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Friday, November 22, 2013


I don't know about you but if I am going to eat with somebody, that person has to be a friend, a family member, or a HUSBAND... teeeheee. I could never imagine sitting down to a meal that may run for 3 hours, depending on the food and the topic of the day of course, with somebody I detested, loathed, or even just slightly irritated with.

Call me old fashioned or boringly sentimental but if there was anything that my family instilled in me was that we should'nt just eat to live. Instead, we should LIVE TO EAT. And I don't mean just wolfing down food and bordering near gluttony but more on making every meal an experience or an unforgettable adventure. Trivial matters such as work or facebook could wait. This IS far more worthy and important. And surely that trip down the table lane would prove to be much more enjoyable if you have a loved one or two laughing crazy during the meal while you outwit each other on who will get the last brownie.

And that was how our BALDUCCI RESTAURANT dinner was for me and my husband last Friday. The dinner was an experience beyond words. Because not only were we feasting on an exceptional meal created deliciously by the genius behind L'Opera, but we were also sharing laughs with our new food blogging family. Never mind that traffic was horrendous or that one of us (who???) was trying to diet. We were with great food and wonderful people. All bets were off for that night in BALDUCCI RISTORANTE and our tummies and selves couldnt be more happier.


BALDUCCI RISTORANTE transports you to the land of Tuscany with its rustic feel of the Italian countryside.

Immediately you would notice that most of the diners of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE are in groups enjoying hot platters of their favorite Italian food!

And what's an Italian dinner without a good bottle of wine? 

BALDUCCI RISTORANTE has a wide array of reds and whites to suit your meal.

While I was admiring the interiors of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE, a picture of Padre Pio caught my eye. 

Nice :)

It is sort of hidden so tell me if you were able to find it :)

BALDUCCI RISTORANTE is definitely not your run of the mill Italian restaurant. Unlike commercialized establishments out there who may also offer their own version of the usual pizza and/or pasta, BALDUCCI RISTORANTE is actually priced a notch lower and all food is made FROM SCRATCH UPON ORDER.

Yes you read that right. From scratch. And Upon Order. 

You may close your mouth now.

And guess what? Here's more unbelievable news: BALDUCCI RISTORANTE is also serving up Executive Lunch deals from 11:00am to 3:00pm EVERYDAY. Yessireee... This Serendra favorite is cooking up their specials for lunchtime which comes with soup or salad for only P550.00+!

Now don't you think that is so kick in your stomach fantastic??

Well I would LOVE to tell you more about it, but the food is here, and THE ERICJAZ FOODIES are hungry!

(Yup just like how Donald Trump does it... in the 3rd person point of view. Ha ha ha! Told you we're hungry!)

When you eat at BALDUCCI RISTORANTE, they always give a hearty serving of foccacia bread with a choice of butter, liver pate, and tomato salsa. 

My very hungry husband was not able to take a picture of the 3 delicious spreads, but take my word for it, they were all so good! Especially the liver spread!! 

I would gladly pay for an order of that earthy and creamy  liver that I would slather all around my bread. Heck, I would get one to smear over my husband's cheek so I would kiss him. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh yes, 10 years of marriage does that to you!

Oh I'm kidding!!!! Ain't the better half of this blog so handsome?? That's why he's my model! Tee hee!


We were then served with a plate of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's Cestino di parmigiana con prosciutto di parma, pecorino e melone!!!

Too much Italian for you? Ha ha ha! That's actually a parmesan cheese basket filled with parma ham, parmesan cheese and fresh melon!

This plate may be too beautiful to eat but you have to follow your gut and devour that glorious thing pronto!

Up next we had BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's Crostini Misti!

This lovely appetizer is a mesmerizing creation of  BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's homemade italian bread topped with anchovies with mozzarella, tomatoes with pancetta and pecorino cheese!

Now I just want to shove that whole thing inside my mouth! It may not fit (cos I have such a dainty little mouth) but I don't care!

Up next BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's Il Fritto del Balducci!

This is not your ordinary fried plate of goodness! You have rice balls with mozzarella, fried vegetables, and breaded anchovies!

Give your fried goodies a generous dip in their fresh tomato sauce and you got yourself an awesome bite!

