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Tuesday, July 30, 2019



Just in case you cannot imagine how we're saying that, please refer to how Kevin Hart said it in his recent comedy special:

Yup! Because that's how we were leading up to our KOREA trip that days before our flight we kept on doing that chat of SO EXXCIIIIITED while twirling our bodies like genies from a tiny bottle. He he he he he!

And come the day of our flight, WOHOOO! SOOO EXXXCIIIITED!!! We're finally in KOREA!!!!!


You know how sometimes you're so excited for something but only get disappointed in the end?

Well.... that DIDN'T happen to us! He he he he he!!! Our trip was as fun as we hoped it would be. Of course there were still hits and misses but we made the most out of it and still had an awesome family time!

Check out KOREAN TRIP series. This early on I apologize because you'll be burdened hundreds and hundreds of pics! He he he he he! Let's just say that I want to remember every minute of it even at somebody else's optical expense. He he he he he.

Or maybe we want you to feel that you were also with us? Ah eh... Yes! Yun yon! (Justified na... he he he he)

Enjoy!! We know we did! YOHOO!

We're in KOREA!!!!!!!

The night before our trip, the Yub and I went on a date. When thinking where to eat, we decided we should go for something that is NOT Asian food. He he he he!


Our flight was at 7am so we were at the airport around 4am! Yep. The Yub and I didn't sleep anymore because the last thing we want is to wake up and miss our flight. HALA!

It was a good decision too because there were A LOT of people in the airport that morning.


We got the services of a travel agency for our trip and we paid for everything. Lo and behold we were SO surprised to learn from the attendant that we needed to pay for the travel tax.

But we already paid for it! I said.

The Air Asia attendant needed to see proof of payment because on their records, we were unpaid (GRRRRRRR!). While I was searching for the email, I remembered that I was only given an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT (I know right?). HAY NAKO.

To think pa ha that I had to search for that blasted email. Grrrrr.... Good thing I didn't erase it. E what if I can't access my email at that time huh???

We're very hankful that Air Asia attendant was very considerate and allowed na the AR as proof of payment. Otherwise, SO HASSLE. Also, some establishments wouldn't agree to just a soft copy much less an acknowledgement receipt at that. 

(I messaged Ann, whose family will be joining us for the trip, and she panicked too because she can't find that blasted email with the acknowledgement receipt. E who would've thought naman that we needed to show that pa???)

FINALLY we're done.

We just passed by the airport's money changer and got some Korean bucks for our pesos.


We're extra early but I didn't care. I would rather be super early than sorry.

The boys didn't mind because Master Mati used the internet while the bunsoy baby looked at planes!

See? We find ways to be happy!

Same goes for the Yub.


I just noticed how his shirt matched his mood.

In fairness, we didn't sleep yet.

We already paid for inflight meals so the kiddies didn't feel like eating. 

As for me I could NEVER wait without coffee, so I had meself an extra hot cup.


Our tickets!

Boarding time! Wohoo!!!

This is one of my favorite parts when going on a trip -- the walk to the plane!

The bunsoy Andrei will be vlogging about our trip.

Please please follow him at THE MEHA HD!


Kuya Larry, Ann's brother, was also in the trip and when Andrei saw cutie pie Mateo he asked if he could sit beside him.

OKAY FINE. I'm echepwera!!!!!!!!!

With my transfer, I'm in the same aisle as Aning! My BB (best bud) since College!!!!!

Air Asia attendants!

Wohooo! We're going to take off!

Check out cute little Mateo!

Guess what? Even if we already paid for inflight meals with our travel agent, again, there's no record of it in Air Asia!!!


If we only knew, we could have eaten na in the airport!!!


Good thing Air Asia's Nasi Lemak was yum!

Wohoo! We're now in KOREA!!!


We rode a tram going to the actual airport.

Si yub beautiful eyes pa.

Of course, we didn't lose time in taking pictures!

Everywhere we look, PICTURE!!!!!!!!!

The almost empty airport!

Got our bags and we're ready to go!!!!

Finally saw Judy, our tour guide! She's so bubbly and nice.

We actually just joined Aning's family in this trip to Korea. When planning our flight we thought, why not try a travel agency? We always do everything ourselves that we thought of trying out a travel agent to see how it was different with our usual routin. Since we know that Aning's family are going we decided that it's best to join them instead of being in a busload of people that we don't know.

So how did we like our first time trying out a travel agent? Well... it was DEFINITELY off to a rough start but we'll see. He he he he he he!

And our Korea escapade officially begins NOW!!!!!

Whew! Weather was not as cold as we expected. 

Wohoo! No need to look for a taxi or scramble to get into a train -- we have our own bus!!!!! That's the good thing with joining a travel group.

Of course, much better that we are friends with everyone! At least we know we're going to have a fun ride!!!!!


If you're looking for Andrei, he deserted us to sit with Mateo and Jelo up front!

