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Sunday, July 28, 2019


You know us, whenever we enjoy a certain restaurant, it is most likely that we'll go back there again and again. Take the case of COCO ICHIBANYA in Estancia Mall. THE YAPPY BUNCH ate there the week before after Master Mati's Kali lessons, then the following week, we are back ONCE AGAIN because how the baby bunsoy pleaded!!!

Oh wells... It's a good thing that Master Mati was hungry after his KALI lessons that he was fine to eat at ANYTHING (though he's grumbling a bit that "pinagbigyan na naman namin si Andrei).

As for us, yep, we're still SO fine to have dinner once more in COCO ICHIBANYA because we're hungry too (hirap kaya mag-antay!!). He he he he he he!

And as always, it was an enjoyable dinner and family time for all of us!


Every Saturday, it's KALI time for Master Mati!

As for us, we wait!!!! It's soooo hard to wait grabe!!!!!!!!!!!

Mati's instructor was no less than Mandala Patch -- he has one of the highest ranks of Kali in the Philippines!

Mandala Patch has taught many individuals in the art of Kali -- some are international movie fight choreographers, stuntmen, and also members of authorities. 

I know I have mentioned this many times but I'll put it out here again (since I doubt that you read my blog regularly ha ha ha ha ha): KALI was very prominent in movies such as Jack Reacher, the Equalizer, Bourne Identity, and most recently, John Wick (remember that entertaining knife scene in the last movie?). 

Patch Mandala shared that he recently trained John Wick stuntmen in Kali knife handling. He told us that as long as you see John Wick with the knife, that's kali style right there.


We're glad that Master Mati is enjoying his KALI lessons (where his mates were all adults).

For dinner, Andrei's wish was our command -- COCO ICHIBANYA!!!!


John Wick and some fugly guy.

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH and the bunsoy baby!

First on the table was the Yub's order of COCO ICHIBANYA Fried Chicken and Potato Wedges basket.

The Yub was not too fond of curry and was so fine with this.

As for me I got the COCO ICHIBANYA Thin Sliced Pork Curry with Multi-Grained rice.

I tried out level 5 of spiciness and though I loved the hotness, my tummy can't handle it. So let's just say that there's no shopping or coffee time after our dinner -- Mommy need to go home and do something. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sooooo good yet so dangerous. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Master Mati got the COCO ICHIBANYA Fried Calamari and Stewed Shrimp Curry with extra spinach. 


My big guy wiped this out in no time. 

As for the baby bunsoy, he got his regular order of COCO ICHIBANYA Fried Chicken with Rice.

While eating, he kept on raving how he loved the sauce. Since my Andrei is a VERY picky eater, this is music to my ears talaga. He scraped his plate clean and was smacking his lips happily when he finished. Awwwww!

Whatever feeling of "umay" that we may have with COCO ICHIBANYA, it was immediately gone when I saw my baby bunsoy happily chomping on his food. 


(Forgot to take a picture of the bill. Oh well. Meh.)



Lower Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, 
Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City
02 6961649



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