If you feel like having something warm in your tummy then have some BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's Tomato Soup with Ricotta Cheese cake!

Simple... slurp worthy... but very tasty!!!

You could give your soup a good stir but I preferred to spoon a suitable serving of Ricotta cheese with the soup! No matter how you do it, the whole sip will truly be so utterly satisfying!

Yum! Those were all so tasty!! Now here comes the carbs!

BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's spinach ravioli with ricotta and tomato sauce!

The BALDUCCI RISTORANTE ravioli was just bulging with spinach fillings!

BALDUCCI RISTORANTE mushroom filled ravioli with a delectable porcini mushroom cream sauce!


BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's seafood filled ravioli with cream sauce!

No words could describe how beautiful and delicious this is!

Oh yeah I got one....

Done.... in a flash!

If you can, make sure to get a taste of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's duck filled ravioli in truffle sauce!! The aroma of this dish was simply hypnotizing! You will not stop inhaling all that truffle goodness until you realize, you could eat it too! 

My plate! My wonderful plate of ravioli and vegetables! Omigeerrrddddd!

You would think that the BALDUCCI RISTORANTE meal stopped there.

Well like you, I was wrong! 

The BALDUCCI RISTORANTE main course of meats was gloriously served!

I must have been a very good girl this week because everything I wished for is in this platter!


Yes! All caps are in order. It would be a crime not to. They were all sooo breathtakingly juicy and delicious!

(in a chipmunk voice) Don't forget your vegetables....

My plate! My very shy plate!!! He he he he!

Medium rare... just the way I like it!

The BALDUCCI RISTORANTE meat platter was also wiped out in no time!

Our long table filled with food and great company!


Last but not the least was our very creamy and scrumptious dessert for the night: BALDUCCI RISTORANTE's Panettone with Home Italian Ice Cream and Mascarpone sauce!

Even though we were already full that it was not legal anymore, my husband and I were still able to finish this delectable dessert!

Ooh la la!

The gracious chef of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE Mr. Paolo Nesi passed by and chatted with us. His hearty welcome and conversation would really make you feel like you're a guest in his own home. 

I love it when Chefs take the time to get out of the kitchen and check on his diners. It really makes little ol' us special even if it's just for a meal! 

Besides serving up a one helluva delicious Italian meal, BALDUCCI RISTORANTE has special goodies for take home!

And if you are really interested in experiencing the mucho delizioso food of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE in your special events, they also cater!!! Check out their WEBSITE for more details!

Our dinner in BALDUCCI RISTORANTE was made possible by! If you would like to see the menu and reviews of any restaurant, then ZOMATO is the way to go!

Check out their website!

Believe me, I always look at ZOMATO when I'm interested to try out a new restaurant! Their menus are up to date and reviews are very accurate!! It's my handy and speedy restaurant guide! I am so addicted with it! 

Had a great time meeting and chatting up with Zomato's Ms. Caroline Santiago and Ms. Tanvi Saxena!! Hope to see you again soon! Here's hoping you guys were not too weirded out by me and my hub too much! Ha ha ha ha!

Some of my favorite bloggers in the world!

l-r Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Gerry San Miguel (DUDE FOR FOOD), Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY), Irene Co (INDULGENCE BY IRENE), and US!!!! 

Our dinner at BALDUCCI RISTORANTE was certainly MORE fun with my KTG (Kain Tulog Gang)... 

... and of course with my favorite type of people in the Metro... the foodie type! He he he!

A special thank you too going out to Mr. Vincent Chua, Ms. Teresa Lapuz, and Ms. Christine Ferrera of BALDUCCI RISTORANTE for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

LET'S EAT!!!! 

Balducci Ristorante
Serendra, McKinley Parkway
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-0676

Visit their Facebook Page

and ZOMATO.COM review!


  1. I love ravioli! I shall convince the family to dine there hehe

    1. Hiya Stacy! Yes you should all have a meal there! If you love ravioli then you will have such a treat! All 4 orders were so delicious! But if I have to pick my favorite it would be the Seafood... and the Mushroom! YUM!

  2. I like ho Gerry's hand was feather light. I could barely feel the claw.

    1. He he he! Yes he's the modern day Pink Panther that one!


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