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Friday, November 1, 2013


For All Soul's day, TEAM YAP will be going home to my husband's hometown in Lucena, Quezon Province to visit his family and of course, light a candle and offer prayers for his Dad. Now a trip to Lucena, or as I would playfully call it, Timbuktu, is always a fun vacation for us because not only will we meet up with my husband's kind family, but we will also have a gastronomic 3 days as well!

I swear, I always gain about 5lbs every time we go to Lucena and NO, it DOES NOT go to my big forehead.

Anywho, since we will be going to Lucena this weekend, I remembered our visit to Yub's family last September and the new restaurant we tried. Yeah, yeah, every time we're in  Lucena, we always eat in Palaisdaan (CLICK HERE), Cafe Antigua (CLICK HERE TOO), Koon Lin Restaurant (CLICK HERE AGAIN), and Ground Zero (YUP, HERE), but this time we wanted to live dangerously and try something else. PLUS, my very generous sister in law Ivy had some discount stubs to share.

So OFF to ZYMURGY we go! 


ZYMURGY is located right in heart of down town lucena. The cafe and lounge has a reputation for serving good food and entertainment as well.

I'm the one in the green blouse. Check out "Edward Sullen" staring at me. Ngiiii!

There is a smoking area and an airconditioned section in ZYMURGY.

Of course since we were with the kids, we opted to stay in ZYMURGY's airconditioned room!

Restaurant is bright and would somewhat remind you of a 50s diner.

Loved the colors of the ZYMURGY tables! No set patterns here!


ZYMURGY meynuh 2....

ZYMURGY meynuh 3....

ZYMURGY meynuh 4...

and ZYMURGY meynuh 5...

Like I said, my sister in law Ivy had some special stubs so we could get some ZYMURGY grubs for free! 
(Me doing the dance of joy)

First off are ZYMURGY nachos that are served with...

... salsa and cheese dip.

This ZYMURGY appetizer was just an okay bite for us since it was more like having store brought nachos with melted cheese sauce and salsa. Still, the kids liked it and plate was empty in no time.

I tried my best to enjoy it though....

Same goes for their potato chips because it tasted like what you would buy in your friendly neighborhood stores. But again, the kids wiped out this ZYMURGY appetizer.

The mayo mushroom dip was good and even well well with the tortilla chips!

Yub's little brother Allan and his pretty wife, Ivy (yes the stub owner :)

My husband's other little brother Syoti and his equally pretty wife Hennie. That's little Hiley down there having an early dinner. 

The MOST good looking couple you will ever see...... a horror house. Har de har har!

The little brats... este... kids... My sons Mati and Andrei with their cousin Isha. I only let them play PSP when they're Lucena which makes them extra excited to travel the 4 hours. Still, I really don't like it when they're busy with the PSP when we should all be talking, laughing, or making someone cry with our jokes. HA HA HA HA!

I got Mati's PSP after this picture. Sorry little guy your Mom's a kill joy.


Everyone's favorite in ZYMURGY was the Pork Ribs (half slab P300.00 and whole slab P490.00). 

Sorry I'm not really sure if this was the half or whole slab since I let them run the whole show in ordering, but whatever size it is, this ZYMURGY ribs are so darn good!

When we eat here again, I'm definitely having this!

ZYMURGY ribs are fork tender and so juicy! The meat was char grilled to perfection and made extra scrumptious with their special tangy sauce! YUM!

I thought having 3 cups of garlic rice will be enough for a group who ordered plates of pasta but then I discovered later that ZYMURGY ribs was so good it demanded rice.

So 6 more orders please!

My guy Mati owned the ZYMURGY ribs and asked for extra sauce to put on his rice! He ate a lot that night and I was so proud!

We also had an order of ZYMURGY old school burger (P185.00) which was served once more with store brought chips! I don't mind it really because you need something familiar to your taste when your mouth explodes with ALL THAT CHEESE!

Yup, that IS a slice of American cheese over loads of melted cheese on top of the ZYMURGY bun!

Yup! Our massacred burger. I see crispy bacon!

This was the ZYMURGY cheezee burger (P150.00). Take note how thick that patty is.

ZYMURGY Seafood Carbonara (P150) had a generous topping of cream, parmesan cheese, and bounties of the ocean!

I found it a bit bland but Mati seemed to love it and asked for the whole plate to himself. 

My boy... the foodie... I'm so proud! (Sniff... sniff)

ZYMURGY beef strips with mushroom gravy (P220.00)!!

ZYMURGY Chicken Fingers!

Kids were behaved (most of the time) and ate their ZYMURGY food with gusto!


Ugh! I HATE photobombers... Especially if it is not me! :)

LET'S EAT with flash!

Mama, Yub's mom, was unfortunately in Manila during this night and we missed her for dinner. However, we did have a good time bonding with my husband's brothers and their families! 

My ZYMURGY plate!

Sorry for the blurry picture but when I'm in Lucena I always indulge so here's me getting an iced coffee (I think?). 

I was so spaced out this night. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wiped out! The sauce of this ZYMURGY sizzling dish was perfect with the garlic rice! 

Free entertainment!

I don't know if I'm already getting ancient but I don't really fancy restaurants with bands anymore. Call me a fuddy duddy but I want to talk with my dinner companions and hear myself think. The younger diners seem to enjoy the show so if you don't mind the music, then this place is for you. 

Still, we managed to have fun with the ZYMURGY entertainment and requested them to sing a song from Mati's favorite band, Maroon 5, which they nicely obliged to. 

Me eating! I understand my cheeks looking puffy with all that food but why is my nose kinda bonkers as well? 

Full of...... AIR?

After my heavy dinner, I ordered a ZYMURGY cappucino! This was just perfect to clear out the rich meal I had. 

Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have some ZYMURGY banana split (P120.00)... 

and Blueberry Cheesecake (P95.00)!

Desserts were delicious! Such a perfect "ender" to our heavy meal!


Like I said, TEAM YAP will be going to Lucena in a few hours so...


Zymurgy Cafe and Lounge
Lucena City
Bonifacio St.
Lucena City, Quezon

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