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Thursday, July 11, 2019


My beautiful niece Rocio was the lead in her school's production of "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" and my family all went to watch.  After the play, my brother treated us to one of their simple Japanese discoveries that was familiar but I haven't tried it out before.


I remember TORI TORI now because the Yub and I often pass by its San Juan branch when going home. This is our first time to try it!

The best part too is that it's free! WOHOO!

TORI TORI has limited space so it may be a challenge to get a table. Good thing that my brother was able to make a reservation for us.


Ate Jojit and Anthony!

The Yub and MEEEEH!

Yeah. He's having a hard time stretching his face to smile as usual. 

(Pero pag artista kasama  you'd think there's a coat hanger inside his mouth).

Mommers, Kuya Jay, and Karen!

Master Mati and Androse!

Kuya Jay and Miguel (Karen's nephew). 

Later on Rocio arrived and our group erupted to an applause. Andrei also gave her the flowers from Kuya Jay!

Rocio studies in The University of Asia and the Pacific and we're all so proud of her for being the lead in their school production. She was very good too!!!!!

Rocio's best friends since kiddie-hood also came to watch her show.


Food is here so LET'S EAT!!!

My Kuya just ordered plates upon plates of food so we just shared everything. 

TORI TORI California Maki (P200.00/ 8 pieces)!

TORI TORI Tekka Maki (P180.00 / 8 pieces)!

My brother said that TORI TORI was more famous for the meat skewers that's why we shouldn't mind the sushi. But since we are such sushi/sashimi fans, we got some and enjoyed it all!

TORI TORI Salmon Sashimi (P285.00)!

TORI TORI Spicy Salmon Sashimi (P295.00)!

Miso soup that was part of a meal...

Time for some meat skewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I get these right. Ha ha ha ha!

TORI TORI Bacon Quail Egg (P60 per piece)!

TORI TORI Angus Belly (P65.00 per piece) and Butabara (P50.00 per piece).

MORE ANGUS BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!

These were so tender and meaty! Sarap!

TORI TORI Bacon Wrapped Chicken Liver (I think).

Basta these were AWESOME!

TORI TORI Chicken Skin (P40.00 per stick).

These were so good too! Crunchy and flavorful!

I don't know what this is but since I really had a picture of it, so it must be good too!

I think this is Chicken Liver????

TORI TORI Salmon with Rice!

TORI TORI Angus Belly1

I think this comes with a meal set priced at only P250.00.

TORI TORI Chicken Thigh with Rice (P250.00 set meal).

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the famileeeee in TORI TORI!



Had coffee afterwards courtesy of Ate Jojit and Anthony!

YAYYYYYYYYYY! He he he he he!!!

Thanks for the delicious dinner Kuya Jay and Karen! Congratulations again Rocio!!!! Soon, I'm sure we'll be attending the Oscar after-party with your win. He he he he he he!



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Ortigas, Pasig City
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