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Monday, July 22, 2019


It's finally SUMMER (when I made this blog... he he he), and though the little lords had their vacation later than others (last day of school was on May), we still wanted to do the usual summer activities that would get us hungry and wet!

We could plan an out-of-town getaways however that could be very pricey and time-consuming. That's why we're very thankful to my brother and sister-in-law for treating us to our ever favorite Valle Verde country club for some mean swimming and eating!


We're here!!! And yep, even if it's already May, the weather was so VERY hot!

We didn't waste any time and just dove right in!!!!

We love swimming in VALLE VERDE Country club because we always almost have the pool to ourselves.

The water was also perfect! We could swim the whole day!!!

Of course, all that swimming worked up our appetites so we all washed up and went to the cafe. 

We always enjoy going to the Valle Verde cafe because the food is always so good at an affordable price (I think most clubhouses are always like that). 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

The Chinese Panget and the bunsoy baby!


Wohoo! Food is here!

Ay nakakainis mukha ni Yub. Ha ha ha ha!

First on the table is Andrei's order of VALLE VERDE Carbonara (P195.00)!

It was served deconstructed so it gives Andrei a sense of authority that he gets to "prepare" his dish even if it just means mixing the ingredients together.

Taste wise, it's simple yet kid-friendly. Andrei loved this and would always order it whenever we're in VALLE VERDE. 

Ang saya saya o! Paiyakin kaya kita????

As opposed to Andrei, the Master Mati wanted to try something new and went for the Spicy Pork Korean Bowl (P145.00)!

I think for the price this is so sulit because you get a lotta pork and veggies in sweet spicy sauce over a bed of hot steamed rice. 

We were feeling extra hungry that day so we felt that a plate of saucy noodles was in order...

We got the VALLE VERDE Pancit Canton (P150.00 -- solo) and it was as saucy and malinamnam as we hoped it would be. 

Oh I'm SO going to eat this with rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For extra munchies we got the VALLE VERDE Calamares (P210.00)!

The breading may be a bit thick but we don't care. For the price we still appreciated the crunchiness that we got at each bite. The squid was also soft yet firm inside.

It was also so perfect with the tangy mayo sauce. YUMMMMERS!

The piece de resistance for us was the VALLE VERDE Sinigang na Baboy (P275.00)!

Even if it was sooooo hot, the Yub and I were craving for the fruit sourness of Pork Sinigang over rice. Oh kay saraaaaaaaaaaap!

In my case, it's garlic rice!!!!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in VALLE VERDE Country Club!!!

Nom... Nom... Nom...

Almost done.



While he was waiting for us to finish, the little Androse played with his table napkin.

Hay Andrei para kang si Hannibal Lecter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le Bill!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! No need to go far and spend a lot! We got our happy place right here!





On another weekend, we went back with Team Godoy!

We made plans to swim again in VALLE VERDE and invited Mati's prom date and her family to join us!

They were running a bit late but it's okay because we just dove right in.

As always, the water was perfect!

We also tried out the pool that was 10 feet deep! Eeeps! Scary but exciting!!!

Bumped into TAPE INC Account Executive Jewel who was there with her family. Her daughters were having swimming lessons. 

Team Godoy arrives!!

Sayang we're finished swimming na.

Andrei kept Logan company while swimming.

And then it's time to eat! Wohoo! Our favorite time. He he!


Besties Andrei and Logan!

Dears Olga and Lieza!

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH, the Chinese Panget, and Master Mati!

My big guy was craving for some Mongolian Fried Rice and had one made by the long tables.

VALLE VERDE Mongolian Rice (P295.00)!

I've tried this and it was SOOOO yum too!

Team Godoy had a heavy breakfast and just wanted something light. Olga got the VALLE VERDE Salmon Sashimi (P250.00)!

The bunsoy got inggit and ordered one for himself too.

VALLE VERDE Mais Con Yelo (P100.00)!

He he he! We got the Sinigang na Baboy again!

And Calamares! Yum!!!!

VALLE VERDE 4 Cheese with Anchovies Pizza (P220.00)!

This was so yum but next time will just ask to remove the anchovies because the kiddies didn't like it. 

VALLE VERDE Sisig (P290.00)! I love Sisig but this is the one I liked least from the food we ordered. I would have enjoyed this if the pork cubes were all crispy and not all fat. Major putok batok feelings. He he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Godoy in VALLE VERDE Country Club!


Afterwards the boys played some MAD! They would've liked to play longer but we all had somewhere to go to at 4:00pm. He he he he!

Enjoyed our Saturdate Team Godoy! Hope to see you all again!!!!

And as always, we had an awesome time at VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB!!! Thanks talaga to my Kuya Jay and Karen! Wohooo!!!!!

Capt. Henry P. Javier, Pasig, Metro Manila
(02) 631 1711

(Disclosure: Valle Verde is by membership only. Sorry for any misunderstanding but I just wanted to share our experience here.)



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