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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


It was Mother's Day and I invited the family to honor THE BEST MOTHER THERE IS, my Mommy!!!!!!

Sunday mass!

For that Sunday I made reservations in AMARE LA CUCINA, a restaurant that we loved in Baguio. We're happy that they have a branch here now.

We were supposed to eat somewhere else but during special occasions, restaurants in malls do not appeal to me because surely it will be crowded. Most mall restaurants don't take reservations and the last thing I want is have my Mommy wait in line.

Thankful that AMARE LA CUCINA took reservations and we appreciated the warm and homey atmosphere. 

My Mom was happy with our choice and that's what's important!

Now let's hope they all love the food!

Yep! That's how cool my Mom is. I take after my love of "making sungay" from her. Ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha!


Master Mati and the Chinese Panget.

Anthony and Ate Jit!

Mommy and Kuya Jon!

SYEMPRE nobody took a picture of me and Andrei!



One of the reasons why we (especially Andrei) loved AMARE LA CUCINA so much is because you could assemble your own pizza at no extra charge.

The chefs there were also very nice and really taught Andrei and Kuya Jon with their pizza.

Go guys!

Kneading the dough....

This was not as easy as it looked!

Oh and don't worry they washed their hands. 

Wait. Andrei didn't pala. He he he he he he!


Go Kuya Jon!

Putting the sauce....

And cheese....

Then voila!!! In goes to the woodfire brick oven it goes!

Thanks Kuya Jon for accompanying Andrei! Grrrr... His Daddy was lazy kasi.


Food is here!

We had an order of AMARE Marianne's Special (P345.00) as recommended by our server.

I loved this!!! Light but scrumptious! The sun dried tomatoes worked so well with the fresh greens and nutty sesame seed dressing. I'm actually craving for this again but I hope they have this in a smaller size. 

AMARE Mozzarella Sticks (P230.00)!

This was so good! Andrei enjoyed this so much that he asked for another order. 

If Andrei liked the mozzarella sticks, the others really worked up with the Raclette dip (P340.00)! 

It was something different for us and the melted mozzarella was just deliciously creamy and rich.

I'm craving for this again!!!!

For pasta, we got the AMARE Ragu Bolognese (P370.00)!

AMARE Truffle Pasta (P340.00)!

AMARE ala Gamberi (P375.00)!

I also ordered AMARE Arrabiata pasta (P335.00) but wasn't able to take a picture of it. SENIOR MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We only got 4 bowls of pasta but this was more than enough for us. Looks could be deceiving because one bowl (especially if you have other food) is good for 2-3pax. 

To be honest their pastas were just okay. I mean, they were good but it did not surprise me with their deliciousness and made me craving to go back for it. But it was yum naman. 

When in AMARE, don't forget to try their Wood Fired Ribs with Veggies (P445.00)!

Again, don't be deceived by the size. It's very meaty and heavy on the tummy. Again, even if this was SOOO good, we didn't finish it because I over ordered (minsan lang mangyari yun sakin... ha ha ha ha!!!)

Yohooo! Pizzas are here!

We got the AMARE Pinoy Boy special (P550.00)!

This was Kuya Jon's pizza and we all just savored Italian sausage, garlic, cheddar, and oregano. For the life of me I don't know why they call this "PINOY BOY" but it was good so I don't care. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

AUUUUUUUUUGH I forgot to take a picture of Andrei's Margherita Pizza (P410.00)! Gutom na kami e!

Since servings seem small in AMARE LA CUCINA, I asked Mom if she wanted one more pizza and she suggested to ask Anthony what flavor he liked.

When he asked for Hawaiian (P410.00), I immediately regretted that decision. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well!!! At least this pizza still had that crunchy chewy crush with cheese and savory sauce. Pwede na din!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my family in AMARE!!!!


Yep! I have two plates. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Nom.. nom... nom...

Lots of Hawaiian pizza leftovers (as expected... ha ha ha ha! Anthony will take home most of it.)

For dessert, Mommies were given complimentary vanilla ice cream!


To see what our Mother's Day gimik here, check out our MOTHER'S DAY POST!!!!

My bill!!! 

Yep! When it was time to pay, the Yub did not make eye-contact. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Che! Hindi daw kasi nya ako nanay. 

Well! If I was your Mom I'll take care of you so much that you'd want to treat me tuloy!



Another great lunch with my family! Happy too that my Mom enjoyed the food in AMARE and said we should go back here soon. Her treat naman daw.




91 East Capitol Drive, 
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 2469069 ext:366




  1. Hi, I love your vlog btw. Sana you can feature un Silantro near Amare. Taga Pineda lang ako but never had a chance to eat there kase it's always puno and pila with limited parking space and I heard good reviews about the food especially the Caliente Wings daw. Sa Holy Family din kmi madalas mag church coz my son go to school there (Holy Family Parochial School). My bad, hindi parin kme nakaka dine sa Amare but because of your post about it, next family gathering we will definitely eat there. Sana marami pa kayo food adventures kase nakakagood vibes lang :)

    1. Hiii!!! How are you??

      Thank you so much! I just read your comment this Monday and mas nakakgood vibes your kind words that I'm not that lazy na to start the week. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      You know what I have heard na nga of Silantro but never gotten around to try it. Sige promise next time. I'm craving pa naman Mexican food and I want to try something else besides our usual places. At least Kapitolyo is nearer to us. Hala sana when we go there hindi masyado pila. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Uy cool! Yes, you should try Amare. Just remember not to sit at the table near the oven because mainit talaga. ha ha ha ha ha ha! If your son wants to pa, he could make your pizza! The servers are very nice! Yun lang medyo mainit pero promise, my Andrei doesn't mind and loves doing the whole thing. It will be extra sarap pa afterwards!! They take reservations. Basta request for table that's not by the window near the oven ha?

      Thanks again mwah mwah mwah take care always.Hope to hear from you more soon!!!! Yes, marami pa promise. He he he he he he! Kaya eto tumataba.


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