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Saturday, July 6, 2019


Words cannot define how I am so thankful for Mr. Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr.

To think ah, that I'm originally a DC girl whose first love is Christopher Reeve (aka the best Superman of all time).

I remembered before that if you loved comic books or super heroes, you would be considered as a geek or a weirdo. Well I sort of understand them because watching the rushes of old TV versions of Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, etc., you would NEVER think that Marvel could create this giant franchise -- it was just too far off.  When I was in High School, I was a fanatic of Superman, Supergirl and that whole super hero cosmos when most my classmates were gushing about Beverly Hills 90210 and New Kids on the Block. I was actually alone in that world but I never minded because I enjoyed the ride. Yun lang, there were not a lot of people whom I talk to about it. So whatever excitement I had about the realism of Supergirl's flight or the hotness of Michael Keaton in that Batman suit, I'll save it when I get home to my family (he he he... we liked the same things).

So enter the success of Iron Man followed by the other Marvel movies that were box-office hits as well. That truly cemented the status of superheroes in this generation and dominated todays movie genre.

Suddenly, it's cool to be a comic book and super hero geek. Now, everywhere I look people are gushing about the new marvel trailer and attending comicons in colorful outfits -- wow, I'm not "alone" anymore. I could post about the life lessons derived from Iron Man and get likes and comments.  Though I didn't really mind my solitary superhero universe, it's just more fun to have more people share my fanaticism with and see more entertaining movies because of it.

Then AVENGERS ENDGAME arrived and ruled everything. I'm sure that with my lengthy intro, getting excited for this is an understatement. I'm very thankful too that now, besides the general public and my family, I have 3 pogi guys to share my superhero euphoria with. We held our breaths and monitored online when they would start ticket selling. Of course, the eager beavers that we were, we also kept on calling the movie theaters to confirm if tickets were already available.

And finally we were able to buy and we were all just so happy (I swear we were, no dramatics here). This is definitely IT. After all those end credit scenes, the build-up, and the major cliffhanger that AVENGERS INFINITY WAR gave, here comes AVENGERS ENDGAME to "finish the job." You might also say that AVENGERS ENDGAME, culminated my love for all things "superheroey."

And yep. It was as glorious as we all hoped it would be. My inner geek and weirdness are proud. 

Thanks again Stan Lee and to the RDJ! You made all of this possible. We all love you both 3000!!!!

Now check out our AVENGERS ENDGAME night!!!

Tonight's the night.... We're going to watch AVENGERS ENDGAME!!!!


Yep! After purchasing our tickets weeks ago, we all bought Marvel shirts to wear especially for this night.

I felt all cool and hip  at home but when we got to the mall, I suddenly felt shy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! As for the boys, they were proud like peacocks -- we're gonna watch ENDGAME!!!

When deciding where to eat we all agreed in OOMA because we were all craving for some Japanese food. 


Captain America and Iron Man!!!!!

The Incredible Hulk and Black Widow!!!!

He he he! While we were buying the shirts Andrei excitedly showed me that he will wear an Aquaman shirt for ENDGAME.

"But Aquaman is DC!!!"

"I know!!!!!!!!" Andrei said.

Yep. He actually loves DC more but after we all scowled at him he surrendered and just got another shirt. He he he he he he.

Buti nga.

As for me, THE BEST female Marvel lead is BLACK WIDOW. Cmon!!!! Not Captain Marvel! Captain Marvel has that cocky attitude and her claim to fame is only  her powers. As for Black Widow she's not enhanced in any way but is all skill and agility. Even if she's this badass spy, she's humble enough to work with the group. 

So boo Captain Marvel!!!!!!!

Ordering up!!!

Look how emotional I am! He he he he he!

The bunsoy Andrei didn't feel like "painting" the soy sauce onto his sushi so he just painted his plate. He he he he he!

Wohoo! OOMA food is here!

OOMA Crispy Calamari Maki (P245.00)!

We requested their spicy mayo sauce to be served on the side to lessen that cloying factor.

OOMA Ebi and Kani Aburi (P270.00)!

It's like your elevated California Maki. He he he he he he!

All makis were wiped off in a jiffy!

OOMA didn't have those raw sushi and makis that we loved but these are yum substitutes.

OOMA Ebi Tempura (P395.00)!

We LOVED the Tempura of OOMA because it had the right kind of crunch and seasoning. I am so addicted dipping it in their spicy and wasabi mayo too!

For extra munchies we got an order of OOMA Gyoza (P245.00)!

You could never go wrong with Gyoza that's why this was a worthy addition to our meal that night. 

OOMA Katsudon (P299.00)!

Their rice meals are actually good for 2 pax but the little lords had one each because of their big appetites (yup... even Andrei when it comes to Japanese food). 

Andrei enjoyed the crunchy on the outside pork which was doused with sweet and savory sauce. 

All their rice meals came with petite bowls of salad but you need to remind OOMA about it. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords for AVENGERS night at OOMA!!!!!!

Nom... Nom.... 


While waiting for the bill, the Androse entertained himself with his water glass. He he he he!

Yep! I did tell the boys that if you get bored, it's your fault!

Here's my view!

My bill!!!!

OOMA was my treat since the Yub will take care of the movie tickets. 

After our dinner, we all proceeded to the movie theatre. I lined up at Starbucks for my usual coffee and cookie.

I told the Androse to wait for me and I saw him having as short snooze. Awwww wawa baby. I told him to take a nap kasi but he didn't. Hay naku!

While waiting in line, I told Master Mati that my friend was texting him and he's not answering. He said he didn't receive anything and gave me his cel to check.

ABA... When I saw his call list I discovered what name he used to save MY number!!!


But this was so funny afterwards. He he he he he....

YOHOOOOO FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all Marvel movies (especially Avengers level) we would always watch it on the first day. For ENDGAME my boys got a little disappointed that we can't do it on Wednesday (since Yub was out of town). Next choice was the last full show on Thursday. He he he he he he... (Don't worry, they don't have classes the next day. Kami ni Yub ang puyat.)

But we don't care!!!

Great too that even if the Androse didn't nap that afternoon, he was awake the whole time!

AVENGERS ENDGAME was super worth the wait! Even if we already enjoyed INFINITY WAR and thought how it couldn't get any better, guess what, IT DID!!!!

Though the movie gave Black Widow and Iron Man sad endings, it still fit the story. I was so though happy for Captain America that he finally ended up with Peggy Carter.

Egad it was the best I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Uy finally natilman ko na din Ooma! Like ko nga Ebi Tempura nila and the Hangry Steak!

    1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy for you!!! Their Tempura is SO good and sulit for the price right? Also the Hanger steak! Tender siya and if you love truffle, swak na swak! Yummmmmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah!


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