First up is lunch and we traveled all the way to Seoul!!!

I THINK. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! We got an itinerary from the travel agent but our guide didn't follow it (he he he he). So I apologize in advance if I made errors in the places and names. I do hope I get it all right.

If not, please comment on what I need to correct!

The turistas get off the bus!

Before our Korean trip, Aning and I have heard tales from our mareng Gail about how the food offered by travel groups were all blech so we expected the worst.

For our first real taste of Korean food, Judy took us to this restaurant which specialized in Grilled Fish! Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of it but it was mighty good!

I loved also the multi-grained rice and finished all of it.

For what was supposed to be a "blech" lunch, we're off to a mighty good start! Saraaap!!!!!!!

While walking towards our bus, somebody got in the mood to make a sexy dance.

Next up is the Gyeongbok Palace!!!!!


When Andrei saw this in front of the park though he can't help but giggle and point at it.

Even though we had a limited time, I appreciate how Judy gave Andrei a few minutes for this picture because she saw how much he was amused by it. He he he he he!

That made Andrei so happy that he was almost skipping going to the palace.

The walkway going to this popular tourist area was already so beautiful because of the trees and flowers.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, is found  at the north of Gwanghwamun Square, and is one of the most unforgettable spots in all of Korea mostly due to its beauty and history.  

The palace was completed in 1395 at the start of the Joseon Dynasty and while King Taejo was reigning. 

Gyeongbokgung, means “palace greatly blessed by Heaven,”. 

It was built in the heart of Seoul surrounded by Mount Bugaksan and Mount Namsan.

Gyeongbokgung was the main palace of the capital city and the largest of the Five Grand Palaces in Seoul. The grounds were expanded over the years during the reign of King Taejong and King Sejong the Great.

Gyeongbokgung Palace was abandoned for almost 300 years after being destroyed by a fire during the Japanese invasion of 1592.

Today, there are two museums located on the grounds of the palace. They are the National Folk Museum of Korea and the National Palace Museum of Korea.
As of 2014, less than half of the buildings have been restored to their former glory.


We were all able to learn more about Korea's history and culture.

Great too that unlike other museums, the kiddies could all take closer looks of their exhibits.

There were also many picture worthy corners in the museum that would make any instagrammer addict happy. He he he he he he!

What an educational yet super fun visit at the Gyeongbokgung Palace!!! 

The area was so beautiful that even my usually smug Master Mati is taking pictures and videos!

Would have loved to stay longer but we have to go somewhere else na. He he he he he....

Bye palace!!!

Up next is the SEOUL TOWER PLAZA!

The Seoul Tower Plaza is actually within the Nam Seoul Tower and it was recently opened to public access after 40 years!

It was solely used before for broadcasting purposes. 

On our way to the tower!

The Nam Seoul tower stands at about 480m (including the Namsan mountain) above sea level so the view could get pretty breathtaking I'm sure.

A preview of how high we were!

Of course, when in Seoul Tower Plaza don't miss going to the 5th floor where the love locks are location. Here, you'll see the lovelock trees behind us.

You'll see a lot of love locks around the area that were put by lovers who would like to leave a remembrance of their relationship in the tower. 

Syempre we didn't know about such thing and wasn't able to bring anything.  

I just asked the Yub for the keys to our baggage padlock and hung it along with the others. Pwede na yun!


On 5th floor there's also a spacious park with a lot of greens to add to the overall beauty of the area.

Let me spoil it by doing the Gangnam Style. He he he he he!

In the park there were also food stalls that emitted a very inviting aroma. We were going to have dinner in a while so it's a good thing that the kiddies just got busy with playing.

Where's Jelo? He he he he...

We went to the restaurant and thought of just waiting there. However, since we were 5 minutes early (yep 5 minutes), they didn't allow us to stay inside. It's okay, we found this spot to wait in with a very beautiful view. 

See? Win! Win pa din! Ang ganda ko pa sa picture. he he he he he!

Ayan ano 10 minutes (ha!) we went to the restaurant.

The food that dinner was beef soup with noodles and veggies. We found this a bit bland but there's nothing that a dash of salt couldn't cure. He he he he he!

Afterwards it's time to go to our hotel!!!

We were supposed to stay in another hotel located in Seoul but when we arrived, we were informed by Judy that we'll be staying in Ramada Encore by Wyndham. 

This hotel was 4 star but it was soooo far from the prime spots in Korea. Everyday it's like an hour drive to our next destination (walang traffic pa yan ah). Though it's nicer than our supposed hotel, we didn't appreciate the last minute changes made by our travel agent. Aning supposedly had plans to meet with friends somewhere near our old hotel only to change everything now. Hay naku!

We had a very good first day in our Korea trip!

We were able to go to a LOT of noteworthy places even though the time was limited. 

We were also able to learn more about Korea's rich history which added to its overall beauty.

So, YAY us for this first day!! Can't wait for what's in store tomorrow!!!






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