of time in HOTEL KIMBERLY's game room! We were all laughing and switching tables and just played with either the kids or adults willing to take the challenge!!!!

This was such a fun afternoon for TEAM YAP! Our little lords did not want to leave for their nap!!!

While we rested, the boys snuck away to watch the UAAP finals in the HOTEL KIMBERLY restaurant. They had the place all to themselves and felt like bosses in their special mansion!

It was dinner time and when the Pretty Mommies plan a trip, it was a tradition to dress up for it!!! So we all scrubbed ourselves clean and got ready for a great night ahead!

TEAM YAP... can you handle us???

I guess baby Sky can't. Ha ha ha ha!

Before leaving for Discovery Country Suites where we will have our dinner, SOMEBODY made little Sky cry!!!

Who made you cry Sky who??!!! Tell Tita Jaz!

Don't you think she is just pretty darn cute when she cries? Ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry baby Sky... Your mommy and Tita Jaz will protect you... (tee hee)!

Like in our first trip in Tagaytay, we had another scrumptious dinner at RESTAURANT VERBENA!!!

(blog post to follow soon!)

The kids sang to baby Tobey, Mareng Chel's bunsoy, as he was going to celebrate his birthday soon!!!

Of course, after the deeelicious dinner, it's time for pictures! Ha ha ha ha!

More pictures in the upcoming RESTAURANT VERBENA post! ha ha ha ha!


Pretty Mommies!

Handsome Daddies! 

Yeah they wish... Har de har har!!!

When we got back, we did not want to end the night YET so we had a midnight snack and chat at HOTEL KIMBERLY lobby!!

The kids also played some monopoly.

Goodnight from TEAM YAP! Tomorrow will surely be another fun day at HOTEL KIMBERLY!

Our hotel Kimberly day 2 coming soon!

Amadeo Road, Brgy Kaybagal
+63 46 483 8888 Tagaytay City
Phone (02) 521 1888

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  1. Will surely try Kimberly Hotel next time!

    1. Hiya Mrs. Kolca!!! Yes! We really enjoyed our weekend there! The kids also had a lot to do especially with the pool, the playground, and the mini zoo! Hope you guys have fun there as well!!! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

  2. What a perfect choice of Tagaytay hotel for your family bonding. I really admire those parents who always make time for their children in spite of the busy schedule. Thanks for this post!

    1. Thanks muchos Melo for the kind words and for dropping by! Cheers!!!!


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